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My friend and former coworker Gerg is the drummer and seeming manager for the band known as “dallas orbiter.” Sometimes he sends me emails or chats me up on AIM - usually when a new album is coming out or they need to corral people into a bar for a show. Both of those things are occurring soon, relative to the time I am posting. By the time you straggle in to read this, it may already be too late, and you will have missed the hoopla.
However, you will probably still be able to listen to their new album in its entirety over the internet via a streaming mp3 server. Will the wonders never cease? Imagine being into an indie band in the before time, when there was no internet. If you wanted to hear a random band from the other side of the world you would have to send them a letter via mail and have them mail you back a cassette tape or chunk of vinyl. An actual physical copy!

No, I don’t have a copy of this album yet. Will I continue my string of purchases? Hard to say - I would feel guilty for not buying the last EP or whatever. Then again, I don’t think that I got advance mp3s this time, so I didn’t feel all cool ‘n’ shit. It’s like drugs - the first taste has gotta be free!

Oh yeah, if you haven’t heard dallas orbiter, it’s space warble rock jam coolness. I recommend taking a listen - it might not be your cup of tea, but that’s not because they are doing anything wrong, it’s just a stylistic thing.

Or something.

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  1. I like monkeys

  2. IDIOT…GOD!!

  3. I *heart* Jesse-bee’s!

  4. […] There is a strong chance that I will be at both of those shows, because I am still their number one superfan, and both are free. I have not yet heard back about the proposed Tacos Morelos / Walker Art Cen […]

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