Represent what? …my nuts!

This has nothing to do with anything, but I enjoy the television show “Venture Brothers”. Anyway, I sent an email to their email place, and instead of the usual black hole I actually received an email from their self-styled “web monkey,” who went by “Dean Venture”.

Here is our exchange, minus all the cool stuff like email addresses:

Jesse Mullan wrote:

Thank you for tapping the sweet syrup of my hidden self. I demand more Venture Brothers.

Go Team Venture!

Dean Venture wrote:

Then be sure to watch. And tell your friends to watch. And if they tell 10 friends, and then they tell 10 friends… Well, you never know…

Jesse Mullan wrote:

Of course, none of my friends or extended friends matter unless they have Nielsen boxes.

Or Tivo! Ah ha! I CAN make a difference!

Dean Venture wrote:

Always remember - it’s the thought that counts.


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