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My website had occassion recently to be picked over by some pros. There were some things that I was proud of, but mostly it was just me gritting my teeth and thinking “don't look at that!”. Oh well. Whatever comes of that inquiry, they've given me some food for thought.
Server issues:

  • Cascading style sheets are pissing me off! Argh. View the left frame on my page or the rally page for examples. If you don't see what I mean, try resizing them. Grrr. Oh well, another trip or two through the documentation should sort things out. Oops, or this page. Dang dang dang.
  • It doesn't look like I'll be taking over DNS for idlespeculation.com, since Kory used a provider that does its own DNS. At least it maps to the right place.
  • I have no idea if Kory will ever get implication.com fixed, but I'm set to host the DNS for that. Any time now.
  • I've taken over hosting www.rallymn.com, but I'm doing it in a sneaky manner. Instead of hosting the DNS, I just put the index page on the server that is officially hosting www.rallymn.com, and pointing the frames at my server.
  • I'm starting to get irritated at the sloth of the Cyrix P150+ that is running the linux box. I have a P200 that is sitting idle, so I'm thinking that it's time for a boost.
  • This isn't really a server issue, but I inherited a flaky new windows box. Sure the specs look good (AMD K6-2 450 w/96M RAM), but the previous owner had major crashing problems. Me too. I got it running in a somewhat stable manner and then decided to change the bus speed and clock multiplier. Instead of running at 100X4.5, I'm running at 112X4. The processor isn't going any faster, but the front side bus is begging to take a break (which it does without intervention by me). There are some BIOS settings that I haven't monkeyed with yet, so we'll see what I end up with.

Jesse Mullan

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