Announcing a new blog!

I could see how you might think the title of this post that I am merely making one of those posts where a writer apologizes for not posting in months and generally not doing anything to deserve the label “writer” and, for that matter, certainly not deserving the profession of “writer.”

Well, the joke is on you! (In former Soviet Russia, you are on joke!) Instead of merely posting once to this blog, I am posting many times on a NEW blog! (if you define many as a few, I guess, which I do. Oh, by the way, I finally moved to punch-you-in-the-face-and-steal-your-purse San Francisco. Sarah and I have a beautiful apartment in the Southeastern corner of the city. I ride the train for most of an hour to work, and she walks two blocks. So far, so awesome.

In the following picture, you can see Sarah during a recent trip to the coast when we were sick of house guests:

Here you can see Sarah in our kitchen finding out what pomegranates say when they die:
My beautiful Sarah dismembering pomegranates.

We got tired of house guests because we love house guests too much. That means that you should come visit for a couple days so we can feed you and show you around the city. We might for you to eat beignets at Just For You Cafe across the street. EAT THEM. Otherwise, you’ll have fun. We promise.

By the way, it’s up to you to complain to or thank Sarah for the lack of photos of me.

Also, in case you didn’t see the link above:

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