Grow That Thang!

Regular readers might have seen a recent portrait that Sarah made of me featuring a shaggy beard. No, I’m not growing a strike beard, I’m part of a glorious “beard challenge.”

You will note that I did not say “beard growing contest,” since that would imply that there will be winners. No, there will only be losers in our beard challenge. We all put styles into a hat and then picked them out. I put in the “Hulk Hogan” and drew forth the “Hulk Hogan.” That’s right — hoist by my own petard.

I thought that we had found and read every beard link on the internet upon announcing the challenge, but tonight while looking up “strike beards” I found four terrific beard-related things:

  1. A New Yorker Article about strike beards
  2. A Mental Floss article with discussion of “nuclear sub beards”
  3. A site with lots of beard pictures

I can’t stop combing my beard.

3 Responses to “Grow That Thang! ”

  1. I want you to cultivate a beard ‘fro, and then stick a pick in it. Now that’s some jive shit!

  2. After the Hogan, I’ll be fairly clean shaven for a while, I think — I’ll just use the clippers to shave. :)

  3. The day of reveal & revelry fast approacheth.

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