Lucha Libris

Whether it be a master’s thesis, code, or just blog posts that one’s mother reads, sometimes writing has a lot in common with wrestling: you get all sweaty and roll around the floor with a gym teacher screaming at you not to be such a — wait, that’s not it at all. Anyway, to break some of my writer’s block, perhaps I should don the appropriate gear.

No, not a unitard.



Find your own mask here!

3 Responses to “Lucha Libris ”

  1. Dude! Did you wear this during the big San Francisco V-Day pillow fight? Please, God, tell me you attended that. I read about it long before you moved there and could not imagine a better event. Seriously, tell me you had a pillow fight with a few hundred strangers while wearing this mask (and a suit). Please?

  2. Sorry, I didn’t go. I didn’t even *know* about it until after, when I saw the pics.

  3. There’s always next year. Then you will have Sarah with you to join in the merriment!

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