Lee Friedlander I Am Not

I think the problem is my distinct lack of a Hasselblad.

While in San Francisco, Sarah and I went to see the Friedlander show at SFMOMA and then followed up by seeing his exhibition at the Fraenkel Gallery. If you’re in San Francisco, I highly recommend both actions. If you aren’t, you can see his work online on artnet.com.

This is a trickle to begin sharing images from our vacation with you. I barely understand what that word means.

This is a photo by Lee Friedlander that made Sarah and I a bit teary at the museum. I suppose that context helps, but hopefully you can get the idea from this image that I looted from the bounty of the internet.
Lee and Maria Friedlander. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Here’s my version of the same, minus the Hasselblad goodness.
jm_a570 is_10076b.jpg

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  1. I love you!

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