Let’s see some pictures! Yay!

I spent a week or so unpacking and decluttering in anticipation of a couple of guys spending a few days sleeping on my couch. In other news, I bought a couch one day. Don and I packed it into our two cars along with shelves, cushions, and other assorted IKEA detritus. I assembled it, and now finally I can twist Don’s arm until he comes to hang out at my place. I’ve even wound up and twist tied those cables in the box in the foreground. I can finally find that SCSI cable from 1996!

The plants on my patio are honestly not making it. I’m pretty sure that this is my fault, and I will have to import my mother to retrain me. :(

When Chris was in town, my boss and a former coworker told him that they wanted to go shooting at a local range. I mentioned this to Don, and he was excited to get out his rifle. I was excited to relive some of my fond childhood memories. Shooting was fun.

Here’s Don:

Afterwords, Don told me that I am a good shot, and I was faced with empirical evidence. My targets boasted tight groupings. I haven’t handled a gun in something like fifteen years, but apparently I can put four out of five shots into the stationary left ventricle of a human being from 100 yards. This is a piece of information that I have been having a little bit of trouble reconciling with my day to day pacifism.

The wild shots in the following picture were not mine:

In lighter news, here is the view over my patio’s privacy fence:

Also, Melody is super crazy rad!

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  1. I can’t wait to visit! One week!!! Maybe I can help you whip your plants into shape.

  2. Is the couch where I’ll be sleeping when I come visit?

  3. If you prefer, you can take my bed or I can rent you a room nearby. :)

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