Yet Another Wishlist

Sarah commented that I should drop hints about what I want for my birthday. Oh. Yeah, that! I forgot about it amidst the wonder and glory of trying to get myself and an apartment full of stuff ready for a cross-country trip.

A couple of shirts:
F Bombs
Team Zissou
Rose and Isabel: Magical realism during the civil war (look for the paypal link)

Oh my god, Zappos: shoe wishlist
Amazon: Shop internetally, buy locally
Geek: (goofy t-shirts that I would be glad to explain)
bhphoto: lenses

Kegerator kit (beer is good for you, gin is not)
A Wacom tablet
Any Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense comic or trade paperback after the first one
Preacher trade paperback #5
Doctor Who DVD box sets
Drawing pencils
Dixon Ticonderoga pencils
A Marshall Stack
A case of delicous and nutritious Summit beer
A bottle of really good tequila
Deep Fryer (with cool touch outside)

5 Responses to “Yet Another Wishlist ”

  1. I got you that knife from Amazon :) Enjoy! I will try to make it to your partay.

  2. Awesome! Wait, you got me the knife? Terrifying. :)

  3. Soon Jesse, you will be dropping the F Bombs.

  4. You don’t say.

  5. Gee, I had forgotten how much Noah likes the “Beer is good!” song. Next time you are over, you will have to play it when he is in the room. He will start singing along. It is amusing.

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