Tengo sueño

I’m freakin’ tired.

This week I have been leaving for campus between nine and ten, and arriving at home between nine and ten. That’s a long time, especially considering that I haven’t been packing lunch in advance or anything - I’m basically there for three meal’s worth of time, or at least one. Okay, two, but I’ve just been have a quick slice of pizza from downstairs in the Coffman Union. Surprisingly good, but one slice and a bottle of juice for $5 seems like a little much to me. That’s the price of convenience.

Also, my backpack is like 500 pounds when fully laden, which is always. It’s my anti-freshman fifteen policy. So far, so good.

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  1. LOL!! When I opened the page, I burst out laughing!!
    Noah looks so cute with his little fine-wine gut hanging out!! He’s a keeper!!

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