MC Chris, who voiced Hesh on Sealab 2021, is going to play Coffman at some point in the near future. When I saw the poster being designed I exclaimed with a mixture of joy and incredulity “Oh, MC Chris, that’s awesome!” I enjoyed Sealab 2021 immensely, and used to listen to three of his songs on a fairly regular basis. Since you’ve probably never heard “Fett’s Vette” or “The Tussin” — songs about Boba Fett and abuse of over the counter medication, respectively — you’d probably have to equate MC Chris to Monty Python or some third-string 1980s comedian from Saturday Night Live who did that character that made you laugh uncontrollably then, but now, uh, who knew he was touring, right?

Anyway, one of my coworkers heard me gush, however briefly and told the event planning staff that I was “really psyched” about the upcoming MC Chris show. Cue me getting asked repeated how excited I was and me replying that I had actually forgotten about the event.

  1. I didn’t know that many people could actually recognize me
  2. I hate wrecking people expectations. People hate thinking that you are one thing and then finding out that you are not. Since I am rarely what people think, I usually just play along, but I guess I was just too tired tonight.

I used to maintain extensive lists of my musical interests in the hopes that someone, somewhere would like Yuri Yunakov, Walt Mink, and Doomtree — just to name three. Even with automated production of such a list, it’s not worth it.

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  1. I kinda like Walt Mink!

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