MF Grape

My knee is getting worse. Soon I will need a cane, then crutches, then a scamp, then Sarah will catheterize me and strap me into a wheelchair.

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  1. the answer to your knee problems, one way or the other:

  2. Bad ass. I said: BAD ASS!

  3. Man I just had that the last week. I kinda figured something was up when you were limping.

    The end result of mine was as follows:
    1) Ortho surgeon drains a ton of fluid and assumes it’s gout
    2) Get a call later on with him saying it’s not gout, but to keep taking happy pills
    3) Me sitting here dreading what will happen when happy pills run out.

    Good luck to you man, my faith in the medical system is really lacking.

  4. Fortunately, my knee isn’t swollen, so there will be no draining. Naproxen and Acetaminophen are finally taking care of the pain, so I can do all the advised stretching and other junk. :)

  5. This too shall pass……like maybe in a hundred months or so. But, yea, verily, it will get better.

    Tendonitis takes a long time to heal. My advice? Don’t overdo. Do do your stretching exercises. Drink lots of water. Take your vitamins. Eat healthy. Get plenty of sleep. And, finally, sin no more (saith your Uncle P).

    If all that fails, cut off your leg and get a cool multi-purpose prosthetic, as illustrated above. Be sure to get one that has a shovel as an attachment so you can help me dig my next big pond.

    Love, Mom

  6. I have two words for you, Mom: “Rent a MF Bobcat already.”

    I see no reason why your neighbors need a garage instead of a lovely koi pond.-

  7. Is MF a brand name?

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