Happy Winter!

Although I don’t subscribe to the reasons for celebrating Christmas, I do enjoy the pomp and circumstance. Sarah is here in California with me for winter break. She brought presents. The temperatures are in the 50s here. I’m enjoying a five day weekend. Happy times for me!

Then again, everyone else I care about is thousands of miles away. I got to talk to my mom and the Keathlys over video chat, but…

Anyway, chances are that you’re celebrating some sort of holiday or winter event around this time of year. I wish you the best and am thinking about you. I’ve been going through lists and address books thinking about all the people who have been in my life: family and friends. Hold close the people you love and tell them that you love them.

Happy holidays!

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  1. Happy winter to you! We had Megan on Skype while all my cousins and I were Wii bowling because they wanted her there (she’s in Ohio). Yay for teh Internets…

  2. Thank you!

    Today there were torrential rains followed by bright sunshine.

  3. For Sale: Surplus cold, snow and ice from Minnesota. Cheap. Will also consider trade for excess California sunshine. PM for further info.

  4. I….need….sun….shine.

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