Mac/Windows/Linux Annoyances shootout!

The window control buttons (close, minimize, maximize) are in the wrong place. Maximize doesn’t do exactly what I want. Windows affixes them in the upper right hand corner, which is good, but doesn’t offer the option of moving them. Winner: linux, with the ability to put them anywhere in the top bar and make them look like anything.
I don’t like the combination of items in the dock. I don’t like process combination in XP, either. Bleah. Of course, I don’t use XP, and if I did, I could turn it off. Winners: Windows and linux - especially kde with the multiple task bar option thingy.

Line endings are like ‘\n\r’ or something ridiculous like that. Windows is not any better with ‘\r\n’. Winner: linux, with ‘\n’

<crschmidt> no, os x is just \r

Mac keyboards and mice are generally crap. I brought a logitech usb keyboard and mouse, and life is reasonably good, except that I don’t have permissions to install the drivers, so the Apple and Alt/Option keys are swapped. Goofy. Many of the keys do nothing - which is sometimes okay because I don’t use a lot of them. Mostly I use the ‘b’ and ‘m’ keys. The Logitech mouse doesn’t work right under linux, and not all the keys are supported. Winner: Windows, unless the drivers can’t be installed, in which case everyone loses.

Viruses: I had one or two viruses on Windows. I had one virus on my Amiga. I have had a few successful and unsuccessful hacking attempts on my various linux boxes, and even an attack on my OpenBSD box. My Mac at work seems to be safe. Winner: t33kid! No, wait, he’s a loser. Winner: Mac! (for now)

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  1. That last line got me. I’ve luckily never been hacked (FC and Kubuntu) but the idea that t33kid wins is pretty funny. Anyway, I found your site trying to remember if windows is /r/n or the other way around. I also hate that.

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