Spring Break Minneapolis!

This is not for sure yet, but I’m thinking about visiting Mupples before the end of my self-imposed “no winter visits” rule. For those of you who are laying in stocks of ice and show to shower me with upon my arrival, those dates would be like March 14th-22nd.

Sarah is apparently too busy to come back and swim in my pool, soak in my hot tub, climb my mountains, and generally enjoy the endless bounty of California wonder.

me: I guess maybe I could come there
sarah: yay!
me: why do you delight in my suffering?
sarah: did I tell you that you could take the gag out of your mouth?

3 Responses to “Spring Break Minneapolis! ”

  1. I always wondered why you would disappear from twitter for days on end. It was the gag. Of course!

    I find Minneapolis to be quite nice in March. My birthday is in March. It is always warm enough after your third beer.

  2. Noah misses you desperately. Hell, I think even Stan will be so happy he might even kiss you one the mouth. Hooray for Jesse in March!!!

    BTW - your girlfriend is the BEST. When she moves to be with you, we will cry (again).

  3. Pollstar does not indicate a March Man Man concert in MPLS. I can only hope this is an error on their part.

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