Lake Tahoe

So, my team at work had a retreat at Lake Tahoe. I saw snow for the first time since leaving Minnesota last August. Ugh. As they say in Lolcats: “DO NOT WANT.”

The lake itself is gorgeous:


We walked out on the dock and into fierce winds. Since my winter weight blood has been replaced with summer weight blood, I was glad to have been wearing my Carhardt arctic parka with homeless guy fur trim.

Julian and Dana.

Nachos with bourbon soaked bacon:

Post nachos as I began my alcohol bloat. Terrifying shenanigans happened, and they were awesome.

2 Responses to “Lake Tahoe ”

  1. Your mom was convinced you were having an epileptic fit for reals after snorting the Lucky Charms. OMG. So funny. I’m so going to be like that when Noah grows up!

  2. Hey, I thought that for only a few seconds, you know. But I was relieved when he got up again, laughing hysterically.

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