Now that I bike to work most days again, my pants fall off if I don’t wear a belt and I think that I am in danger of developing a tan. Sarah is drenched in freckles and has almost as many pairs of flip-flops as regular shoes.

35* showed up. O HAI, I’m old. All of a sudden, but in slow motion, my age is a car accident. I can see the ditch coming up: I’m sliding left and downhill but the direction is independent of my desire. At least, despite the proclamations of ex-girlfriends over the past few years, my hairline seems to be mostly along for the ride, albeit more frequently speckled with gray.

“I didn’t say that you weren’t going gray, Honey,” Sarah has said, “just that you aren’t more gray now that you were a year ago.”

My birthday was a ski jump of chaos: I planned a pub crawl through the various drinking establishments of the San Francisco Brewer’s Guild. My Californian friends were aghast that the event began at one in the afternoon, but by the time we parted ways with Frank the Irish Tennis Pro from the Cayman Islands it was an indeterminably early hour of the morning and we had sampled the wares of five or six bars, a sausage shop, and an open-bar hat-party in the Mission. Unless you were Paul, Stan, Me, or Sarah, you probably missed some barefoot-on-Haight-at-midnight part of it.

I finally found a California beer that satisfies my palate: Anchor Steam Humming. Having a go-to beer, even if it is a seasonal, makes all the other beers taste better. I still miss Summit EPA, just like I miss Mom and that particular kind of blue sky streaked with woolly clouds. Well, not quite like I miss my mother: Summit EPA doesn’t mail me lovely retro robot nightlights to assuage my fear of the dark**.

I switched jobs not too long ago to work at IMVU. I really liked Yahoo! Inc., but getting to work with Paul again is really satisfying. My mother was a little upset that I didn’t issue a press release, but it’s Silicon Valley and I’m a software engineer: it’s not as big of a deal and you go where you will (hopefully) fit best. Just make sure that you do good work along the way.

*In my defense, neither Elliot Smith nor ODB made it to 36.

**I am not afraid of the dark, but I did just receive a lovely retro robot nightlight.

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  1. Any thoughts on Lagunitas? Try the maximus pale ale or the lil somthin extra

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