First Far So Good

The first day at a new company doesn’t usually mean much — just paperwork and access requests — so I am loathe to comment, but everyone whom I have met has been really nice and I feel like I could be doing real work yet this week — maybe tomorrow, if the truck with my stuff doesn’t suddenly show up and take up a whole day (I am hoping just a couple of hours, but who can say?).

Anyway, just as a side note, as I get settled in, you will probably hear very little about my job — that’s just how I roll. I’d rather tell you about shenanigans with the Websters (who are not the new Keathlys, but are an entity unto themselves who I would like to see interacting with the Keathlys for maximum superfun) or foosball with Bharat, or whatever SF shenannies I get into with Robert (if I ever get a hold of him).

P.S.: I played Beautiful Katamari on the Websters’ Xbox 360 tonight after we polished off the leftovers from the last time I was over, which was two days ago.

I called Noah just to say goodnight tonight, and he sounded like he was very nearly asleep when I called. If I ever get around to getting pictures uploaded, you will see that I framed and hung the last two pictures that he drew for me. They are just $3 clear plastic frames from Target, but still… I miss Noah and the Keathlys very much. For that matter, I keep wishing Sarah were here so I could show her how the sun is affecting my mood. Really, I want to show all my readers: California is spraying me with happy. Please come visit.

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  1. You’re taking a money shot of sun in the right in the face.

  2. I’m so glad to hear everything is awesoooome. Chris told me you just started - he seems excited to be working with you. Now that both you and Bart are out there we have another excuse to come visit California (YAY!)

  3. I will visit soon! I can’t wait to have happy Jesse back again and smothering him with kisses and, you know, other things. I want to hear about your apartment, too. I hate not being able to find a freaking payphone in Norway… I’m in the rural yet vacation-zone area by the sea part of the country.

  4. What, you don’t miss ME, your rapidly aging, overworked, underpaid, long-suffering mother? Don’t I get at least an honorable mention?

    You may be 2,000 miles away, but I can still push guilt buttons, you know. Guilt, guilt, guilt….

    What? You’re oblivious to guilting attempts now? Dang….. It’s that perfect weather and constant sunshine — impenetrable guilt-foiling armor. I guess I’ll just have to find an ice floe somewhere, somehow, somewhen.

  5. I got your phone message, ok the first 5 seconds of it, had to come to your blog to catch up on what was going on. I’m so happy to hear you’ve made it to California like you always said you would. I knew you’d make it, berbay! :-)

  6. Melissa: I guess that you missed the part where I said that I was driving past the Jewel Cave. Thanks for dropping by!

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