Ain’t That Just A Kick In The Teeth

Notice of Student Financial Aid Repayment

A recent review of your financial aid packaging has resulted in a reversal of the following financial aid types(s) and amount(s). This reversal of financial aid has been posted to your student account and can also be viewed at and then click on “Student Account” under Quick Links.

05-03-2008 Fall 2007
05-03-2008 Spr 2008

I understand that borrowing this money was not completely necessary, and that I would have been responsible for paying back the (not insignificant) amounts at one point or another. I haven’t spent it all, either. I tell you what, though, without that great big padding, I wouldn’t have made it through this year of classes. One big push. Just do it, and damn the torpedos.

The thing is, I asked them, over and over again, if this was for sure my money to borrow. The representatives assured me that it was. If they would have said six months ago that I wasn’t supposed to get it, I would have been fine with that.

I almost dropped my summer class, but if I owe the University money, I might not be able to re-register when/if/never this gets straightened out.

“Oh, you only meant to go part time all year? Why didn’t you say so?”


I’m just livid right now. Just let me figure out a budget more than a week in advance. I knew I knew that I couldn’t afford a vacation, but my ulcer told me that I needed to get away from work and school and maybe just for three days smell some flowers. Look, flowers. Ocean. See? This is why you are slogging through classes that are putting you to sleep: for the chance to get the hell out of Dodge, again.

Man. Angry.

Whatever, it’s time for bed.

7 Responses to “Ain’t That Just A Kick In The Teeth ”

  1. That sucks. I hate the way they “retract” the payment too. It is like they give you zero warning and then “yank” it’s all gone (your life it seems).

    Hope you can figure something out with it!

    I just recently got a letter stating “complete your exit interview” and I was all like “I will complete the silly exit interview when the sheet of paper is in my hand”. Somethings are just tooo automated at the U.

  2. *grumble* … I hope you find a way to make it through.

    In the mean time, though, lesson learned, maybe? … get important financial decisions in writing.

  3. This is the same lesson that they’ve been teaching me since I went back to college in 2004: don’t count on financial aid, even nine months after you’ve received it.

  4. I understand your pain. Two weeks ago Human Resourcelessness where I work told me I’d be getting a 3% cost-of-living raise, retroactive to January 1 of this year. Three days ago they sent me an email, telling me they’d made a mistake, that I wouldn’t be getting that raise after all. So sorry…

    Which just goes to show you that you should never spend your chickens before they hatch, as I had already committed that money toward refinishing our dining room floor, and the refinishers are coming tomorrow.

    Hey, I like calling up financial aid departments and giving them hell. May I, please? Please? It would be so much fun.

  5. Again, that’s “don’t count your chickens nine months after they hatch.”

  6. Time to update a certain drawing to include a certain personalized message? I think there’s some room by the volcanoes…

  7. I blame Bob Bruininks. Please, can we egg his house, please please please??

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