Taking a survey

Is there a name that we did not provide but you feel would better describe an all-inclusive product that would allow you do everything you need with photos, videos, DVD burning and DVD playback?

Corel Photo and Video Suite
Corel Photo and Video Albums
Corel Whoosits and Whatsits
Corel Digital Media Manager
Corel Family Albums : “Your photos and videos all in one place!”
Corel Big Brother : “Watching you”
Corel Media Gallery
Corel Media Bucket
Corel Stuff Bucket
Corel Chum Bucket
Corel Sharks! Sharks! Oh God! WHY ARE WE BEING EATEN?
Corel LOLCatsmaker
Corel Digital Media Business
Corel Digital Media Life
Corel Digital Media Death
Corel Digital Mediator “OM NOM NOM GIMME”
Corel Digital Mediaplex
Corel Digital Drive-in
Corel Stag Films in the Basement
Corel Pics and Vids Suite
Corel iLife
Corel DigiLife
Corel Medio!
Corel Free Brainstorming
Corel I should probably do some work. Work work work. Worky worky work. Workity workity bing bang boo, I’m gonna work a bit for you. First I work, then I poo, workity work, workity work, work on you!


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