31 Dec 1999 10:06

Happy Year 2000, everyone!

I haven't done much with the server in the last week. I've been fiddling with mysql and cgi some. The results can be seen in my cars application, which isn't much more than a practice query. Oh well. I've run into some permissions problems for creating tables and the like. Kory (the other sysop) will help me sort those out eventually, as soon as I can get a hold of him long enough to explain what's going on.

Server issues:

  • Still have to take over DNS service for



  • There are many links that broke when Stan's files were moved over from the windows box. I've been going through and fixing them for him (because he probably never will). This is the importance of relative links and case sensitivity training…

smbmount works if you do it right. Heh heh.

Jesse Mullan

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