California Über Alles

Driving into California on I-80 last night I blasted the Dead Kennedys. Yes! I crashed with Chuck at his friend’s place in Mountain View, and boy howdy do I like the neighborhood. I’m at the other end of Castro at a Cafe slash Bakery because I wanted wifi. I have some apartments to drive by and call now, including the complex where my friends Don and Mary Ann are currently sleeping.

Bharat had me out to Google for lunch and foosball. Every time I play him, I say to myself “why don’t I practice at other times?” By practice, I mean play with people who aren’t a hair’s breadth away from going pro.

“I didn’t bring my wraps, or I’d do the Snake on your ass,” Bharat said. The Snake is an impressive foos-move, regardless of what you might think.

Yes, I am fully aware of the absurdity of taking foosball seriously, but when has that ever stopped me?

3 Responses to “California Über Alles ”

  1. You just like the homo-erotic lingo of foosball. Admit it! I am glad you are with friends and finally living in your happy place. Now for the apartment. Keep us posted on your search. I can’t wait to hear all about your CA adventures!

    We love you!!!

  2. I hope you found a towel so that you could shower.

  3. I used a t-shirt from my bag!

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