A Small Announcement

I’ve been on pins and needles for seemingly months, but finally I have documents in my email offering me the position of Software Engineer at SugarCRM in Cupertino, California. My start date is August 25th. I’m very excited — not just for the job, but also for the daily intake of sunshine.

Yes, I am absolutely terrified.

And excited.

7 Responses to “A Small Announcement ”

  1. Thats so incredibly cool. I also fear the combo of you and Chris Kelly working somewhere close to Bharat, Alan and Andy. Scary.

  2. Congratulations! Maybe someday I’ll also get to leave the Middle Coast :)

  3. I am so proud of you, sweetheart! I’m relieved you finally got written confirmation.

  4. Christian, thank you! Fortunately for the world’s safety, Chris will still be in Atlanta.

  5. Michael, if you can’t come out permanently, we’ll have you come visit as much as possible.

  6. Do you realize you have lived through your very last winter ever?

    You are rockstar.

  7. Mama Bear sighed, unmindful of a wayward tear that trickled down her cheek. She waved goodbye to Junior Bear as he drove off in his little blue car for his new life in California. Well, at least she didn’t have to boot him out of the family cave, like she did his older brother, Middle Bear, who was now serving time in a federal prison somewhere for racketeering and murder. At least Junior Bear was smart, educated, ambitious, and talented. He would make it just fine. And all that sun. No more hibernating half the year. No more heavy fur coat to keep out the icy blustery winter weather. No more waking up to a wet, cold spring with elusive sunlight.

    Yes, Junior Bear would do just fine.

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