Now With More Fishtank!

I finally replaced the aquarium that I left behind in Minnesota with a new one. Observe:
Picture 4

Also visible in the picture: a Domokun pi├▒ata. Target is pretty much sold out of Domokun stuff, which I am really sad about. Domos are super kawaii!!!!!!!!L! LK!L!K LK! LK! LK! J:LK! kj hagkjlsd hg;ljksadfhg

Not shown: how eerily non-trashed my apartment is. It could use more cleaning, but somehow I have a living room that you could walk through without tripping if you were to come visit me in California.

Also, I’m all set up on Skype, so if you buy, for instance, a Logitech QuickCam┬« Pro 9000 webcam and plug it into your computer, we could say hello. I would even put on pants, even though you generally can’t tell that I’m not wearing any.

3 Responses to “Now With More Fishtank! ”

  1. I should have refinished your table and chairs and recovered the seats before you moved. Why didn’t I do that? Damn! Now I’ll have to do it when I come to visit you. Don’t argue. I will simply have to do it. Why? you ask. Because I know how. And it’s my sworn duty as a mother to refurbish your furniture. So don’t try to talk me into going to the beach or miscellaneous sightseeing when I visit. It just wouldn’t be right. And you know how much I always want to be right.

    Over and out for now….

  2. I will have to refinish that table before you get here, then — perhaps with contact paper!

  3. Every time I am at Target I want to free the giant stuffed Domokun from the ceiling and bring it home with me. If someone managed to do it, that is all I want for Xmas. For reals. If not that, I guess you could buy us a super awesome webcam.

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