Cough Medicine

Awake, befogged, I blinked and struggled into dim reality. Sarah hadn’t turned any lights on and the sky was darkly overcast.

“Oh, wow, what time is it?” I asked no one in particular.

“It’s like ten fifteen,” answered Delsym, the cough medicine I had taken the night before*.

“What?” I hollered, sitting bolt upright.

“You looked so cute sleeping there, I figured that you could use an extra couple of hours of sleep.”

“I? What?”

“…and some crazy dreams. You liked running in them, right?”

“I will be so glad when I’m feeling better.”

*Note: this is an intentionally imagined conversation, although it is possible that the cold medicine left me weirder than usual.

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  1. My cell phone told me a great joke once after I took some Nyquil.

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