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The power went out towards the end of class today. Apparently I was the only person who had the childhood experience of making ooo ooo ghost noices when the lights were turned off in elementary school. The professor (no, not the real professor, but the PhD candidate who replaced the real professor for half the lectures) continued by flashlight, and the class lit their notes with either cell phones or their laptops.

I just got an email from Gerg, whose band (Dallas Orbiter) is playing Orchestra Hall at midnight on Friday, and then the Hexagon Bar at eleven on Saturday. There is a strong chance that I will be at both of those shows, because I am still their number one superfan, and both are free. I have not yet heard back about the proposed Tacos Morelos / Walker Art Center date, but if that works out for the weekend it will likely take precedence — although both shows are late enough that I would be free by then anyway.

Uh oh, looks like I can’t walk home from the Hexagon.

Oh, hey, Haley Bonar is playing the Turf Club tomorrow. I almost forgot. Of course, I have only listened to the one song, so even though that song is spectacular and breaks my heart into a fine dust, maybe I should check out some more before committing myself. Maybe I could live dangerously and visit Saint Paul AND Minneapolis in one night. Oh! I could even take the 16, just like old times!

Apparently this is the summer that I turn 20, not the summer that I turn 30.

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