I’m waiting to watch Angel

Somehow, somewhere, at some point in my life, I became addicted to Angel- not just because David Boreanaz is a USDA Choice piece of man-meat, not just because Charisma Carpenter and Amy Acker make me crazy insane. There is a dearth of good Sci-Fi/Fantasy television programming, and Angel makes up for- no, it's the HOT chicks.

So, after a half hour of drumming my fingers while my roommate readied himself for the total experience that is Angel (including special guest star Eliza Dushku as Faith: HOT), we settled in to watch what promised to be the climax to the epic Angel/Angelus story arc. Even Alyson Hannigan was back as Willow, the HOT lesbian witch.

Let's discuss the “HOT lesbian witch” thing for a minute- and not just because that is something that I would enjoy seeing more of. I guess that I could say that I've known hot witches, hot lesbians, and lesbian witches, but rarely do all three coincide. Maybe that's what happens when you live near a hellmouth. Wait a minute, I don't know any vampires or slayers, either. I guess that's just what we will call “the hellmouth effect”.

So anyway, Willow swoops in, saves the day (but, sadly, does not have any American Pie moments), and then leaves with Faith in tow. I guess that four HOT, powerful, intelligent women were too much for Angel. Sonofa. It wasn't too much for me. I felt a little cheated by this episode, since it seemed to have too many extraneous flashback scenes and not enough ass-kicking. This particular mini story arc (the involvement of Faith) was full of wonderful hand-to-hand combat and witty rejoinder, but it ended in tepid Buffy-styled poo. I was expecting a big, climactic battle across mulitple dimensions and visions of reality, but Willow just magically busted the Giant Jar of Angel Soul and twitched her nose until Angel's soul popped back into his body. Terrific.

Oh yeah, spoilers.

I'm still in the “Angel is a good show, worthy of entertaining me” camp, but even good shows can let you down. Also, my friend Lisa correctly predicted the evilness of faux-Cordelia, and mentioned that good Cordelia would never wear something as ugly as at the end of the show - all black and fringey and just plain wrong. It was almost bad enough to make me forget that Charisma Carpenter is HOT.

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