Not Off To Europe

Pretty much the rest of the Gallery team is in Amsterdam or on their way there for a weekend of fun and team building. The last two times that I saw Bharat his parting comment was “see you in Amsterdam,” and both times I knew that getting to Europe was a long shot, but I couldn’t bring myself to say so either time. I hope everybody has a great time.

4 Responses to “Not Off To Europe ”

  1. My 2 cents: Amsterdam is a euro-american ****hole. Imagine Dinkytown, except you can smoke THC in a club, walk down the street to another club and drink stupidly while listening to horrendously bad rock music, and then walk down the street and rent a woman, legally. OK, that may sound like heaven to some, wait… it sounds like Dinkytown in the ’60s, except the women were free… Anyway, to me, Amsterdam is like any major american urban environment, without the hipness. OTOH, there is THE Heineken brewery and the Rijksmuseum…so, nevermind.

  2. I would have been going just to drink with my friends, really, but I enjoy microvacations.

  3. Aw, gee, Mr. Precision 66 sure is an old stick-in-the-mud.

    Smoke dope, get stupidly drunk, listen to bad music? Sounds like Fort Dodge. However, if I could legally rent a woman here in the States, I’d have her come over and clean and organize my entire house. Might have to rent her more than once. Although, being the feminist that I am, I might want to rent a man to do those things.

  4. Yeah. I’m jealous… watching all the mail on -core about the trip was a bit difficult.

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