Lonely As a Cloud in the Golden State

I’m fairly sure that I was promised endless summer and sunshine when I agreed to move to California. It rained Friday night, Saturday, and is raining today. Then again, I did enjoy nearly two months of ridiculously constant sun, and since the patio door is open, I can hear the gentle rainfall while I debug things for work.


4 Responses to “Lonely As a Cloud in the Golden State ”

  1. Don’t be lonely :(

  2. It was 70 degrees here today. You might as well have stayed in Minnesota! No, not really. It’s much nicer out there, I’m sure. Anyway, I miss you!!

  3. You moved to NoCal. Endless summer and sunshine is a SoCal thing ;)

  4. Rain still wins over snow. I just hope the winters in SoCal aren’t too cloudy.

    We just sent you some sunshine in the form of Sarah, though, we did give her a cold before she left. Make sure you have some OJ, Eucalyptus Oil, tissues and cold medicine on hand!

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