I had planned to put my own comics here, but it seems that the name of my fave character has been taken. Oh well.

I’m not really a fanboy. I haven’t read superhero comics since I was just a wee lad poking around in the closet and discovering my (now ex-) stepfather’s stash of comics. Marvel, DC, all that good stuff. Nowadays I like the indie stuff- personal comics with an intimate bent. Either that or wicked humor.

Reduction was a local publication that I dug. Now it is something else.

Okay, no one really asked for it, but I have made the Big Book of Starboy into a .pdf file. Download it and print out your own copy! (some assembly required)

Instructions: Assemble the pages in order. For a really pro look, copy the cover onto cardstock and do the rest of the pages front and back on plain paper.

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