The Doodlebops

The Doodlebops


Is that a cross-dressing clown?


It’s not a clown! It’s a doodlebop!

Note that she didn’t deny that it was a cross-dressing whatever the hell it is. She also didn’t explain why their name sounds like some sort of pre-school feces dance.

Note: No kids allowed!

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  1. Look, their name is awesome. DeeDee, Rooney, and Moe are the coolest kids’ band since “They Might be Giants”. Look, you go ahead and say whatever you want, but I’ll always find a reply.
    I don’t see how “The Doodlebops” “sounds like a pre-school feces dance”. It sounds great to me. They took the last name from the characters (Doodle) and simply added “bop” to the end. The result? “The Doodlebops”!
    I’ve become attatched to the show. I’ve even gotten some of my friends into it. I have the episodes taped, so good luck forcing me to not watch them anymore!
    There’s nothing you can say that will make me stop watching them

  2. What in the FUCK is going on? Who ARE you?

  3. Wow. She thinks They Might Be Giants started out as a kid’s band.

    Scary that she is watching and listening to the same stuff as my 3 year old. She’s obviously a little “slow”.

  4. The Doodlebops are okay, fun to watch because I swear Rooney is gay.
    Perhaps why Deedee is still only a friend?

    Perhaps Rooney is going after Moe but Moe is going after Deedee but
    Deedee is going after Rooney but Rooney is gay so it starts the whole
    thing over again.

    This isn’t a kid’s show it’s a soap opera.

  5. More thoughts here:

  6. Yeah, I am sure Rooney is gay. He dances like he’s auditioning for broadway or something. YOU ARE A KIDS BAND
    DUDE! Perhaps he’s closer to Pee Wee than we think. Dee Dee annoys me and Moe, well, what’s his purpose anyway?
    I’ll take the Wiggles any day….

  7. I PERSONALY THINK THAT THE DOODLEBOPS ROCKS, so say whatever the crap u want, but i LOVE the doodlebops, and don’t call ROOney gay, becuase for all we know, u retards probably are too!

  8. by the way, if u don’t like the doodlebops, then why are u wasting ur time on this website, go play with urself for all i care!

  9. Why are you wasting your time on this website?

  10. I think The Doodlebops are VERY talented…Rooney(Chad) is my MOST FAVOURTIE EVER…You might think they look dumb and like clowns but they’re just helping kids with their education and stuff…Lisa & Moe are pretty cool but Rooney is like…WOW!!

    They make themselves look like funny clowns (Which they’re not)to enteratin kids…Man for a 13 year old I sure sound like a parent…

  11. You must be over 13 to visit my site.

  12. I think this show is ridiculous! Why would you let your children watch this show, unless you want them to act gay
    But I guess that is what children’s shows are promoting, The Wiggles, The Tele-tubbies, Robbie-Rotton from Lazy

  13. Jaden: Please leave the humor to the professionals. You aren’t funny at all. The point is that it is absurd and funny that kids like to see the Doodlebops even though they are clowns. A lot of kids like clowns. My friend Lisa doesn’t. She’s terrified of them. That’s why it’s funny to me.

    Also, Robbie Rotten is Icelandic. The Teletubbies are gender neutral (I think). The Wiggles are nice fucking guys singing nice fucking songs for kids! Jesus Fucking Christ! Is an earnest attempt to make kids happy so fucking bad? No! I totally sing the songs from the Doodlebops with Noah. If he likes it, he fucking likes it!

    If you want to make fun of the Teletubbies, please redirect to the more up-to-date subject of the Boobahs, who look like genitalia. THAT is comedy gold.

  14. First of all the Boobahs are not as gay as the tele-tubbies also the doodlebops are not at all clowns but are more like drag queens!!! Also who said I was trying to be Funny????

  15. Okay, rule number one on this site is that you must supply the funny.

  16. Rooney has the mannerisms and speech inpediment of a very, very gay man.
    Moe has the dark lipstick, floppy wig, and disconcerting feminine smile of a drag queen.
    Deedie, poor Deedie. Clearly trained as a Broadway actress. Trying so hard to strut her stuff, but her booming voice
    clashes so hideously with the kiddie music that I cringe whenever she sings. Did she take this job after giving up on
    getting serious work, or does she really think this is a way to get “discovered”? Poor Deedie.
    The bus driver seems okay, so does the large jazz singer woman, but I gotta wonder what sorry turn of events
    in their professional lives led them to this gig.

  17. Rooney is under heavy suspicion!!! He is credited with a guest appearance on the show “queer as folk” see

  18. Hey, wow, he’s actually hunky. What am I saying?

    People! Stop with the speculation! It doesn’t matter!

    “Crossdressing clown” = funny.
    “Is he or isn’t he?” = NOT FUNNY.

    I should make it so I can rate people’s posts. Minus 100 points if you have a spelling error. MATT. Minus 50 if you have a grammatical error. BRETT.

  19. Your [sic] welcome. I’ll go somwhere [sic] else then. Bye.

  20. Thanks for the link, wexlerfan! Everyone, get your doodlebops wallpapers and other pictures over there! Woo hoo!

    Matt, you don’t have to go. Just spend a little time with a spell check. :)

  21. i think the doodlebops for not just for kide and for everyone asshole my 2 year old newphew watch it with me and noone care my bf see is kool so there im 17 and i like it so shut up ok go watch it and ull see is fun asshole

  22. Easy on the language, Sophia. Also, easy on the insanity and poor spelling. Wow! This is what kids learn in school these days?

  23. The Doodlebops are promoting foolishness, self-indulgence, and immorality and are destroying the lives of innocent children.

    Do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! Fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, male prostitutes, sodomites, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, revilers, robbers–none of these will inherit the kingdom of God. And this is what some of you used to be. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

    1 Cor. 6:9-11

    You were taught to put away your former way of life, your old self, corrupt and deluded by its lusts, and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and to clothe yourselves with the new self, created according to the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.

    Eph 4:22-24

  24. Steve is either
    not funny at all
    very very very funny

    I’ll leave that up to the reader, but I, personally, will be laughing at Steve.

  25. yy r u all fightin over doodlebops seriusly i mean it is for kids all of the shows are for little kids not for 13 year olds ok? i mean you make fun of it cuz your older but they love it so shut up and leave the little kids alone!

  26. dani, there is a correct spelling for the words “why”, “are”, “you”, “seriously”, and “cuz.” I wish that I had a big red pen to make corrections to the comments that people leave. I would write “make some sense!” in the margins of your post. You get a D, because the assignment is to be funny, not to try to get us to all behave.

    Also, your punctuation is almost completely wrong.

  27. I found the Doodlebops while I was channel surfing a couple of months ago and my 2-year-old daughter just loves them.
    The music isn’t half bad either. I think they are very educational and entertaining. And for all of you claiming
    they are gay, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I am sure you wouldn’t appreciate it if someone said that you
    are gay. God Bless all of you. Doodlebops rock!

  28. The bashing that is happening on this site is disgusting. Bottom line, Disney thought the Doodlebops were good enough to air them and that they were not immoral or any of the other nonsense that I have read here. The omportant thing to remember is that our children like them and for that I am grategul. They do teach manners and things that are important in life. So let’s give them a break. If you do not like tham then do not turn it on. Watch something else.

  29. Christie: Yes, they do rock, but you’re missing the point — I’m not calling them gay, I said that they look like cross-dressing clowns, which by any measure is pretty funny. Whether or not they are gay I certainly do not care, and if you called me gay, you’d be mostly wrong, and I’d make a joke out of it. Honestly, Rooney is hunky without the makeup. Yow!

    sopha dopha lopha bread: Yes, the bashing that happens is disgusting, but I’m leaving the comments open anyway because occasionally I get a funny response. You might want to double check your spelling of “omportant” and “grategul”. I would give you the email address of “Steve,” but I think it’s fake. What argument can you make to change his mind? If you come up with one, I’d like to hear it, because I could use the same one for my grandparents and my roommate’s dad. Also, I never turned it on, but my roommate’s three year old likes to turn it on in the morning. I sing the song with him when he wants.

    Okay people, more funny, less angry. Unintentionally funny posts like Steve’s do not count. Make with the funny or I’m closing the comments on this post!

  30. What is up with the foam rubber ear/hair hoody thingies that make their face paint look retarded? Not that the rest of their cosutmes are un-retarded or anything.

    And has anyone else noticed how at the end of their show, there is only ONE kid chanting “DOODLEBOPS! DOODLEBOPS!” with some horrible layering and editing attempts to make it sound like a crowd of kids? My son adores this show, but it just makes me cringe.

    Steve’s post made me giggle.

    So did Christie’s. She must not have older brothers. Cuz we call each other gay all the time and that’s just another way to say “I love you.”

  31. i’m probably the biggest dork here. i’m 18 and i love the doodle bops. YES I LOVE THE DOODLE i wasnt forced to watch it with a little kid i was babysitting or a relative i acutally out of myy own freewill turn to playhouse disney and watch it. i honesty like the music and i dont care what anyone one else says, the doodle bops Rock! and i love moe. i’d like to know what he looks like w/o the costume. if anyone knows where to find their pictures please tell me. (i want to see if he’s cute) oh and as for the wiggles, they scare me. i mean they are realy disturbing. i mean think about their job, they have to be realy secure withthemselves. if not they’re petifiles with a dream job.(jokeing, i don’t mean to judge them there ’s always the chance they’re just good people which is hard to belive b/c goodpeople are hard to find in this world) well thank you for your time and listening (reading) my thoughts and excuse my spelling my computure was giving me trouble

  32. Okay, I came across this conversation while doing some research on a semi-related topic for a paper. Anyway, after reading it all the way through, I felt I needed to comment. Not about The Doodlebops directly, but more importantly, about the amount of time and energy that has been wasted on them. You guys act as if it was your life’s purpose to find something as ludicrous and utterly insignificant as The Doodlebops to argue over, defend, slander and testify against. It’s truly unbelievable! What the hell does the Judeo-Christian god or any other god have to do with The Doodlebops? Not to mention this homosexuality bit. It’s simply baffling that seemingly sane, functional members of the human race are spending precious moments of their life on such nonsense. In this utterly fucked up world we live in, you guys couldn’t find anything better to talk about? Don’t get me wrong, I understand that a little comic relief is needed in life, but this isn’t it, this is saddening. How about laughing at your child’s hopeless attempt at a cart wheel, or at the fumbling ignorance of the President of the United States, or how about when Shakespeare’s Hamlet speaks of being “mad but north-north west,” surely that is laughable. I realize that I’m probably wasting my time and that ignorance will prevail in the end. I’m sure that there will be countless more hours spent contemplating the television worthiness, sexuality, etc. of The Doodlebops, but I’ve spoken my mind and that’s all I can do. I’ve got to go now, The Doodlebops are coming on.

  33. There is nothing wrong with being called gay, being gay, being called straight, or being straight. Get over it you backwards ass hillbillies. It’s 2005. Why does anyone care anymore. Doodlebops are just fun silly characters for kids. Go Doodles! ANd you religious people who quote biblical quotes to promote hate really SUCK.

  34. You see what happens when you take a minute to type in a three second offhanded comment about a kid’s show?

    kim: good for you, but bad for your spelling. If your computer is giving you trouble then maybe you should check your spelling by hand. It’s just a thought.

    London: you probably spent more time writing that comment than I have spent on this thread in total.

    Me: You are absolutely right, but you are not me. I am me, and you are you. Otherwise I agree with you.

    All three of you: make with the funny. Your posts do not include anywhere near enough humor.

  35. Bonjour tout le monde! Je suis désolée de m’exprimer en français mais ca va me rendre la tache plus facile.
    Ma petite fille de 1 an adore les doodlebops et c’est comme une religion a touts les matin a 10 heure nous les écoutons. Les chansons ne quitte jamais ma tête. Je les trouve aussi très éducative meme pour moi car ca m’aide beaucoup en anglais. Maleureusemant je reste trop loin pour les voir en spectale et j’en suis tres peinée. Sorry for my french but my english is very poor. The doodlebops help me to know a lot of word in english. Tanks you DOODLEBOPS!!!!! Merci les doodlebops!!!!!!I have so much fun with you every days……

    PS but i have to tell you to watch Deedee’s mask: she need more glue

  36. ya the doodlebops fucking suck

  37. you getting the picture????
    just cause he is “soft-spoken” does not mean he is gay!

    the doodlebops apeal to the kids and give good stuff into their little minds
    anyone who thinks diffrently hasn’t watched the show day after day with their kids
    AND WHEN DID A CLOWN BECOME A CROSS DRESSER???? clowns are cool!!!

  38. Mélanie: you get funny points for being from Canada and even more for writing in French. Amazing!

    faolan: you get an F.

    jan: you also get an F for not getting the original joke and then not noticing that I said that “is or isn’t” is not funny or useful. Again, for the record, I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYONE’S SEXUAL ORIENTATION. Also, your capitalization is lacking, your punctuation is wild, and appeal has two p’s.

    Clowns may or may not be cool, but Rooney looks like an extra from The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. That’s okay, it’s just funny. Also, my friend Lisa is terrified of clowns. That’s the joke. Get it?

    Do people just comment without reading everything? Knock it off!

  39. Rooney is definitely GAY - not that there’s anything wrong with that. Moe may be BI, and Dee Dee is probably frigid. Maz and Busdriver Bob are cool, but even they couldn’t hold my 4 year old’s interest for more than a couple of episodes — They are so yesterday’s news…


  41. The Dooblebops…my, my…not that I really give two shits about the Dooblebops at all, but it is late at night and
    being an insomniac I am bored, so I posting a reply. However, given that my neice finds the Dooblebops amusing, I am more
    than happy to put them on the television, if it keeps her from throwing a fit! So, whether they are gay, cross dressers, or
    if an 18 year old is somehow oddly attached to them…I don’t care..they shut my neice up, and that’s all that matters.
    However, I did find Jesse’s post about the Adentures of Priscilla being very funny..I remember seeing that movie,
    and thinking “what the fuck is this?”. LOL. Anyways, I am all about the Dooblebops for giving me some peace and quite in
    the mornings whenever I am watching my neice…even in all their self-indulgence and immorality..Steve…LOL..Go Disney!

  42. I just can’t believe all of this over a KIDS show. It’s for kids so why are you all complaining so much? My kids love the show and I have kinda come to like it too. Even though I’m way past being a kid. But by the looks of things on here there are a lot of childish people still out there. There are kids who read this and I can’t believe you all are using the language that you do. Boy everyone needs to grow up and get a life, sounds like most of you are just jealous that you didn’t come up with the show first and you’re not making the big buck off it. LOL

    Have a great day everyone!!

  43. NO KIDS ALLOWED HERE! You must be eighteen to view this site.

    Hey, I just made the initial post and reply every once in a while when someone says something funny or stupid.

  44. dude, moe is just as gay as rooney, if not more so. i mean, for chrissakes,
    the man wears knee pads. whaddaya think those are for anyways?
    and why do they all have stigmata on their hands?


    Knee pads! Stigmata! Reasonably close approximation of correct grammar and punctuation! You get a B+!

  46. his knee pads are the equivalent of his drums, just as dee dee has piano keys on her dress and plays the keyboard and rooney’s suit actually looks like a huge deformed guitar. also i am sure they come in handy when he breakdances and screws up, which i am sure they edit out because i have never seen him screw up……uh oh….gotta go……time to pull the rope. speaking of rope, wouldn’t it be great if we could all have those wash and wear clothes moe has? he is wet, shakes it off, then dry….what an idea!! (yes i know no caps that’s too much work) GO DOODLEBOPS hey, i have a caps lock button….who knew?


  48. sandi: b-
    Dave: c

  49. Ok… Lets all be reasonable…and agree that…The DOODLEBOPS have really catchy
    songs! I spent the whole day singing the bus song!!*lets get on the bus…*
    I am not really a big fan, but I have farmer vision, so thats like the only thing on
    in the morning. All I know is that they lipsink… if you listen really closely you
    Can tell! That is all I have to say on the subject, and oh ya, Jesse heres the funny,
    Why did the dog cross the road?? He was riding the chicken!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!! Funny eh?

  50. ok first of all im not 18 and up but im looking at this site go ahead and throw a bitch fit about that!mabey after your done with your bitching about people making spelling errors!and you guys must be 18 and up if thats what your buddy jesse keeps bitching abut but most of you sound about thirteen!i mean my goodness! i think you all need to take a break from your computer and those kiddie cartoons!i mean never have i herd such a commotion over a show like 2 year olds watch. and for those of you who hat the doodlebops whipdie fucking dew!!!!!! it was made for children and unless you are children you dont have to like it there for you dont have to even talk about it unless your stupid and dont have anything better to do then sit on your asses and make fun of a kids show im and most likly alot yonger then all of you and i have alot more maturity then some of you! its crazy.and jesse probly got at least 1% of your joke thats how “smart” he is i mean come on people the doodlebops just for one show make probly more than you do for 1 show then you do in 1 week how sad is that!(for you) i mean good gosh!!!!

  51. Nicole: Ha ha ha ha! Funny indeed!

    Nikkie: That was amazing!

  52. What is wrong with you people debating over a clean, entertaining television show designed for the viewing of the younger audience? Jesse, I don’t know you and after reading your absolutely disrespectful opinionated views of the show much less your lack of appropriate language on a child’s site, I don’t care to but as adults we need to focus more on the happiness and safety of our youngsters and setting a good example for them. Gay used to be a term meaning happiness and the rainbow use to be something to illustrate a new beginning but in today’s society both have rendered to become nothing more than mere trash and quite frankly the whole situation is embarrasing!!

    I understand freedom of speech and the right to be respected as individuals but lately it seemas as if this world as been attacked by a series of whacks!!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Doodlebops and the three of them’s talents expressed through Disney for children’s mere entertainment. This comment is not intended to offend anyone and their opinions but to state the obvious that most adults are not setting good examples for the future and now we all have to suffer the consequences. No longer is about our children but ourselves and that just is wrong. If you think that I am full of hot air and don’t know what I am talking about then simply open your eyes to what is taking place in the world around us. Highspeed chases, Erotic scenes displayed in the public eye, wars with other countries, unexpected forces of Hurricanes, etc. We are stuck in a series of unfortunate events outside of the movie and the consequences of what we have chosen to accept in modern society. What once was an act of discipline in our children’s lives has now been seen as acts of abuse even if it is a minor slap on the hand. This has led to disruption in the school systems and all the tragic events occuring as a result. This world needs more shows like the Doodlebops to illustrate that there is more to this world than the negativity many adults display and teenagers as a result of what is heard and seen in the process. I am appauled by the acts of today and it would take some kind of miracle to stop this world from becoming destroyed by others selfish and destructive acts for whatever reason. Why can’t Rooney just be seen as a happy individual entertaining children instead of being labeled as some type of “Queer” by others that come across as merely defensive and shallow. You people know who you are I don’t need to represent some form of conscience you make you all realize this.

    We need to quit the arguing and fighting and learn to appreciate the good that this world has left to offer. I could write a book on Debate but that is not really necessary. If you don’t like the Doodlebops I am sure you can find your remote control!!!!

  53. Meg: this is not a fucking children’s site and if you don’t like it, I’m sure that you can find your remote control as well.

    This page is quickly becoming a strange social experiment. What lunacy will people leave in comment form for me to read?

  54. It’s extremely ignorent for you to judge a show you apparently don’t watch
    and i can’t believe you’re stupid enough to think that kids don’t come into
    this website b/c if you type in doodlebops this site pops up. I know this
    is a free country and everyone has a right to their own opinion but you
    obviously need to keep yours to yourself.

  55. I think they are hecka funny. And yes I think Rooney is HELLA GAY!!! His moves are the tell “tail” signs of a queen!
    My son watches them and likes them. I watch just to hear Rooney talk. LOL….Is Moe African American? I think he
    might be considering his features and the break dancing…not that I’m stereotyping or anything…LOL As for DeeDee,
    I think she is a good singer….if that’s her voice. The only thing that bothers me is that I think the show is cut
    and pasted together. Or seems to be, if you notice the audience, you’ll see the same people in very episode…….That’s my 2 cents worth….oh yeah….one more thing….DON’T PULL THE

  56. K: I didn’t say that kids don’t come here, I said that this is not a fucking children’s site. I don’t watch the doodlebops anymore because my roommates’ child does not watch it anymore.

    Lucy: I like DeeDee’s voice too, and yes, they probably only filmed the audience at one or two concerts. They probably tape their “live” performances in an empty auditorium.

  57. whos chad whos jothan

  58. So rooney is a mo….does that mean moe is a rooney???
    any way mazz is hot!!!!!

  59. There are picture of all of them on google. All you have to do is type in their real names Moe: Jonathan Wexler,
    DeeDee: Lisa J. Lennox and Rooney: Chad McNamara. Just do an image search and you will find them w/ out the makeup.
    My 2 year old loves the show. I wasn’t sure about it at first but its very catchy. I sing along with all the songs
    Yes i am a big goofball.

  60. Jesse…..did I spell your name correctly………..ARE YOU………did I spell”you” right………ADDICTED TO…….did I spell “to”
    right………THE CHAIR……..did I spell “chair” right……….IN Front Of……………did I spell “front” right……OF YOUR…..did I
    did I spell “your” right……………CHAIR? Oh, by the way did I get “chair” right?

  61. Weenie, your spelling appears to be correct, but your sentence deciphers to something like:

    That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Neither does bucketass’s post.

    Krystal: you get an A for your comment because it is sane. Hooray!

  62. JESSEE… I WAS WONDERING…..(did I spell “was” right) ……..IF YOU WERE….(did I spell “you” right……ADDICTED TO YOUR…
    (did I get addicted right)……..CHAIR IN FRONT OF…..(did I spell “front” right…….YOUR COMPUTER…did I get “computer” right? The Doodlebops have helped so many children learn to dance and develop their sense of balance. Why are you so down on them?

  63. Are you on SSI or something and that is why you are so jealous of someone who can enhance our children’s future in a positive way?
    Just kidding……You’re cool…especially to have the nerve to come back like you do. Retirement favors you, son.

  64. Only 35 years until retirement, indeed. That is, if I get to retire.

    I post from many computers. I get emails when people leave comments.

  65. I love the Doodlebops. So does my 2 year old, but Rooney and Moe are definitely bottoms. DeeDee is a regular faghag.

  66. what i meant was…………
    if rooney is a ho[moe] is moe a rooney?????
    waht doesn’t make sense is that no posts aboot bus driver bob!!!!
    who cares anway they’re canadian and we all know canadians are nuts!!!!

  67. bucketass: hoRooney would have been funnier.

    Akila: easy on the f-word.

  68. Man, oh man, oh man! My 4 year old and 1 year old have been watching the Doodlebops for some time now. Just today I thought, “I’m going to google ‘Doodlebops’ and see what comes up. As I scrolled down the page, I saw and entry that said, “The Doodlebops are okay, fun to watch because I swear Rooney is gay”. I started laughing out loud. I just HAD to check out this site! As i started reading, it occurred to me that i had found the site I was looking for. I thought the same thing when I first saw the show. Roonie slurrs his S’s, walks like a gay man and wears a jumpsuit. You know what they say, If it looks like shit, smells like shit and tastes like shit; it must be shit. Roonie - you’re gay. I also thought that Moe must be a black dude with no rhythm - why else would he be working this show? Looks like I was wrong on that one. It’s a white guy that can’t act. And DeeDee. Poor DeeDee. When I looked up her image online, I realized that she is an attractive woman. Is is that hard to find a job in Canada that she had to let her manager talk her into this gig? I mean, there are plenty of porn sites that I’m sure would be glad to take her. Do I watch it? Yes, I do. But only because my boys do. And somehow, they seem to be learning lessons from the show - God help us all.

  69. why are you putting the doodlebops down. to make you feel more important, its
    discusting. What exactley is this site for, to put the doodlebops down. Find
    something better to do w/ your pathetic lives. I’m OUT!

  70. Jasper: “tastes like shit”? Have you been eating shit? That’s pretty gross. I’m glad to see people tackling DeeDee because the other two are really played out, but I only give you a B because your porn comment was clunkily worded, and if I would have made such a joke I would have named dropped one of the independant porn sites out of Montreal where the girls have French accents. Not that I have ever… you know… uh…

    Sike: this site is for me to make jokes for my friends, but this post has turned into an out-of-control frenzy to either hate on the doodlebops or hate on me for hating on the doodlebops.

    Okay folks, I’m about halfway to pushing the button to lock out comments because I’m tired of hearing people’s commentary on whether or not any of the characters have one sexual preference or another. I’m especially tired of people who come here uninvited and act like I spend all day trashing the doodlebops. This is post 261 out of more than 500. All but one of the rest do not mention this kid’s show. Noah doesn’t even watch it any more. The comments had better get funnier or I’m stopping the bus before we even get to the concert.

    Now if I can just get these dancing shoes off. I can’t stop!

  71. Lets all grow up and stop talking trash on a show that makes our children smile and gives us 30 minutes of free time. They are educational, lovable, and can sing alot better than some top artists, like Shakira for instance! If more shows were like this in the world these kids wouldn’t be hurting on another when they are at school! Lets all love the doodlebops!!

  72. heidi: I like Shakira.

  73. Wow. Only a B. Oh well, I guess I’ll share my ‘B’ with everybody else because:
    I promise to share; I promise to care; All together as a team; Just stick to it, we can do it; We can do anything;
    Stand tall; Say it loud; We’re together and we’re proud; DeeDee, Rooney, Moe, Jasper; Yeah - We’re The Doodlebops.
    Oh, and, I only eat shit when I have enough mayo - or when I get a ‘B’. Montreal porn sites…. Google, here I come.

  74. Wow, this is absolutely absurd. Are you all actually adults? If so, get a grip, a life, or psychological help. You are talking about a CHILDREN’S SHOW for crying out loud. If they are so awful, why are you so obsessed with this blog? Find something else to do.

  75. Anita: You get an A! Despite my best efforts, not everyone who comes here is an adult — even those people over 18.

  76. Okay, so I read threw some of the stuff on here. Just to set things straight about Chad (Rooney) is he NOT gay. He likes girls, and actually has a girlfriend. His little 10 second role on “Queer as Folk” was just a great paying gig he got. Nothing more. It is called acting people.

  77. FOR ME AS A SINGER I think the doodlebops are very musically tuned i was shocked to hear all the music sounding like musice and and the harmony actualy blending as it supose too!! yah i sing along with them because i love music!! but Rooney is definately my favorite he is really cute!!!But on the real tip the doodlebops in an overall great show!and yes i’m 18 but i’ll holla at yall later

  78. Stephanie: Thanks for the update, but I still don’t care about anyone’s sexual orientation. In your post you should have used the word “through” instead of “threw.” Otherwise your comment’s spelling and grammar earn you a B+.

    Camilia: Your enthusiasm is greater than your spelling ability. You get a C-.

  79. Jesse, I like this blog but I think you really should have bleeped the profound words since there are children who are reading and posting replies. My 2 and 4 year olds love the Doodlebobs, Lazy Town, Dora, Blues, even Jack’s Big Music Show. I guess they take after me, I love music of all kinds.

  80. Mom Misty: I looked into a way to add a rating to my site, but it’s unnecessarily complicated. I’m hoping that parents do not give their children unfettered access to the internet until they are ready for those children to read everything that’s out there. I mean, it’s like two clicks from anywhere to hard core porn. Whether or not I let loose with a few effenheimers will injure a child far less than the farmyard emails that arrive in my inbox every hour on the hour.

  81. Jesse: I know you really don’t care about anyone’s sexual orientation. I was just trying to state it for the people on here saying Chad was gay. I know he would hate to have more rumours started about him. I was just trying to set things straight and look out for him. That’s all. Have a nice day everyone :)

  82. Okay honestly I am n college and the ONLY reason i happened to end up watching it was that i sleep with the tv on and i had an early class and i heard the most annoying music and looked and saw THEM…i must admit they did grow on me though because i woke up the that dumb theme song but it’s not for us to like anyway that is why its on playschool disney and while everyone is talkin smack they are still cashing those checks and for the record and the only reason i know this is because i wanted to see them without makeup so i googled them and they are brother and sister…meaning no one is gay although just from appearances on the show i could see where you could come to that conclusion but they are just doing their jobs and obviously they are doing very well because they have grown men and 13 year olds as a fan base. oh yeaaa..we’re the DOODLEBOPS


  84. OK, so the Doodleops huh? Well despite all questions about Rooney being gay who cares, it’s for kids. Don’t worry your kid will not end up gay if they watch it! (My Husband thinks differently, but he’s from Europe which makes him 1/2 gay anyway…sry) Well I think this discussion should be focused on the Boohbahs…WTF? What the f**k are those things they look like retarded versions of the cuppie dolls…Doodlebops, I can handle the Doodlebops but not the test tube rejects called the Boohbahs. I thank the Lord everyday that my son gets up an hour to late no Boohbahs in this house. Not that I’d let him watch it even if he was awake….Yeah I’m 24 I’m a stay at home Mom and the Doodlebops save my ass, when it comes to getting things done around the house! I just wanna hear what you all think about the Boohbahs. Sorry about my punctuation Jesse, my 2 yr old at me feet. Have A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!

  85. I am reading this and laughing my butt off because I can’t believe that people have this much to say about the show. I feel for Jesse who is just having fun but everyone is taking this very seriously. Jesse I typed this fast and don’t really care about mistakes so kill me!! I have to say that I do listen to the show but try not to watch it. It doesn’t interest my one year old, she is very scared of them. She crys, but the songs are very catchy! The best is the rapping bus driver who the coolest. He is such a nerd and his pants are way to tight!! You could see his private area a little to clearly with those tight pants on. Yes, before you make comments, I have noticed it and looked ok! Thank god small children don’t focus on things like that. Anyway, I enjoy reading the comments on this site and people need to lighten up a bit. My goodness learn to laugh, it’s all in fun. I am on here because I was looking for a CD version of the songs and typed in Doodlebops on goggle and this site caught my eye. Now I cant seem to leave. That goes to show you what type of nerd I am, I am actually looking for a CD of the songs! YIKES!! Next I will be blasting the songs from my car radio, which I do now with the Wiggles CD. Yes I need help!!

  86. Deedee is hot without the makeup. I don’t care about the 2 dudes… they are white noise. The whole thing sucks though, because they are all smelly Canadians.

    My kids like them though so hey you know - whatever gives me 30 minutes of peace.

  87. You people have a lot of time on your hands to spend as much time on here as you have. I have a 2 year old
    daughter that loves the doodlebops. Who care if their gay. Their the first cartoon (if ou want to call them a
    cartoon) that can actually sing and dance.

  88. anyone know where i can find a deedee doodle costume for halloween? for a 7 year old girl.

  89. Check E-Bay

  90. Moe is soooooooooooooooooooooo hottt!

    Rooney tlks gay

  91. I LOVE MOE DOODLE!!!!!!!!

  92. my 20 month old granddaughter loves the doodlebops! she really loves MOE. Everything she see that is orange she calls it MOE. I would love to know where we can purchase some doodlebops stuff…..Keep up the good work doodlebops…keep the shows going,

  93. Let me simply say that Rooney, while truly terrifying in his costume, is quite the hottie in real life, going by his publicity photo. I’m one bi-guy who would do him in a heartbeat. Not if he had that cosume on, of course (okay - maybe if he had that costume on).

    And Moe, well, his name is MOE, for Christ’s sake. Any questions? And the kneepads pretty much close that deal. But I suspect that if I was with him, I’d probably want to be the one with the kneepads. And here, I’ll say it: He is sexy as hell even WITH the goofy costume. (And I cannot frigging believe that I just said that).

    As for Deedee, she could turn a bi-guy like myself quite totally gay, very quickly. YIKES!!!!

  94. I give this whole thread an A… It made for very entertaining reading. I was doing a search on Doodlebops because it was on TV and my 2 year old daughter actually sits through the whole thing. I have learned a lot from this thread… That Rooney may or maynot be gay… that there are people who hate the Wiggles… That teenagers actually watch a show meant to entertain toddlers, hmmmmm. Don’t know what to say bout that. I do think it is amazing that this thread has continued from June 25! That is amazing. Well. Here’s to the Doodlebops who have inspired this wonderful conversation that has stood the test of time…

  95. Hi I hate the doodle BopS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. You guys suck

  97. Sorry that I have been too busy to leave snide comments about each post. I’ll do better in the future.

    BTW: Noah actually watched the Doodlebops this morning, so the intro to the theme song is rolling around my head.

  98. okay about the doodlebops what do they look like without all their makeup and stage props? are they hot? and most of all where teh fuck do i find pictures of them without their makeup

  99. I watched the Doodlebops this morning I LOVE them I watch it every morning I’m posesed!!!!!!! Moe is sooo hot I found a pic of him and LOVE it!!!! I want to be a doodlebop for Halloween and I’m 13 I know omg!!!!!

  100. I really love the doodlebops. My kids really enjoy them…

    I do have some words for Steve, post #25…
    I think you need to get a clue. It’s people like you who make Christians out to be judgemental freaks who condemn any and everything of the world. Let’s not forget that children are not innocent, they were born into sin…yeah remember. How can you go around judging people and a kids show? What is the point? Maybe you should check yourself because if you get some enjoyment out of posting scripture on websites to condemn people, you got the whole witnessing for Christ wrong. We are to love the people hate the sin. It’s people like you who turn off others to how awesome God really is. It’s sad that people view us Christians in such a negative way. Instead of posting condemnation, why not scripture of how much Christ loves us and desires for us to be part of His family? Jesus didn’t die on the cross for us so we in turn can condemn the very people He died for…It’s true, we are to put away all foolish and childish things, but HELLO, THEY ARE KIDS. And as parents we are to decipher what they watch and train them in what we believe and what the Bible says. So often I find that people like to take scripture and twist it to their own liking. The Doodlebops is entertainment and I haven’t seen them condoning any sin. Until then, my kids will be watching The Doodlebops…

  101. Ok….

    I am a mother of 2 girls ages 1 and 3. I am EXTREAMY critical of kids shows. Not so much for the style but for the gayness…cheesiness etc. I have a number of shows that I have gone out of my way to shield my children from. Barney, Wiggles, Stanley…..

    Bottom line I do this because I personally think those things are lame. Do any of them have poor meanings or are any detrimental to my kids….NO! There is so much other crap in this world to be shielding my kids from the LEAST of my worries is the freakin doodlebops. So the blue one is a TOTAL flamer….so what? Is my 3 year old gonna pick up on that….NO! Unless he starts boning someone on camera…I think we are all ok.

    We all need to calm down a bit…its the DOODLEBOPS. Unless they give Saddam Hussein a show or worse yet…Rosie O’donnel…(oh shit…that already happened).

    Also, it’s the old addage….if u don’t like what u see….TURN THE CHANNEL.

    Oh yeah btw…..boobah is disturbing..!

    PS…My spelling sux ( i embrace it) I AM to lazy to spell check so don’t ask me. I am getting to old and set in my ways to care anymore….HAHAHAHHAHAH

  102. the doddle bops are for children as you can tell. I know alot of my family is gay,people need to except what they are and what they stand for. you see gay people on tv all the time. elen degeneris, will and grace, mtv room raiders, mtv show next. It dosnt matter rather rooney (chad) is gay or not there is nothing wrong. he is doing something for children. It is his personal life. people should be worried about them selfs. They are giving all of their time to this show. I believe that people should worrie about their education, jobs, and other things instead of if chad is gay or not. I am sorry if i have offended anyone, however it is none of your concern of who is gay. It is their nature, they are the one who is attracted to someone of the same sex. Will and grace, elen, room raiders, next, and other tv shows are trying to tell the youth gayness is not bad, people watch these shows to laugh with the actors not at them for being something that is “wrong”. If you are going to be so concerned about gayness then keep it to your self and no one else. No one needs your critsism.

  103. your comment on spell check jesse is so stupid you wasted your time with this web site our president george bush is fighting a war over oil in my opinion. and we are worried about the doodle bops grow up!! how old are you jesse telling people they need to do spell check on their words. remember that not everyone can be as smart as you. You will get the wrong person reading this web site, and they will do something about it. It was a good idea to have a message board but about something so stupid. You need to have a web site on war, or somehting that matters in life. If the doodle bops can help a french person speak our language than that tells you this tv show is not as stupid as everyone thinks, pretty smart idea disney. chad is hot

  104. I’m creating a new letter grade for breyann.

    Breyann, you get an “I” for “Insane ramble.”

    Aliki gets a “C.”

    Cam gets a “B.”

    Becky is banned for being too young to read this site.

    Kayleena gets a “F.”

  105. Jesse…

    Thank u for the C it is probably better than any grade i ever got in highschool! damn ADHD…HAHHAHAHAHHAH I WILL TAKE IT!

  106. My sis is Becky i’m with ya the Doodlebops stink I know i’m too young!!!

  107. insane ramble thank you so muck i really appriciate it alot. a whole new letter from me !!! how sweet jesse thank you. keep up the awful work. but i am right about the whole gayness thing on tv. turn the television on some time you’ll be grossed out jesse so maybe you shouldnt. WOW AN I….!!!!!

  108. I ment to say thank you so “much” sorry I wasnt the smartest person in my class…I was 7th from the bottom hehehe I am sorry I have took the whole gay thing out of wack, I just get mad when people say things about them…my family is gay you know. so jesse I am saying sorry.I hope you except my apologie.I have read some things you said, and I realize that maybe you are not aginst them. You said “Christie: Yes,they do rock, but you’re missing the point — I’m not calling them gay, I said that they look like cross-dressing clowns, which by any measure is pretty funny. Whether or not they are gay I certainly do not care,and if you called me gay, you’d be mostly wrong, and I’d make a joke out of it. Honestly, Rooney is hunky without the makeup. Yow!” you also said “Me: You are absolutely right, but you are not me. I am me, and you are you. Otherwise I agree with you.” So I am sorry for seeing something you never even said. So sorry.

  109. You are doing a great job in order to have 110 people respond. okay i am done for today

  110. breyann: the internet is full of misunderstandings. Plus, since this is my site, I could delete all the posts that I disagree with, so by keeping them out there maybe I am supplying some implied approval. The only approval that I am explicitly giving is that people are allowed to have their own feelings and opinions. We need people like you to react strongly to small-minded people, and hopefully people like me to disagree with them more subtly.

    I’m not changing your letter grade. ;)

  111. thanks for not changing my letter it was very thoughtful of you to give me an i

  112. oh by the way i am very proud to say jesse mullan made a whole new letter for me !!!!!

  113. I think that all you people out there, if you have nothing good to say then don’t.
    The Doodlebops was created for children, not for you stupid idiots out there who thinks
    that the characters are gay. they were put there for a reason and they are doing a
    damn good job. Keep up the good work. You make kids smile.

  114. I’ve been skimming this thread. I really get a kick out of “London” going off
    on everybody. She’d have a hayday with me. I can’t stop tuning into the doodles.
    I’ve got it bad for DeeDee. Does anyone else want to have sex with her while she’s
    wearing that costume? At first, it freaked me out. Now I’m sexually attracted to
    it. I guess that makes me the freak. And yes, London, I’m wasting precious
    moments of my life. But when I die, I doubt I’ll be stressing about it much. :)

  115. DODD: wow. Just wow.

  116. Rest in peace rosa parks..who died. Three cheers for her….hip hip horay..hip hip horay…hip hip horay

  117. what the crap is wrong with you people get a life dont watch it if you dont like it! it give me a good 30 min for the lil ones to be quiet so stfu

  118. haha omg im being a doodlebop for halloween!! im being moe.

  119. it has been 6 days and nothing from jesse. are you okay jesse? i am kinda concerned to not here any coments from

  120. I’m fine, I just had a lot of drinking to do. How are you?

  121. good thanks. drinking for halloween time. good job. oh by the way happy halloween and have f.u.n. if you know
    what i mean

  122. How old is the chick that plays Dee Dee? She looks over 21

  123. tom, this isn’t imdb.

  124. welcome back jesse

  125. These doodlebops are most likley laughing all the way to the bank. So slam them all you want.
    They’re taking northamerica by storm.
    Ps. Karmas a bitch, so for an adult tearing apart this show ment for…… no wait, your acting the age.

  126. I locve moe and without his make-up he is hot

  127. I only came upon this site in my search for hot pictures of Lisa without the Deedee stuff on—still looking. I’m quite amused by all the brouhaha over this insignificant trio on their 13th minute (”and we’re here to stay!”…yeahhh surrrrrre). As for Rooney being gay, the odds are better than 50:50, but then I think Dennis the goldfish is gay. Off to the Wiggles fansites looking for pictures of the chick who plays Officer Beeples.


  128. […] er’s blog entitled XOPL.” Hating on the Doodlebops? That’s my goddamn bag! SEE: That’s it. No more posting ever. Leave a Reply Name […]

  129. Also, I seem to have slipped to page two of the google results for Doodlebops. This has not stemmed the tide of doodle-related visitors.

  130. my opinion is that if ypu people think the dodlebops are gay then dont fucken watch it my son loves the doddlebps
    remeber how people used to say barney was gay dont be stupid so all the good shows have to be gay.

  131. You Know what they are not gay The guys are hot (expecially rooney) and the only reason you dont like them is your
    Jeolous and Guess what you dont have to watch them because they wasnt broght to the air to entertain you its here to
    Entertain little kids (hell if you want to go watch some porn)(unless you are gay)THIS COMMENT IS FOR JESSE BLOG

  132. You Are A Completely Inane Freak

  133. You Are A Completely Insane Freak

  134. ARBF: Amazing!

    dalila: the word “you” does not normally have the letter “p” in it.


  136. yes, rooney is gay…and? moving along. my 18 month old watches. but i have to confess. usually, he leaves the room…and i keep watching. i like rooney’s dancing the best. reminds me of my friend’s club moves, big time. moe’s dancing face kinda freak’s me out. he has this sort of pre-orgasm look. it’s his dancing “O” face…a little disturbing. my husband and i sing the songs all day. can’t help it. they get stuck somehow. also, the moose scares me. i mean really terrifies me. it’s just not right.

  137. oh, one more thing. their “hands” are freaky, too. i can’t look at them. but everything else on the show is cool. especially dead-head busdriver bob.

  138. omg me too!! I think he is too I am 13 years old but omg I love the doodlebops!! lol MOe is my favorite!! but me and my mom & my friend all think that Ronney is Gay lol
    Rooney is Gay lol!!




  140. I HOPE LISA COMES BACK. HER COMMENT “Scary that she is watching and listening to the same stuff as my 3 year old. She’s obviously a little “slow”.” WAS A BIT RETARDED. SHE MUST BE TONS OF FUN. I GUESS I SHOULDNT ADMIT THAT I LIKE CARTOONS TOO??? SPONGEBOB IS AWESOME! LOL!

  141. i think the doodlebops rock u can say wat u twant to about them all i got 2 say is i love them

  142. i watch the doodlebops. rooney is clearly queer. but who cares? he’s still my favorite.

  143. First, Teresa, pre-orgasm? LMFAO. I would have to say that was the first post to make me truly laugh. At first, while I was ready the initial posts, I was becoming annoyed with the people bashing, BUT, now it’s just strange to see people are focusing on that when Bus Driver Bob is clearly the freakiest one on the show. If I sasw a guy dressed like him trying to rap around my kids I would probably punch him in the face. The Boobahs make me stupid. My husband changed it to the Boobahs one day for my kids, and I swear when it was over my brain fuction had stopped…I was drooling and my eyes were shiny. The Doodlebops are definately a show I would prefer not to watch, but mostly because I am not akid, and I don’t particular like to watch adults dance around perpetually smiling. Wonder if they have to smoke something to mae them that happy. That said, I don’t mind the Wiggles because three of the four of them started the show while they were in school, and they were going to school to become preschool teachers(something about a male preschool teacher is a bit of a turn on, though I don’t know why.) The fourth (the sleepy one) was addicted to drugs for a long time though, and this made me cringe. Kids will watch what they watch, and as long as there is no sex or major violence(Bugs Bunny and friends excluded) I am pretty open.

  144. well hello jesse,
    nice to hear you it has been a while scence i have heard from you. well the doodlebops are upgrading there television show. sso i dont know if that is good or not but they are being okay now. well i dont want to get another i for being insane hehehe. bye

  145. Are these the kind of people that live in our society? No wonder we have problems tod ay - I’m talking about theres nothing wrong with the doodlebops; but your e mailers seem to have di distorted minds … don’t you think?

  146. Bus Driver Bob is gay with rooney in real life.

  147. went on vacation and had a break from the doodlebops. came back. had to watch. yep, still love ‘em. they are quality entertainment for the whole family. i am abolutely addicted to rooney’s gayness. the old geezer moose still freaks me out, though. hey, and what about those powder-wig heads? what’s up with that? how is that supposed to entertain kids instead of scare the poop out of them? not cool.

  148. Jeff: zero points. Well, maybe a few, because you have successfully introduced an image into my brain that will last for years. I’ll never be lonely again!

    Teresa: I think that there’s a certain amount of Pee Wee’s Playhouse in the Doodlebops — kind of a John Waters for kids diluted by about 6000 gallons of Disney. I’d probably be happier if there was less Disney in the equation.

  149. Relax people! I think the DoodleBops were created for our children’s entertainment! I have a 17-month-old daughter who just loves them…and as long as they are teaching her valuable lessons (like they do) while stoking her love of music, I will watch them and love them too! Who cares if Rooney is gay? He doesn’t promote or advocate it on the show in any way…and Moe is so adorable!

    As for the DoodleBops going against God……I think we could say that of just about everything if we examined it closely enough, couldn’t we?

  150. jesse - i waited forever to get some kind of doodleboppish validation from you and that’s all i get? nothing about moe’s dancing “O” face? nothing about boppish glove-hands? nothing about colonial talking heads? c’mon!
    p.s. i’ll give $1000 to anyone who can get rooney, moe, dee dee, or bob to comment

  151. p.p.s. carol, the show would be SO much better if rooney DID promote and advocate his gaysuality on the show. i would watch twice a day if there were a show with the rooner trying to convert little kids.


  153. teresa: you actually got a thoughtful response to your comment. Most people I just ignore. Besides, I have a whole website to run, not just this one post.

  154. you are OH SO right. thanks, now i can sleep.

  155. (i guess i just like to be slapped around a little)

  156. teresa: don’t we all…

  157. ok, jesse, i am curious. i am now less interested in this web site, and more in you. what’s your story?

  158. teresa: I don’t know if you know this, but this is just one page of my website. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to get to the rest of it:

    Now, once you’ve read a few pages you’ll probably just be even more confused, but it would be a better start than hollering in the comments section of this post. If you’d like to skip the middle man, there is a “contact me” link somewhere on this and every page. The short form is that I am a SWM, 30, full-time student and part-time web developer seeking brilliant woman. I rent from my two best friends who are married to each other, have a three year old, and are my backup family. I’m back in school to pursue my first degree.

    Bla bla bla, I’m hesitant to give the crazies who can’t operate the internet any fodder to make fun of me.

  159. i guess i am one of the crazies that doesn’t know how to operate the internet…i went to your site. much more “fodder” (see above). i don’t know what to say. uh…i own a subaru, too…? sorry, i don’t get it. despite the fact that i found this site, i am not a computer chick. is there a way to write to you from your (er, what do they call it)…blog? the stuff that goes on in your head is fascinating. and pretty fu#@in’ funny! you have my info, right? write to me. i give you my permission. the place you directed me is over my head. or something like that.

  160. Okay, apparently no one else on here has children and watches the DoodleBops for their OWN entertainment?

  161. Carol: ah! Back to normal doodlebop comments! My morning routine doesn’t sync up with the doodlebops anymore, so I haven’t caught more than a few seconds in a while. Noah still watches when it is on, but he hasn’t beat on my guitar and sang the theme song in a while.






    Seriously, though, you should probably learn how to operate the caps lock. It goes both “ON” and “off.” Please consider using the “off” position. I won’t even go into your spelling. Did you write your comments on a cell phone? 88077702629999444664 (For those of you who don’t have a cell phone, I just spelled out “u r amazing.”)

  166. Seriously, do you know how many Internet Etiquette rules you are breaking by typing in all caps? Well… one… don’t type in all caps.

  167. well well i havnt been on here in a long time i see jesse you are back to your thing good job.

  168. Well, I have a 3 year old and 2 year old that watch the doodlebops and I can say without pause that after hearing the theme song everyday for 4 months, that it’s actually interfering with my sex life. Is that amusing? Perhaps. However, when that song creeps into your head while getting intimate, it’s not as amusing as you think. I close my eyes in the tub, I hear it. Close my eyes to sleep, I hear it. Trying to work, I hear it. Of course, that’s the issue with all Disney shows, they’re all over played so much, it’s the adults that get them stuck in their heads. As far as kids shows go, it’s about the norm for quality, it just seems to me that they need some new material in a very bad way.

  169. Oh, and I was wondering if anyone else thought that Bus Driver Bob looks really sad and seemed to always be looking for his queue? He’s probably just watching the clock, lol.

  170. sorry to ba another Kim here with my 3 posts in a row, but i wanted to say that as much as I can’t stand the Doodle Bops, if I had to choose who lived between them and the Wiggles, I’d probably choose the Doodle Bops, at least they have a chick. The wiggles is just one big, queer, Australian sausage fest with incredible retarded songs. I think if my kids keep watching this crap, they’re IQ’s are going to drop and not just because of my poor genetics.

  171. Joe: I will give each of your posts a grade here: A, C, B+. Those are high marks for three quality comments. Kudos to you, sir, kudos. Gold star. I should really get more sleep.

  172. LOL…. I was looking for photos of dee-dee when I happened on this sight. Unfortunately, doodle-bops is the only show that can hold my 11 month old’s attention for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. I wonder how it is that a thread about a stupid childrens show can branch into comments about war, politics, religion, etc.

    I admit that I am a loser who spends way too much time reading useless info on the web, but how much of a loser are you if you read this thread, and THEN make comments about how stupid people are for reading this thread?

    As for the obvious homosexual mannerisms of one of the characters…. definately disturbing….. not that I have anything agianst gays, but you can’t tell me that the producers at Disney are oblivious to this phenomenon. I know from personal experience that any half-rate, amueture acter is capable of portraying a veriety of sexual-orientations. So the real question is not, “is Rooney gay,” but rather, “what are the motivations of the producers and executives at Disney Corp. when they choose to portray a gay character on a childrens show?”

    For me it was Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers (someone please tell me he wasn’t gay.) Looking back on clips from these shows as a adult, I have come to realize that in all actuality, childrens shows have simply been revolving around a central theme of anoyingness, and havn’t really made any significant changes.

    And as for the guy who made the comments about the war, I spent a year in Baghdad. I thought of a good way to combine the theme of this thread with the war. You could have the Bus-driver guy take a wrong turn and end up in Baghdad. The doodle-bops could then sing a song to an adience of religious fanatics, who then chop off their heads place them all on the wall next to the talking moose, or something like that….

  173. forced to watch: It has gotten to the point that I now just filter “doodle” out of my logs when I look at them. I don’t understand why people stop by, but hey, the more the merrier.

    Fred Rogers was mild mannered, but he had two sons.

    Clowns being publicly executed in the Middle East? Didn’t Frontline do a docudrama about that in the eigthies? Oh, no, that was “Death of a Princess.”

    You get a B thanks to some typos.

  174. Hello,
    I was just searching the Doodlebops for my kid and I came across this website.What is wrong with you guys why
    are you arguing over something so pathetic, do you have too much time on your hands?The Doodlebops are not even
    made for adults they are made for the kids and that’s all that matters.I think you should all grow up and stop
    being a bunch of crazy people!

  175. Deanna: there are no arguments here, except from crazy people like you. However, your excellent punctuation earns you a B+.

  176. Well if you say so I am not going to argue about it.

  177. Me either.

  178. Kim,
    This was the website I found to see them without their makeup if you haven’t done so yet. Scroll to the bottom and
    click THE DOODLEBOPS UNMASKED. Good luck. Is all my spelling
    right Jesse? :) Oh, hey, I almost forgot something funny. This is a joke one of my children told me. What’s red and
    looks like a monster? You’ll kick yourself in the butt for not getting this…ready?? A RED MONSTER! LOL!! Have a great
    day everyone! DOODLEBOPS ROCK!

  179. beth: You get an A! Hooray!

  180. Why do you guys have to start bashing anyone who has an opinion different from yours?

    I don’t want to add any more turmoil to this post, but because you shared your opinion about the Doodlebops, I’d like to comment about it, and share mine as well. :) I do note that not everyone shares the same opinions about everything but I hope that you will at least be open minded about what I am going to say.

    I like the Doodlebops because its positive entertainment for kids in a world thats constantly supporting the obscene. I don’t think the characters act gay. What drew me to the show was how very much alike the Doodles are to the age group of kids they are performing for. Their expressions and tones are just like those of the kidsI see in reality. At first, I was a little unsure about Rooney’s voice but now I see that he is just disguising it to sound younger. If you heard him in real life, you’d realize he actually has quite a deep voice. :)

    I watch the Doodlebops because to me, they’re entertaining. Every show is like a miniature Broadway play. With every episode, I question my morals and values. They remind me of all the things I have forgotten throughout the years- the things that matter most to the whole human race.

    I’m sure someone will reply to this message with the response “WE DON’T CARE” and all I have to say to that is… isn’t that what the idea of a commenting system was for? :) I bet if I shared the same opinion as you, you wouldn’t mind cheering me on in what I’ve said.

  181. This little thread of BS gave me a chuckle. My son likes the Doodlebops. Of course, they are no Wiggles. Nevertheless, they are better then many of the shows on Disney. If you find a program you don’t care for, just change the channel.

  182. Suzanne: You get an A-. I fixed a typo for you. :)
    Aria: Exactly. B+.

  183. Have you all seen the new season?? New things have changed with the bus! Maz is gone!! Deedee all but disappeared!! When I first watched the new season, I thought Deedee was a whole new character!! She sounds the same but looks so different!!

    My little one and I both enjoy the show… and we even get to watch it more than one time in a day if we so choose!!

    Thanks Jesse for this blog… I happened upon it long ago and watch it occassionally… it has really broadened my mind for sure!! I find it so interesting how the psyche of the human mind works… and wonder why things are so different for some people!!

    As the holidays approach, I hope each of you finds peace and harmony in your lives!!


  184. Okay, it was such a relief to come across this site. I thought I was the only person who thought the Doodlecraps were creepy. They look like gigantic, enlarged Rainbow Brite characters. I can’t figure out if they are supposed to be clowns or mutant people or what (kind of reminds me of the “Is Goofy a dog or a mouse?” conundrum.) Unfortunately my 2 1/2 year old daughter watches the show, and my husband won’t let me tell her how creepy they are. He said to leave it alone because she enjoys it–but their gigantic helmet hair, rubbery, wrinkled necks, and giant paw-like hands just freak me out. The list of atrocities is endless…they break dance, one of them wears a friggin’ jumpsuit, the bus driver’s pants are too short, their manager’s pants are way too tight (they have some serious pants issues, I’m noticing)—we know for sure that the manager is not secretly a man because the evidence is right there in front of us. Ick. If my daughter does not lose interest in this show by the time she turns three I am canceling cable. I have an infant son I’d like to shield from the creepiness. And for the record, I don’t care if they’re ALL gay!!!

  185. I think the doodlebops are very talented..

  186. GEEE!!!!! Moe is cute!!!!….without the makeup that is….so is Rooney…don’t know about Deedee…THEY SHOULD BE GAY LOVERS!!!!SO HOT!!!! “drools”…….this is why i don’t have my own show….besides the fact i’m a lazy 16 year old…with quetionable sanity……a sad fact that i’ve only seen the show once while babysitting….we only have one channel AND IT”S NOT ON IT!!!!”sob” anywho it’s really late at night and i dunno why i’m even writing on this but it’s fun! so adios all!

  187. i like moe.i saw him without make up on and he is kind of cute. And my dad thinks that Lisa J. Lennox (deede) is cutewith out make up on.

  188. well my son and i just finished watching the DOODLEBOPS and well we both like watching them and singing along with them. My son is 3 and well he ask to watch them all hours of the day even at night before bed. I am not sure why everyone keeps saying so many negative comments about them but who cares if the are gay, straight, bi or white or black or asian or american or broadway stars or wannabe’s.

  189. I feel ashamed to tell you guys this. I want to make sweet, purple, Doodlebop love to DeeDee.

  190. Happy, uh, New Year?

  191. Happy New Year Jesse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You too DeeDEE if you are reading this. :)

  192. I agree with DeeDee Lover…she’s a hottie. I don’t think I could go the distance, however, if she were to wear the hair
    and head mask thing. Rooney is definately suspect. I’m not gay in the slightest, yet Moe in makeup has a feminine
    look about him…perhaps the straight white teeth?

    Now Moe’s regular picture… THAT is suspect.

    DeeDee…we loooove youuuuu!!

  193. I agree that DeeDee (Lisa J. Lennox) is a hottie! I get off every time she flashes her pink undies…

  194. We love the Doodlebops!

    Best regards,

    Only Doodlebops

  195. Heh theres no doubt about it, at least one of these sillasses is a homosexual. I think both of em are. I’ve came across this doofy show a few times now and the
    very first time i saw it i was like hmmm, that dude seems gay. After a few times I had to know if my sexual orientation tuning fork was on or off, so i did a web search with the words “doodlebops”, “gay” and sure enough the first 10 results were discussions on exactly that. Whether or not this is negative influence on kids I have no idea. I suppose the conclusion on homosexuality is its caused by nature and not nurture. So what difference would a couple flaming queers make in a childs influential mind. What i find funny is that such a big stink was made over the Teletubbies when these guys seem 10 times as gay. That being said, i wonder why the casting director for the show wasnt worried about hiring these two guys for the roles of Rooney and Moe.

  196. I think Lisa Lennox is adorable. Chad(Rooney) is way cuter in person than I anticipated!
    Moe was not at all what I expected! My son and I love them though no matter what!

  197. JayJay: Thanks to your masterful wordplay I see the Doodlebops in a whole new light. Do you have any idea how search engines work? If you search for something, you will probably find it. Maybe I should close commenting on this post since every post is a rehashing of one of two sentiments: “I am ten and I love the doodlebops” or “I am a bitter and lonely douchebag who is glad to spill my random and poorly spelled bile upon someone else’s website.” I suppose that I get the occasional sane response, but they are in the slim minority.

    I hope that the 200th comment isn’t from another douchebag.

  198. OMG! Everyone in here is gay! I am gay! I mean what the hell? Jesse never once said they were gay! And Jesse yes they do look like cross-dressing clowns. Also, I must add that Chad is hot as hell (so long as he is not in costume)

  199. Whitewolf: You get an A+!

  200. Wow.

    I must confess that I am enraptured by this endless sea of entertaining dribble. When I say “dribble”, I am obviously excluding Jesse, who is unequivocally one of the most grammatically correct people I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. And no, I do NOT plan to allow my computer to check my spelling, as I actually allow my brain to perform that task. I might suggest the rest of you do the same. Don’t know how? Does the very thought frighten you even more than Rooney’s blue mop hair? Check into registering for summer programs at your local elementary school again…or for the first time. Just an idea from a southern gal who still believes in taking the time to project intelligence along with the proper use of punctuation and sentence structure. It’s just a thing I have. I highly recommend you give it a try.

    Jesse, YOU get an A++ for having the balls to respond to these nitwits (there are a slight few to whom I am not referencing) and maintain the hope that they will see the humor in a cross-dressing clown and a thread dedicated to the pursuit of witty entertainment and banter. Some times you just have to learn to let go. You did your very best. Some people will simply never get it. For example, the other day I asked one of my girlfriends (which, for those of you scored 7 on your A.C.T. or are under the age of 17 and seem to be hung up sexual preference, is a GIRL who happens to be my FRIEND) if she liked British comedies. If you’re wondering why I would ask such a random question, we were standing in Blockbuster searching for a movie to rent, therefore it was quite relevant. She responded with, “Well, like what?” I said, “Monty Python, perhaps.” In her attempt to be cool and not appear “out of the loop”, she ever so confidently replied, “Oh yea, I LOVE that guy.” I mean, really. Am I morphing into an old woman at 33? I mean, the last time I checked in the mirror, I seemed to be holding up in a fairly “hot chick” kind of way.

    Am I the only one who knows that Monty Python is NOT the name of some English stand-up comedian?
    Am I the only other person besides Jesse who finds humor in a cross-dressing clown?
    Am I the only one to find irony in the remarks made by Steve (#25), who obviously “took a wrong turn at Albequerque” during his Google search for the Billy Graham Wanna-Be website? Steve, if you happen to be reading this, take a prozac and peruse a Reader’s Digest or something. But please, for the sake of all of our sanity, lay off the fanatical religious ramblings. Most of us are doing okay in the morality department. Intelligence? Well, now that’s a different story. I’m no lawyer or police officer, but the last time I checked, singing clowns with abnormally large fingers are not considered by our judicial system as violent predators.

    For those of you who have misplaced your sense of humor, please go find something else to do so that the rest of us can nurture ours. For those of you who seem to have lost your remote controls, please contact the manufacturer of your TV or get your self-righteous ass in your car and drive to Best Buy or Circuit City. Don’t have one in your town? Well, that could explain a lot.

    Anyway, I have amazed myself at how long I have been typing. I’m sure anyone reading this (those of you who haven’t nodded off) are probably thinking the same thing. “Poor girl”, you’re saying to the computer screen (or the blow-up doll next to you). “So lonely”, you comment to your twelve cats. But alas (don’t let the word ‘alas’ throw you…look it up), I am a graphic designer who happened to conduct a search for “that show whose name we shall not mention” for professional reasons. I stumbled upon this website and was unable to tear myself away. Unable to control myself, I just had to respond.

    So once again, kudos to you, Jesse. I raise my glass of Merlot (or bottle of Heineken, depending on my mood) to you! Your wit is sexy as hell and I applaud your efforts to reach out in a humorous way to other people in this great country of ours. How disappointed you must feel to realize you must have accidentally hacked in to your local junior high school’s computer lab class.

    I wish you intelligent and engaging conversation in your travels, Jesse.
    And as the young folks say, I am OUT.

  201. yes my daughter and my son both watch the doodlebops and they both get up every morning to watch it I dont c anything wrong with it my daughter will dance with them and sing along and all the talk about them being gay well thats your opinion everyone has one but personally i was looking up this websit to get info on how to put my kids on the mailing list and i come across this one and my daughter was right beside me and she didnt know what to thank she started asking me questions why people would write such bad things about them and i didnt know what to tell her cause i couldnt believe that someone would be that rude. so i quess what im trying to say is that if u dont have nothing nice to say then dont say it at all keep it to yourself cause you will never know who will hear you or see you. besides this is not an adult show it is for kids so lets keep it that way.

  202. amanda: I applaud you for answering your daughter’s questions directly, but your comment was terrible. Please learn why run on sentences are bad.

    Also, I do keep my opinions to myself — this is my website. You came here for whatever reason, like knocking on my door. Since you didn’t have anything nice to say, maybe you should have kept your own opinions to yourself.

  203. I love rooney and i love love hedwig and the angry inch. I would love to watch hedwig with rooney and drink Midori sours.

  204. Hey Jesse. I think your the closet fag that wants to have fun with some tv clowns wierdo. Hahahaha. You really need
    to re-evaluate. I speak for all that 1. has a life and 2. gets respect, you need to get over it. Does your friends know that you have a “Doodlebop bashing website”? Your parents must be so ashamed. With everything going on in the world for you to have problems with, you chose the Doodlebobs? The Doodlebops? Hahahahahaha You have me over here crying with laughter. Don’t bother replying to me because I won’t be checking back on this website jerky. I was using google to get some constructive information for my 2 year old. Enjoy the rest of your life being a LOOSER!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  205. Frank, I’m not in the closet because I am far too fabulous to be hidden away! You seem to have missed the point of my website, which has very little to do with the Doodlebops. In fact, only two or three out of several hundred posts involve them at all. This post just happens to be rather popular. My friends know about this post and most find the interaction with random people off of the internet to be hilarious. I don’t remember if my mom knows, but the next time I see her I will be sure to run it past her — I’m sure that she could use a chance to laugh at assholes like you. Sure, I took thirty seconds to post something funny, but you took ten minutes to squeeze out two steaming turds that were merely offensive instead of offensive and funny.

    Pull your head out of your ass and learn to spell. “Reevaluate” does not have a dash in it. “Loser” only has one “o” in it. I deleted your other comment because I can, but in that comment, you had misspelled “some.” You get a D- for the first, and an F for the second. Congratulations!

  206. I can’t believe you people are actually picking apart a children’s show….! Who cares if they’re gay? The kids don’t know that…! rofl…. Anyhow I’ve seen the doodlebops a few times. When they’re *not* singing it seems a bit funny but I find the music revolting…. Thats okay though… I’m not a child. I’m not intended to like it.

    I *really* love the brit-lit toon that comes on after Doodlebops though. Charlie and Lola is the cutest kiddie show I’ve ever seen.

  207. Lori: most of the time I can’t believe it, either.

  208. My two cents are as follows… This is the world of entertainment. These are actors. Just because they act one way on the screen, doesn’t mean that is who they are. I can imagine most of you have a hard time separating fact from fiction. The thing is that the Doodlebops are suppose to be children, not their real age, and brother and sister. The colors are intended to attract the attention of the children watching. The oddness of the sets and clothes is to hold the attention of small children. Take a child psychology class or two to understand why these shows are portrayed in a way that adults find gay and ridiculous. Ask a psychologist, or a pediatrician, and you will learn something, maybe for the first time in your lives. The thing is that we cannot relate to the level of our children. Our brains are not wired the same anymore. We have grown up, or should have at least. The Wiggles are not my favorite show but I was surprised to learn that three of them are, or were, preschool teachers. So if they bug you then maybe you should step back into reality and check on who is teaching your children. Maybe someone, very much like all of these actors you are attacking, is teaching them [sic]. I agree that life is hard enough and we can all use a laugh, even at the expense of children’s programming. The thing is to try to separate the fact from the fiction. Also, the thread was not as easy to read with the English professor from hell! Hey! Whatever floats your boat! For those of you complaining about the language… Listen up because your glass house has some cracks in it. The children able to read this should be beyond these shows. If they are not then they should at the very least be supervised!!! I am sure all of you watch your language around your kids and are perfect parents. I myself screw up a lot and have no delusions to being the perfect parent. I really don’t want to be graded my professors are tough enough. Matter-of-fact I better get back to my studies. As a future marriage counselor I am sure to need my studies to withstand the delusions of adults.

  209. Just a quick note to add… If you need further proof that children need to be stimulated in a way adults cannot relate to (or in a way that seems gay) watch Baby Einstein movies. My two-month-old loves watching the videos but for the rest of us, including my nine year old, it is boring beyond belief!!! It is used as a last resort to occupy the baby.
    By the way, I find that the comment box promotes misspellings due to my comments disappearing off the side of the screen. Without a scroll bar it is impossible to see mistakes at the ends. Ok, back to my research. Funny how I just had to come back and say this.

  210. LMAO!!! Jesse, you are FUNNY. Moe Doodle is Smokin’ Hot - with or without the make
    up. It’s ALL Good *drools* My 2 year old loves the Doodlebops and so do I! ROCK LIKE A DOODLEBOP!!!

  211. I am just relieved that there are other parents out there who want to hide under the bed when the Doodlebops come on, but still choose to grin and bear it until their little one runs off to play. This blog entry, and the ensuing drama, has been a fun twenty minute diversion. Thank you!! Personally, I really was googling the Doodlebops to see if anyone had started an official “Doodlebops Must Die” type website. Not that I plan to, that just seems too harsh. It was just curiosity. Honestly, I started to scroll down pretty quick toward the end, so I might have missed this. But is there anyone else out there who can’t get the Hansons out of their head when they hear the Doodlebops music? You know, the band of teenage/preteen brothers (weren’t they Canadian too?) who Mmm Bopped their way to fame a few years back?

    As for the one topic of conversation that Jesse has so valiantly been trying to kill - sorry, but being a musician myself, and having lots of friends in the entertainment and theatre world really has fine tuned certain “perceptions.” Rooney had bells going off the minute I heard the first sentence out of his mouth and looked up to see where it was coming from. Someone above said something like, “that’s why they call it ACTING.” That’s great, then he is doing one heck of a job of ACTING like a gay Doodlebop. Moving on from that statement (before I get skewered for it) there ARE many people in this world who would see that as a major step forward! Not too long ago there was a very public attack on the purple TELETUBBY for heaven sake, and it’s not even a real person. As much as there’s been a debate raging here (again, despite Jesse’s best efforts!), the fact that this hasn’t seemed newsworthy is educational and encouraging in itself.

    I LOVE the English teacher comments from hell. However Cari’s attempt to hit on you by coming across as a modest, self-effacing, “the world doesn’t revolve around me” type of a person (*grin*) was… hard to choke down.

    My husband just wants to know why a kids’ show keeps saying the word, “booby.” Those of you who share our pain will know what we are talking about since that episode has aired at least TWICE in the last three weeks. If no one is going to do anything about the Doodlebops, at LEAST get rid of that bird!!

    (And to Lilac - OT - they just came out with a new study that showed that Baby Einstein simply stimulates, not entertains. In the end, babies on a regular “Einstein” diet ended up with shorter attention spans. What they really learned was to expect constant stimulation.)

    Damn, this post really gets about a D in the funny department. I must have left my sense of humor at the zoo with the very rare, bandy legged, bubble brained, booby bird.

    Oh, my original thought. I honestly didn’t understand your cross-dressing description. The guys are wearing pants, the girl is wearing a skirt. Is it the wigs? The flamboyant colors? (I am guessing that that is how the conversation wandered into other less savory areas.) Put Rooney and Moe in skirts with braided pigtails, and THEN watch the fur fly!

  212. Wait, Cari was hitting on me? Balls! Where did I put her email address?

  213. LOL I think I missed that too…

    Good point Sarah, however that is assuming all parents are also stimulating their children by consistently making time for play. Babies require stimulation in order to keep the synapses in the brain alive. If the child is basically eating and sleeping with little play time, than these shows help provide much needed stimulation. Some families, unfortunately, don’t have time to give growing babies enough attention. Examples being homes of multiple children, some care centers, and neglectful homes. Although that is not the norm, it happens often. In my own research I have found it is important to read the end of those studies to find out how large the groups tested were and the limitations on the cases used. I would be really interested in reading the study if you are able to tell me where you read it. I have several classmates that are education majors and I know they would love to read that study also. Thanks

  214. OK, I finally got the joke at the beginning of the thread… took me awhile due to my brain being fried from life as I know it… doodlebops = doodleberries. I think that word is lost on younger generations. You don’t hear it anymore thank goodness!

    I just want to add that I never claimed Baby Einstein was entertaining, I simply pointed out that it stimulates my baby. I also said it is used as a last resort, like when I have a 7pg research paper due or studying for a final.

    Here is a crappy joke but I caution that it is not suitable for all…

    Once a young boy was at the bottom of the church steps banging a hammer on the ground. The preacher went over to the boy and asked him what he was doing. The young boy replied, “I am hitting these good for nothing piss ants” The preacher told the young man that all of Gods’ creation is good for something. The young boy quickly disagreed “ I know three things that are no good.” The preacher asked him what they were. He told him “tits on a nun, balls on a priest and these damn piss ants!”

  215. Lilac: I was thinking of “doodle” equalling feces (like “doodie”), and “bop” being some sort of dance, but “doodleberries” is even funnier.

  216. Hey Jesse. I think your the closet fag that wants to have fun with some tv clowns wierdo. Hahahaha. You really need to re-evaluate. I speak for all that 1. has a life and 2. gets respect, you need to get over it. Does your friends know that you have a “Doodlebop bashing website”? Your parents must be so ashamed. With everything going on in the world for you to have problems with, you chose the Doodlebobs? The Doodlebops? Hahahahahaha You have me over here crying with laughter. Don’t bother replying to me because I won’t be checking back on this website jerky. I was using google to get some constructive information for my 2 year old. Enjoy the rest of your life being a LOOSER!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    This comment struck me as incredibly funny…and idiotic for the following reasons. First of all, this kid may have made a site that has a forum topic about the Doodlebops(which I actually enjoy watching with my 5 year old) but at least he’s intelligent. I mean, this Frank fellow uses the worst sentence structure, the worst spelling and the worst grammer. For example…Does your friends know that you have a “Doodlebop bashing website”? Does your friends know…I think you mean “DO your friends know…” And come on…who in the world insults someone by calling them a “closet fag?” It’s the year 2006…time to step into it now. Gay people are everywhere and if you can’t be accepting of that lifestyle, then you should lock yourself in your house and do all of humanity a favor by just removing yourself from the human race. For Gods sake…and this Jesse kid may have started a website about them, but you are the one who is looking at it! He can do whatever he wants, but nobody is forcing you to look at it! Did someone tie you to your computer desk and make you look up the Doodlebops? No, so you’re acting of your own freewill, which is pretty pathetic. The Doodlebops happen to be a popular kids television show, so there are bound to be websites dedicated to it for parents of children who enjoy this show to look at and get information on. You don’t have to look at it. The Internet has an endless supply of entertainment on it and you chose this site, so when you make fun of people for looking at DB sites, then you’re including yourself in that mix…how does it feel to make fun of it….and Frank also said that he wouldn’t be back to this site, but I feel pretty sure he comes back to look for replies to his message…which he got, so I’m sure he’s very happy!

  217. Oh my gosh I’m sitting here laughing my butt off!! Jessie? You rock for no other reason
    than that you started this site and continue to answer the comments.
    I don’t know why anyone other than a parent or kid who enjoys the Doodlebops would
    be here but ok to each his/her own I guess. I just wanted to say that I have a 2 year old
    who’s getting pretty good at talking and I love nothing better than sitting down on a
    Saturday morning ahd hearing “Where’s MOE?” in his cute little voice. I’d do it everyday if
    I could. To those of you who think any of the Doodlebops are gay… who cares? My kid loves
    them and along with reading and singing together I hope it’s one of the many little things
    I get to enjoy with my child. Those of you who are so worried about what they are teaching
    your kids…. better get the bubble rap ready for your kid cause if you let them out the front door
    anytime soon… you’re going to need it! Happy Moe hunting!!!!
    Oh and by the way? Doesn’t anyone here have kids to play with?? I know I do!!!!

  218. I am not religious but I do know that Jesus preached tolerance not hate. I am glad that my child can open his heart to the doodlebops without judgement to their
    sexual orientation and see through to a fun entertaining show. You might want to ask yourself why you are so preoccupied with issues of sexual orientation. Live and let live.
    Make the world a better place by stamping out ignorance not perpetuating it…………

  219. Okay, Where is the fab 2006 season we’ve all been waiting for? They are going to ditch the face helmuts and Dee Dee gets a sexier outfit. My only problem is that they are 3 million times less talented than the Wiggles and Rooney is DISTRACTINGLY gay. Bus Diver Bob makes up for it, even though my 3 year old hates it when I dance to his song like Rooney. Does anyone else think that Rooney looks like a 65 year old woman when he’s sitting in the front of the bus during that song?

  220. Well, I, like many others, am not a big fan of the doodblebops. My three year old, however, does like them. I don’t
    generally put it on for my girls, because their costumes put my off a bit. My daughter’s friend however, loves the doodlebops ,
    so she does get to watch it once in a while. Her friend even has the cd. I have to admit, I don’t mind listening to the music
    if I don’t have to watch the episode. I might like the show a whole lot more if they weren’t dressed so ridiculously. As for kids shows, one I thik is really great is Hi-5. I live in Canada and here we get it on TLC and the knowledge network. Now that’s a show I can handle.
    They dress relatively normal and their songs are pretty catchy. I wish they were as popular here as the doodlebops.
    Both my kids love Hi-5, and it’s a show I won’t get sick of. So for anyone wanting to ween off the doodlebops, I highly
    recomend them.

  221. Ban the DoodleFlops,Teletubsters,and Giggles from Tv…Such gay promoting propoganda should definately be erradicated from the Airwaves..What a bunch of Tripe and self-indulgent behavoir,it makes me sick to see a bunch of gays and pedophiles(Wiggles)teach youngsters it’s ok to be a freak and strut around like a bunch of fruits..We all knew that Mr Rogers was a little Light-in-the-Loafers,but that was tame compared to this garbage of today..My 2 year old despises The Doodleflops,he threw his bottle at DeeDee,and said(I swear on this),”RETARD!”..LOL…

  222. Arn, tripe is cow stamach. I think that you are thinking of the word “trite.” I don’t know if you know this, but being gentle and nice is not a character flaw. Grownups who like kids and know how to relate to them as children are not thinly disguised monsters trying to turn your kids gay or anything. I’m glad to see that your two year old is already just as big of an asshole as you are.

    Oh, no, actually I’m sad about your kid. You should probably teach them that throwing things and calling people names is not appropriate behavior.

  223. I think that people who laugh at the word “retard” and teach their children to say it are great. Thanks, Arn, for putting yet another dickhead into the world. In 18 years, your kid will be the asshole in the truck tailgating me. Enjoy WalMart and your pissing Calvin sticker.

  224. Thank you Drew and Jesse for your scathing editorials to my post..Drew if my kid tailgates you in the future,it’s because you’ll be traveling at 35 Mph on the Interstate in the left lane with your signal blinker still blinking…What’s wrong with Wal-mart? Are you too good to shop there or something? Jesse are you the moderator of this forum? If you are,then let people express their views and if it offends you,just ignore the post..Yes the Doodleflops look hideously cute in a “gay” sort of way..They are innocuous to most viewers and yes,the kids love em,and they should bring happiness and joy to a childs life..I guess that is the most important thing really..But like most of the Media&Newspapers out there,I think they enjoy pushing certain “overt” issues off on kids to achieve an agenda? Before long freaks like the DoodleFlops and Teletubsters will send a negative message to kids,by being gay is good and everyone accepts this as normal behavior..Oh well each view to his/her own…And Drew to call my son a future “Dickhead”is being rather harsh! don’t you think? Besides my son will be an athlete,while your boy will be a bench warmer or Powderpuff Football player….

  225. Arn, I’m not just the moderator, this is my website.

    1) Walmart is an example of an unchecked corporate entity that operates on the edge of legality and espouses profit over ethics.
    2) I have never heard an argument against homosexuality that was not entirely based on religious views. I don’t go to your church and tell you why your beliefs are wrong. I do not have a religious objection to homosexuality, and I cannot find any strictly moral or ethical objection to it.
    3) If you want to produce or support a kids program that espouses your values, have at it. If those values include the uncontrolled hate that you have been spouting, I will be turning the channel.
    4) Athletics are just a hobby like any other. Bragging about your son’s future prowess in an extracurricular activity is kind of stupid.
    5) What if your son is gay? Just because he is assertive or aggressive doesn’t mean that he won’t prefer the company of men. He might just be a top instead of a bottom.

  226. Ok the Doodlebops is the best show in the world….and yes i am 13. And all you people out there are entitled to your own opinion so I am too and here is mine……You who don’t like the doodlebops need to fuck off……what are you doing on a doodlebop website in the first place I know I don’t go on the computer and look up somthing I hate. But did you guys even watch the show? it’s awsome and it is really popular believe it or not so next time you wanna diss somthing do your research alot more people then you think LOVE the doodlbops.

  227. Rebuttal to your post.Yes,I also agree with your views about Wal-mart as well..Profit and exploitation are Wal-marts main creed..That was in response to Drews asertion that Wal-mart shoppers are of low-class caliber is totally off base. I see many Yuppies shopping there because they are “Tightwads” and look for the cheapest deal which unforfortunately they have.I do not base my view points on any religious dogma,just on good ol’ Mothernature..If everyone was “GAY”,how could the world survive? Just because I dislike Homosexuality doesn’t mean that is hateful…I just stumbled upon your site and read comments about How Rooney is supposedly a Flamer! I think he is,so that is my opinion and if people like it fine,and if they disagree with it fine,each to his/her own..The reason I responded to Drew’s comments is that calling my son a “Dickhead” is unappropriate and that explains my my son is an Athlete and his isn’t lol….My son would never be gay,not even the Doodleflops propoganda could turn him that way..Even if he never met a girl or had zero female influence,he would never sink into that lifestyle because he would know that being gay means being corrupt(in a moral sort of way)and who wants to be ostracised? If a person is independant and open minded enough to make a comment about disliking gays or the Doodleflops then fine! I don’t need a church to express my points of view,and it’s silly to assume everyone that dislikes gays must be from some backward church that teaches intolerance..gimmie a break!

  228. Arn:
    A natural order does not imply any sort of moral or ethical standard. Even so, no one is saying that everyone should be gay, so the survival of the world is in little danger from homosexuality. So, you still haven’t explained a moral way in which a gay person is intrinsically corrupt.

    No amount of “propaganda” could turn your son gay if he were, it is not a choice, just like no amount of propaganda could turn your son straight if he were gay. OF course, there is a whole spectrum of sexual preferences, so maybe your son would be mostly straight but secretly find men appealing. Isn’t that why sports were invented?

    I didn’t assume that you take your views from a church, but you still haven’t given a non-religious reason as to why you dislike gays.

    I said no 13 year olds! Get out!

  229. That is a non-religious view point my well- informed- friend..The whole world isn’t in danger because a small % are Homos! So,you think it’s natural to have sexual feelings for the same sex? they are corrupt in an unnatural enviromental way,I didn’t say they are totally corrupt as a human..Dosen’t mean they are any less morally or ethically corrupt as the next person.But,it goes against Mothernatures law of “PROPOGATION!”As to any biological reasons that may cause this behavior is unknown,perphaps it’s a chemical imbalance in the Brain that causes this? Or perphaps psychological reasons?But that dosen’t mean they threaten anyone necessarily unless you really like seeing 2 guys kissing each other in public and I personally get sick of all this psycho babble about how natural being gay is PUKE! I HOPE ONE DAY THEY WILL HAVE A CURE FOR THIS,PERHAPS IT’S ALL MENTAL AND PROZAC CAN CURE IT..

  230. Arn:
    Google for “gay animals” and ask yourself about the laws of mother nature.

    I don’t mind seeing two guys kiss in public any more than I mind seeing a man kiss a woman in public.

    You know that your spelling is terrible, right? I don’t have to point out every one of your spelling mistakes, do I?

  231. ay personally i luv da doodle bops they aint anymore gay den anything else on t.v so fa all da haters u sure dont
    hate da doodle bops to much cuz u took ta special time on dis site ta try and start sum stuff well i aint got much more
    ta say except moe is cute!lol newayz im out ~much luv~

  232. nu: Wow. Just wow.

  233. Jesse said:

    I don’t mind seeing two guys kiss in public any more than I mind seeing a man kiss a woman in public.

    What? Are you some kind of weirdo? are you mentally ill?What Communist program did you learn from? Gay animals exsist I guess,but it’s not the same..You must be some little nerd that missed out on having a life,and to make yourself feel better,you attack people in this silly forum to build your self esteem..Now that I have your attention,lets find out who your attracted 2…You love DeeDee? Moe? or Rooney? Which one would you sleep with? I’m scared to know the answer..About my spelling,the point is moot! Anyone can misspell a word(even you poindexter),and it’s funny when you focus on my spelling where NU YO BIDNESS speaks a primative form of Ebonics hehehehe..Trust me,I know your type,little nerds that feel safe to bash someone in a forum,but when confronted upclose you would shrink into oblivion..One more thing NERD! What is the purpose of this forum? You have a sick fetish about the Doodleflops? What happened to you to make you create a Doodlebop forum?

  234. Arn, using the phrase “Doodleflops” is just as funny as you think it is. I swear.
    WalMart is a horrible place. The only judgment I make on the people who shop there is that they don’t care about all the really cool places they are destroying by buying from WalMart instead of their locally owned shops.
    If your child at two is calling people “retard” (which I’m pretty sure wasn’t true) then yes, he’ll be a dickhead at 20. Your hangup with sexuality plus your insistance on your son being a big jock might give away clues to things that you are hiding. Did you sneak away during your lunch break to watch “Brokeback Mountain” all alone?
    And for someone who hates “this silly forum” so much, you spend a lot of time here. Don’t you have x-box football to play?

  235. Drew hmmmmmmm? lets clear somethings up here.

    1.Yes Wal-mart is a CORPORATION out to conquer the world(and doing a fine job I might add),
    The majority shop there because of low prices and the MOM&POP businesses lose out!
    It’s a shame that a giant can conquer all who stands in it’s way..But do people really care?
    NOPE!!!!!!!!! If it was that bad,then Wal-mart wouldn’t exsist! think about it for a moment!
    People are like Lemmings,will follow whatever trend is out there and thats the way it is.

    2.My child did say that! He dosen’t know what that means yet,but to say I teach him is ludicrous,
    i’m sure he either learned that from TV or perhaps from someone in the house? Who knows..Babies mimic
    like Parrots do,so that not unusual.

    3.Hangup on Sexuality? How does saying I wish my son could be an All-Star Football Player,like any dad would,but I guess whatever he wants to do is fine,as long as he is happy.Brokeback Mountain? uhhhhhhhh I don’t think so compadre..

    4.The reason I visit this silly forum is because You and Jesse won’t stop commenting on my post..It was just out of curiousity,thats all..Your insistance and Jesse’s insistance that GAY is normal and somehow criticize me for my opinions,then of course i’ll keep replying back.

    This forum has piqued my intrest…At first I thought it was nonsense,about the Doodleflops,but now some really interesting topics are covered,and not just about a bunch of goofy crossdressing clowns…

  236. Ok i have a question for all of you people who are making rude remarks and comments about the doodlebops why the heck are you watching it anyway!!!!!!!!!!!! The show is meant for kids which means todlers! You people are idiots find something else to watch for godsakes. And another thing If you people actually had the sense to use your stupid little brains, you could just go to ask jeeves or google and you could read information that tells you that Chad McNamara (dont care if spelled wrong) is not gay hes playing an act! Oh and Jonathon Wexler is not african american why dont you people do something useful with your lives and go to google or something and look up their names under images or something! And they may have goofy looking clothes and stuff but if they are wearring it it probly doesnt bother them. You people need to get a life or something!

  237. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.

    What an interesting take you have on my response to this thread. Modest? Me? I would love to know how you obtain “modest” from a response that includes the words “balls”, “ass” and “Prozac”. Also Sarah, please note that self-effacing is the same thing as modest, so while I applaud your efforts to sound literate, you might want to look up the word “redundant”. I believe what you found “hard to choke down” was your inability to grasp the big picture. Did you actually READ what I wrote? Or did the insertion of the word “sexy” trip you up? Please note that a compliment is not the same thing as a pick-up line, even in the South. Do you have any comments on the actual content? Take your time…I’ll wait for you to return from looking up the word redundant.

    By the way, I’d love to hear your defintion of a “the world doesn’t revolve around me” type of person as it pertains to my response. Very interesting, indeed (*grin*). I am a little disheartened that you seem to find that concept worthy of being considered a character flaw. How disappointing. So, I hope to check back with this thread and find a post where Sarah has somehow intelligently connected the dots between my post and a modest, self-effacing, non-revolving world. Perhaps I’ll learn something new about myself! I just love a big heapin’ dose of self-awareness!

    P.S.- With the exception of the part where I’m being “skewered” by your comments, I actually enjoyed reading your insightful opinions on this unusual and interesting subject. Having a theater background myself (where the word modesty does not exist, I might add), I might just have more in common with you than you think.


  238. Arn
    1. I don’t shop at Walmart. I didn’t say whether or not anyone else should.
    2. Even if you didn’t teach your child to call people names, your approval reinforces that behavior.
    3. You’re the one who won’t let go of the gay business.
    4. I won’t stop commenting because this is not a forum, this is my website. You’re on my front step talking right in front of me.

    To answer your previous questions:

    What? Are you some kind of weirdo? are you mentally ill?What Communist program did you learn from?

    I am very weird. I’m not mentally ill. I was never part of any communist programs, and while I appreciate the positive aspects of a society free from property, I don’t think that communism works in a real-world environment. None of those statements has anything to do with me having very similar reactions to two people of any gender tongue-kissing in public. I don’t think that I have to describe my reactions to every facet of both public and private displays of affection. Imagine two men giving eachother a quick peck on the lips versus a tongue kiss. Do the same with any mix of genders. Have fun with it — maybe make an afternoon of it.

    You must be some little nerd that missed out on having a life,and to make yourself feel better,you attack people in this silly forum to build your self esteem.

    I am indeed a nerd, but I attacked you because it was funny — not to increase my self-esteem. My self esteem is not based on whether I am better or worse than anyone else. Again, this isn’t a forum as much as a place for people to make comments on the one quick joke that I made almost a year ago.

    Now that I have your attention,lets find out who your attracted 2…You love DeeDee? Moe? or Rooney? Which one would you sleep with? I’m scared to know the answer..

    I’d be scared if I were really attracted to any of the Doodlebops in costume. That would be creepy. However, why would it bother you if I were to find either of the men attractive?

    About my spelling,the point is moot! Anyone can misspell a word(even you poindexter),and it’s funny when you focus on my spelling where NU YO BIDNESS speaks a primative form of Ebonics hehehehe..Trust me,I know your type,little nerds that feel safe to bash someone in a forum,but when confronted upclose you would shrink into oblivion..

    Your spelling is not moot, it is atrocious. I could forgive occasional typos and misspellings, but you have a real problem. Nu’s spelling was so bad that I was rendered speechless. Honestly, I wasn’t going to say anything about your spelling (and grammar), but it’s a common thread in my comments, and I don’t want to let my “fans” down. I have never backed down from a fight, and yet I have not been in a physical altercation since I was 17. Something about being an adult taught me that there are usually peaceful ways to settle a dispute that don’t involve running. I would be glad to have this same conversation with you face to face, but it isn’t something that I would seek out, because arguing with you won’t change your mind.

    One more thing NERD! What is the purpose of this forum? You have a sick fetish about the Doodleflops? What happened to you to make you create a Doodlebop forum?

    One last time, I didn’t make a Doodlebops forum, I made a joke about the Doodlebops looking like cross-dressing clowns. I was thinking that somehow the bus from Priscilla Queen of the Desert had gone through some mafic portal and become a children’s show. Then, random people started showing up. I didn’t invite them. I didn’t encourage them. They just came. In your case, they won’t leave.

  239. Oh and I forgot to ask you jeese what would u give me as a rating?

  240. Kate, you just misspelled my name, so, uh, like a C. Also, you used far too many exclamation points.

  241. Still lmao! I came back just to be entertained :) Thanks!

  242. Gee Jesse U must be the ultimate peace loving Hippie of them all! This is so funny lol…You love to correct people’s grammer and spelling,I guess you get a personal satisfaction from this? I guess everyone has his/her kicks..But like most liberals out there(and alot of idiot conservatives),your way off the mark on this gay issue..I’ll leave it as won’t agree with me,I will not agree with you..So the POINT IS MOOT!I’ll stay here because this forum is interesting in an insane way..Like you, I refuse to back down from any arguement,and I would never run from a pompous self-righteous “know-it-all”like you,and it’s not to prove any point,just because your one obnoxious guy! So I think this forum will be my new home,welcome neighbor : )

    P.S. you are correct about the Doodleflops being Crossdressing Clowns,butttt you know that’s not “PC” to say that,their feelings may get hurt..

  243. Arn, you haven’t made any sort of argument about homosexuality beyond your own distaste at the idea of two people of the same gender being together. I’m still waiting.

    I don’t normally correct people’s grammar and spelling, but this post is frequently visited by people who are terrible at both. At first it was funny. How am I pompous or self-righteous? I’ve been stating my views clearly and trying not to make any assumptions. I dunno, maybe you’re just trolling for flames.

    I’m obnoxious? You’re the pot, I’m the kettle, we’re both black. As to this post on my website being your new home, you should say “welcome, roommate.” I’m not a hippie, so you won’t have to put up with the smell of patchouuli or listen to Phish (or Dave), but I’ll be damned if I’m supplying you with toilet paper. Get your own!

  244. Jesse, you spelled waiting wrong. B+

  245. Thanks Amy, that’s fixed now.

  246. Arn, you haven’t made any sort of argument about homosexuality beyond your own distaste at the idea of two people of the same gender being together. I’m still waiting.

    1.I have stated my argument several times in earlier post..Yes,it is my distaste,but I said it goes against the laws of natures propagation! That to me is valid enough of an argument..

    I don’t normally correct people’s grammar and spelling, but this post is frequently visited by people who are terrible at both. At first it was funny. How am I pompous or self-righteous? I’ve been stating my views clearly and trying not to make any assumptions. I dunno, maybe you’re just trolling for flames.

    2.First of all,why even bother with saying anything at all about how atrocious peoples spelling and grammer are,they are here to state their opinions about Doodlebops or any other topic of discuss,that’s why you are self-righteous by criticizing everyones spelling and grammer.So not everyone cannot be a literary giant,whooooooopie freaking do.

    I’m obnoxious? You’re the pot, I’m the kettle, we’re both black. As to this post on my website being your new home, you should say “welcome, roommate.” I’m not a hippie, so you won’t have to put up with the smell of patchouuli or listen to Phish (or Dave), but I’ll be damned if I’m supplying you with toilet paper. Get your own!

    3.Yes,lets burn some incense and listen to Moby Grape records and smoke some wacky weed! I prefer the Charmin toilet paper,2-ply is good and causes no irratation lol…

    Last but not least,I was browsing through some of you’re pics and who was that HOT BLONDE GAL standing next to you?Is she single? We both have one thing in common,we’re both obese lol..Where are you from by-the-way?

  247. This is all very beautiful!

    Hey everyone - Arn Isn’t gay, he likes the hot blonde girl!

    Did you hear? He’s not gay!

    He really really wants you to know about that!

    Oh - he’s not gay either!

    Arn, I’m sure that if she is single, she’s just waiting for some homophobic geek on the web who thinks saying “Doodleflops” and “the Giggles” is hysterical. Oh, let me help you out again…


    (or so he keeps saying)

  248. Drew,when I die and go to hell,I WANT TO BE YOUR DJ! Drew,if you hurry you can watch Queer Eye for the straight guy;I have a feeling that is you’re favorite show of all..I bet you have the ‘HOTS’ for Rooney! You’re correct my obtuse friend,I AM NOT GAY,and if I was,you would never be my type lol….DREW IS HERE,HE’S QUEER PREFERS KOOLAID OVER BEER!

    omg this has really gone south,this forum is at a stalemate,common jesse we need more of you’re sarcastic ramblings….

  249. Oh no! Please don’t say I like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!!!! I guess you’ve outwitted me Arn because I don’t even understand half of your jokes. What the FUCK does “I want to be your DJ” mean? Not only are you straight, but you’re very smart!

    In anycase, to get back to the Doodlebops…

  250. Jesus Christ, I leave you kids alone for one fucking day and you are at each other’s throats.

    1. it goes against the laws of natures propagation! That to me is valid enough of an argument..

    There are plenty of animals in nature that have individual members who don’t reproduce: ants, bees, lions, apes. Would it make it acceptable for you if every gay man had a kid before settling down with his lover? As far as laws of nature go, are you going to stop using your car or the computer because they go against the laws of nature?

    2.So not everyone cannot be a literary giant,whooooooopie freaking do.

    I don’t expect everyone to be a literary giant, but taking a minute to spell check is like wearing pants to a restaurant. This is a classy joint, so I expect visitors to not wear shorts.

    3.Yes,lets burn some incense and listen to Moby Grape records and smoke some wacky weed! I prefer the Charmin toilet paper,2-ply is good and causes no irratation lol…

    No smoking in the house. I’m still not buying you any toilet paper.

    Last but not least,I was browsing through some of you’re pics and who was that HOT BLONDE GAL standing next to you?Is she single? We both have one thing in common,we’re both obese lol..Where are you from by-the-way?

    I’m not obese anymore, I’m just overweight. You could certainly say that we are both fat.

  251. Drew,please don’t quit you’re day job…Lions&apes are mammals,if they are too lazy to reproduce then it’s unnatural.Sorry,I am not going to divorce my computer sorry hehehehehe..Look,if you want to be gay,just go for it——–>,I mean i’m sure some hairy overweight guy would just die to be with you.Happiness is a virtue,be happy my (bi?)friend..If this is a classy joint,then why do you serve Big Mac’s and Supersize fries on your menu?and last but least,where are you from?

  252. I must say that I am outraged. When googling for “doodlebop porn” this is the first site that comes up! And although I did not read all the posts, I don’t think this site has any. Sites like this serve no purpose but to clog the Internet and make finding material to fuel my late night cross-dressing clown fantasies harder to find. I must insist that you clearly preface this thread with a warning stating that it contains no Doodlebop porn of any kind. It is difficult enough to find time to guiltily pleasure ones self to plastic clad, brightly colored, singing quasi-clowns of dubious sexuality without having to read almost a years worth of posts just to find a total lack of satisfaction.

  253. Doodlebopper: A+. I’m only sorry that we could not “service” your “needs.”

  254. Doodleflop porn? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww I suddenly have an urge to vomit! Although DeeDee would look great engrossed on the silver screen,engaging in lude and crude acts that would appeal to the Doodleflop masses! ahhhhhhh,can you see her decked out in her custome on a porn shoot? Brilliant absolutely brillant lol….Although Moe&Rooney I guess? would be in a gay porn movie? I think that is major vomit material there…

  255. i think you all need to get a life,because my granddaughter loves the doodlebops,she light’s up when they com on.So i don’t care what they
    are or gender the like.All i know is that kids learn from them, so some of you people need to get a life.

  256. Jerome: are you saying that Drew is seeking a bear? Are you asking where Drew lives because you want to be his bear?

  257. Jerome, I think its creepy that you want to know where I live! I also think that its funny that my objecting to Arn laughing at his child calling people “retard” has labeled me as gay. What is the MOST funny is watching people like Arn and Jerome care so much about how straight they appear to people they don’t know on this blog.

  258. Drew get a life! I never referred to you as being gay! And I certainly do not encourage people making fun of retarded people either! I don’t know you,so I cannot label you as a homosexual..But,since you’re not following me,i’ll just keep you guessing on my threads..Drew is seeking a Bear? Maybe he should try Yellowstone park in Wyoming,and meet up with Yogi or BooBoo,remember,he’s not just your “average” bear..Jerome is a co-worker at my office that thinks this site is a “hoot!”

  259. I don’t think Rooney is gay at all!

  260. mo doodle is sooooooooooooooooooooo mine but rooney is totally gay he sooo shouldnt be
    there he’s a bad example to kids but stay away from mo you dirty hoe’s j/k wellz yeah but
    yeah well later


  262. “Stay Crunk” is my new motto.

  263. well thats cool stay crunk is your new moto or whatever that says.thats a cool word huh so
    STAY CRUNK!!!!!!!!ALSO I LOVE JONATHAN WEXLER.peace out stay crunk!

    p.s its crunk no matter how old you are THE DOODLEBOPS ARE

  264. Stay Crunk? No wonder the United States is behind other countries…Monique,you’re correct on Rooney being a homo!eventhough I disagree with you’re ebonics,Ur right on the mark with that.But that DeeDee is like “wow!” something about her that I find so appealing,maybe seeing her in costume,or her unique singing? who knows lol……

  265. well thats cool.and yes rooney is a homo. but what the hell is ebonic? well moe’s cute and
    deedee is a good singing doodlbop.also what do you mean the united states is behind other
    countries?crunk is a bad word where i come from every body uses it soo yeah well g2g.
    pece. also rooney is a


  267. Okay, Cari, you got me. I didn’t REALLY mean you were a modest, self-effacing, “the world doesn’t revolve around me” type of person. Hello! That was apparently a far too subtle attempt at being sarcastic. I actually thought your condescending b***h routine was so high-handed… blatantly pompous… rude for no entertaining OR educational purpose… (I could go on) that I was embarassed on behalf of the rest of us who generally do a decent job with spelling and grammar. It’s a bit like when you consider yourself a Christian but want to duck your head in shame when someone comes along saying something like “If you love Jesus you have to hate homos.” Or you are just trying to throw an entertaining post onto your blog and people come out of the woodwork thinking you’ve started a Doodlebop Hating Website. Be careful. Repeatedly suggesting that any of us have to “look up” words to understand your posts could put you in a different light than you intend - frankly I’ve never met a graphic designer that seemed quite that self-conscious about their own intelligence. Outside of missing my sarcasm, you clearly misunderstood the context of the word “modest” as I was using it. There are a few different definitions, you know. I was using the self-effacing definition that has nothing to do with your ability you use the words balls, ass, OR Prozac. I didn’t really comment on your “content” because I couldn’t stop choking on the snot dripping out of it. So sorry. And as for your last statement… uh no, I don’t think so.

    Lilac - woops, you really DID get me. Sorry, I meant to say that Baby Einstein videos were stimulating but not EDUCATING the babies in the study. Obviously they’re entertaining. I also don’t mean to imply you were trying to educate your child with them. Embarassing parent confession time - we would occasionally plop my son in front of Baby Bach in the morning just to get another 20 minutes of sleep. And I MISS the days when that worked! The study I mentioned was brought up in a Kindermusik class and I didn’t get a copy (or read the fine print at the bottom *blush*) so I am also guilty of passing on information over the internet without due diligence. To make up for it, I WILL take a further look into it and let you know what I find, although I feel bad I am using space on Jesse’s blog to get this far off his Doodlebop commentary. Anyway, what they concluded was that Baby Einstein wasn’t actually stimulating in any different (and therefore better) way than other children’s programming. Which brings us back to the “any TV at all is bad for small children” warnings that we all hear but just have to ignore sometimes to get more sleep, finish our papers, or regain our sanity as parents!

    Doodlebops = Doodleberries = Dingleberries? Doodlebop porn = Redundant = emphasizing a sarcastic description? I think I’m getting it, but I have to admit, I’m not clear on the translation of crunk. Now THAT I will look up. I need to come back to this website more often.

    Jesse - it’s looking like the only way to get rid of all the griping and petty OT arguments (guilty guilty guilty!) would be to have a chat with google about getting your blog post off their #1 spot! That’s why I clicked over here in the first place. Unless you are secretly filtering all of your doodlebop posts into your “favorites” folder and just ACTING like this has gotten old. Hmm. Speaking of closet issues. :-)

  268. Alright, to be honest, you can’t just type in “Doodlebops” to make it #1, you have to type in “Doodlebops must die.” You’re #1 at google because of reply #49 from Dave. (See my original post. I really assumed there would be website out there specifically created to bash Doodlebops.) Everything that comes up on the first page is just commentary involving Doodlebops hatred. I don’t really HATE them. Lately Dora the Explorer has been seriously grating on my nerves, but let’s not go there. It goes off after 5 minutes, after my husband is done singing the Map song. I think you should start a poll to see what EXACTLY all of these people googled to get here. Besides doodlebop porn. Maybe you could use the information to get a mention in the City Pages?

  269. Is this your longest living post? Are you going to have a birthday party on April 18, 2006? Did I really just triple-post?

  270. wow,, long post on doodlebops, my lil 2 year old love’s them! took me a while, but now i do as well
    you guys are crazy, reading this,, hehe lots of crazy shit on here homo/talk, hillbibby talk, ebonic? hehe
    great reading! thanks

  271. Only in America! Doodleflops Yuck!

  272. Its really surprising that Cari has a theater background. Its not often that Theater people are really full of tehmselves. Oh, did I mention Arn how funny “Doodleflops” continues to be. I hope that bus driver Bob kicks your ass.

  273. Bus driver Bob dosen’t look in good enough shape to “kick” anyone’s ass!”much less Rooneys.Maybe you can join Moe and Rooney in the shower and remember;DON’T DROP THE SOAP! OOOOOOOOPS I mean,DON’T PULL THE ROPE!”

  274. Arn… Is that you, Uncle Arnie? Did they finally let you out? Sorry guys, Uncle Arnie has had closet Doodlebop issues for awhile now since that is all they let him watch “on the inside.” Serves us right for committing him to a place with a Canuck for a warden. Er, I mean, Recreational Director.

    So come on, no one hears just a little bit of Hansen in the Doodlebop musak?

  275. First of all Sarah,you’re sarcasm lacks originality,and is stale like Jesse’s humor lol(Just kidding Jesse!)lol…Canuck for a warden? ewwwwwwwwwwwww thats the last place I would be Canada!(too cold!);the Doodles are Canadian,so I think i’ll pass on going there and Minnesota 2.I hear MALL OF AMERICA is a groovy place? hmmmmmmm? Closet issues eh?ooops (canadian lingo),only thing in my closet are shirts,soooooo no confusion on my sexuality(ask my two gf’s)I have quite good luck with the ladies and they also think the Doodleflops should be banned.The Doodleflops are icky and maybe soon(and with the tubbies),be banned forever,only if we can be so lucky! FORWARDDDD FRIENDS———–>

  276. hey sarah guess whos back the bitches friend bitch dont talk shit about her. fuck you shit dont go talk shit if you dont
    know the person so fuck off bitch dont start shit ya damn hota.haha find that word bitch.dont be bringing jesus in the
    conversation u sinner and yes i love jeasus who wouldnt.only a pendeho

  277. Sure the 2 male actors are probably gay, but so what? The show is a lot less annoying than the
    Wiggles, long-term, anyway! Actual cool music for kids with people singing on pitch! What a concept!!!
    I love Moe’s voice. DeeDee can really sing too, I just get sick of her chest voice being so heavy (Like
    on the line “We are happy that you are here”). I love the way she inflects and the beautiful runs she does on
    “When the Lights Go Out” - it is seriously one of my favorite songs!

    This reminds me of another situation… I would watch The Christopher Lowell Show and if my husband caught
    me watching it he would just sit there saying “He is so gay. He is so gay. He is so gay!” My response:
    “Shut up so I can get the instructions!” I don’t care if he’s gay! He’s not MY lover! And frankly, many
    talented people are gay. It’s just a fact. It’s very common in the artsy fartsy crowd - my preferred company.


  278. Okay lets finally claer it up, the Doodlebops are an all Canadian kids rock band, yes they wear nurdy costumes,
    first off girls ROONEY is gay, gay all the way, he hangs out in gay bars in TO. Yes he is most deffinately gay.
    his boyfriend of three years is named Michael he has a blog posted on the web. Jonathan is not gay although he acts it sometimes. Jonathan is dating a friend of mine her name is Susie he calls her suz. Lisa is the oldest of the doodlebops and she is very sweet. one of those people that you just have to like.

  279. Moe and Ronney=GAY……..Teletubbies=GAY……….Wiggles(under suspicion)maybe Bi or GAY?..But who would want kids being influenced by homosexuals? That would be like letting your kids hang out with a pedophile all day unsupervised…Maybe the shows are harmless entertainment for kids..But what if you had a neighbor who was quiet,law-abiding,never created any trouble in the neighborhood,but he really is a child molesting pedophile! would you still let your children associate with this person,just because he is a model neighbor?

  280. Wow, Arn, I can’t believe that it took you this long to bring up pedophilia. However, homosexuality does not have a causative connection with pedophilia. Having a sexual attraction to children is a wholly different subject — and offenders are vastly more likely to be otherwise heterosexual: married to or dating a woman — probably the mother or another female relative of the child. The real lesson is that you have to keep track of your kids no matter what adult they are with. Now, if we’re talking about a kids show on television, you can’t really compare watching a half hour of broadway-styled singing to spending a day with someone unsupervised. I’m quite certain that the Doodlebops are not going to jump out of the television and start hurting children. About the only effect that I can foresee from watching the Doodlebops every day is that the child might start singing terribly annoying songs and dancing around, which on the scale of things, ranks far above throwing things and calling people retarded like your kid does.

    I shouldn’t have said anything because you’re just trolling for flames. Grow up, or at least start being funny.

  281. homosexuality does not have a causative connection with pedophilia. Having a sexual attraction to children is a wholly different subject — and offenders are vastly more likely to be otherwise heterosexual: married to or dating a woman — probably the mother or another female relative of the child.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm? True and False. It dosen’t have a casative connection,but,if a grown man that is married,has a wife and kids molest both boys and girls that = heterosexual/Bi pedophile.

    If a man goes soley after boys only,then a possible Homosexual or Bi preference..If a woman goes after girl only,then most likely a Lesbian…

    You cannot call yourself straight and sleep with members of the same sex,it’s either Bi or Homosexual.
    I’m quite certain that the Doodlebops are not going to jump out of the television and start hurting children. About the only effect that I can foresee from watching the Doodlebops every day is that the child might start singing terribly annoying songs and dancing around, which on the scale of things, ranks far above throwing things and calling people retarded like your kid does.

    True and False.Sure I doubt the Doodles would negatively effect a child.I doubt the child would go around and commit a crime or act in a miscreant way.So whats the gripe you say? The only negative aspect I can see,is somehow Rooney started kissing other male cast members(god,pls don’t let that happen!),and somehow the kids would try to mimic that and think it’s normal behavior..That would definately be a negative situation.Harmless fun on a cartoon is ok,but not promoting Homosexual causes should be forbidden..

    I shouldn’t have said anything because you’re just trolling for flames. Grow up, or at least start being funny.

    Well it is you’re website,so I guess you can reply to anyones blog..I never troll for flames,maybe Walleye or Lake Trout. Being funny,is an aquired taste,so maybe you’re drinking the wrong glass of wine…

  282. Wow, Sarah. How interesting that out of ALL the posts preceding mine that contain rude, condescending, high-handed SNOT, you find mine note-worthy. If you’ll remember from my original post, I also referenced that certain people seemed to have lost their sense of humor, as this was really all just intended for light-hearted banter. If I truly took myself as seriously as you seem to think, I wouldn’t have been so “blatantly pompous” in my post. THAT was the nature of this entire blog and the tone that was set by Jesse’s humorous come-backs about grammatical errors. My response was intended to be NEITHER entertaining OR educational, nor did it serve any purpose other than to continue an already twisted “conversation” about something as socially irrelevant as The Doodlebops. As a matter of fact, my 2-year old son watches the show daily and I (like you) grin and bear it for his sake because I adore him. Quite frankly, dancing and acting silly with him in the middle of our living room (while Bus Driver Bob marvels us with his attempts at hip-hop) is one of the highlights of my day. I personally don’t care if the blue one is gay, straight or just going to extremes to piss his mother off. Therefore, in keeping with the apparent theme of this entire website, I opted for a slightly more intense response. I’m not quite sure why my comments left you feeling embarassed on behalf of all the other people who are fans of proper spelling and grammer (who, with the exception of a select group, didn’t make an appearance on this website) OR when these “others” elected you as their spokesperson. I find your insightful connection between graphic designers (who you seem to have categorized into only those YOU have met) and a consciousness of one’s own intelligence rather amusing. What a shame that you find that sort of awareness to be worthy of ridicule, regardless of career choice. To be self-conscious is to be mindful (don’t worry, I won’t dare suggest you go “look it up”) and if that seems to be a trait lacking in the swarms of graphic designers that you seem to have polled at some point, then you might want to consider finding a new control group with which to collect data. As for myself, I remain content to dance around my living room holding my smiling son and laughing out loud at the fact that I know all the words to the opening song of The Doodlebops. In fact, in my son’s eyes, I’m not rude, pompous, high-handed, condescending or any other label you choose to throw out—I’m just MOMMY—silly, giggling, goofy, dancing, laughing, twirling Mommy. And that’s good enough for me.

  283. Light-hearted banter my ass. Let’s go back to the original post. Here’s what I got from:
    paragraph #1 - Look, I’m a human, spell-checking thesaurus. Clearly I am a cut above the rest of you.
    paragraph #2 - FYI, my friend is an idiot. I’m a hot chick. I’m not a lesbian.
    paragraph #3 - Am I the only one who is just a step below God in the worldly intelligence department?
    paragraph #4 - For those of you who aren’t me, feel bad about yourself. Feel really bad.
    paragraph #5 - I’ve been rambling so long about myself, I must throw just one more comment in about my superior use of vocabulary. If I insult people by telling them to look things up, they’ll miss the fact that I’ve been talking so much about myself I sound like I probably have no friends. Except for the idiot I was telling you about earlier.
    paragraph #6 - I drink wine so I am classy, but I can loosen up when I want to. You and I, Jesse, we rock.
    paragraph #7 - I wish for Jesse what I seem to be surprised I haven’t found here. To hell with the rest of you.
    Sincerely, the voice of Limitless Wisdom and Coolness.

    I was really enjoying all of the other posts, spell-checked or not. Yours just begged to be picked on. I think its the whole “he doth protest too much” thing.

    I’m glad you and your son have so much fun together. That’s great that you’re human AND you can form a sentence on your own. That’s nice that you toned it down (a bit) in your last post. But there is still some confusion. Being CONSCIOUS of your intelligence is to be mindful. Feeling self-conscious about your intelligence leads to a mindless need to build yourself up in other people’s eyes even (or especially?) when you think they are a bunch of idiots. Like the girl you referred to as your friend and then publicly ridiculed… in such a light-hearted way.

  284. Wow! This place is AMAZING. Ok,… so I’d like CARI and SARAH to come over for a night at my place and duke it out. One can dress up as the Moose, and the other as the Bubble Brained Booby Bird, and then we can all play GOOD DOODLEBOP, BAD DOODLEBOP. Jesse, you can come over only if you promise to bring your MERMADIA WINGS! Woo Hoo!!!! I’m ready to do the DOODLEBOP SALUTE in the nude just thinking about it!


  285. Dude… Nevermind…. Just read ALL OF CARI’S POSTS…. and… um….. only Sarah and Jesse are invited to my pad for sex games.

  286. Michael: best posts ever. You get an A+.

  287. Micheal…Please bring DeeDee over 22222222222 and let her keep her costume on! talk about a fanstasy come true..Rooney is definately is not invited lol….

  288. Sorry to inform you that the Doodlebops are intensely creepy. Ditch their lame act and go retro with SHARON, LOIS & BRAM!!! Long live Elephant! Skinamarinkydinkydink skinamarinkydoo!

  289. ME WANT MAZZ SHE MUCH WOMAN MUCH SEXY WOMAN ME LIKEY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I BE A DIRTY PIRATE!
    ME WANTS BOOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. For the record, spicydave’s two previous attempts at posting were below even my standards. That’s pretty amazing.

  291. MAZZ is tons of fun! lol…Bus Driver Bob is lame..The Doodlebops hopefully will crash(soon,if there is a god!),DeeDee needs some good loving lol…Bram is too english(Dave&Lola),Teletubbies no comment! Little Einsteins are obnoxoius,the worst of the lot has to go to:GO BABY! That is the worst cartoon short I have ever had the misfortune to see,who creates this garbage? gee wizzzz talk about a conumdrum of the worst sorts…Tv for kids isn’t what it used to be,shame shame for teaching our younglings this PC crap..

  292. Arn,
    Why are you watching “Go Baby!”? Shouldn’t you have your child watch Dog the Bounty Hunter or something?

    Spicey Dave has written my favorite post of all time.

  293. This is like a horrible car wreck. You know it’s wrong to stare, but you just can’t look away. I would love to make some sort of comment about how I can’t believe that anyone has the time or energy to devote to this overwhelmingly silly website, but I have been reading posts from beginning to end. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against your website. However if I had to explain to anyone how I spent my afternoon, they may not understand what I mean when I say “Oh nothing, just spent 2 hours on the computer reading posts about the pros and cons of the Doodlebops. …No, no, not about the episodes really, more like a courtroom hearing for whether or not Moe and Rooney are gay and if DeeDee would consider dropping the Disney show and looking into something a little more profitable, and a little more adult…(wink, wink). There were the prosecutors who wanted people to think that anyone who watched had a problem with their mating preferences, and the defenders who suggest that it’s just for kids. Then you have like the CASA folks who just want us all to get along and look out for the kids. There was even talk of the mating habits of animals, grammar and punctuation problems in society, a guy whose 2 year old calls people retards as he cheers in the background, and even a catfight between to women over definitions or something…No, I really didn‘t understand that one, either…Sure, I‘ll send you a link!” I guess I’m just a sucker for adult (somewhat) arguments over Playhouse Disney shows. Anyone up for a little Noggin’ Rumble? Boomerang Showdown? Nick at Nite Combat? Surely someone has another beef with at least one animated character that could create 9 ½ months worth of postings. This is incredible! I am almost positive that this could be turned into some sort of psychological profiling study. Jesse, have you contacted anyone about this? FBI, CIA, Jack Bauer from 24? Please let me know. If not it could at least be the basis for a master’s degree thesis of some sort. Understand that as sarcastic as this may sound, I truly think that your website has some sort of formula that once you start, you can’t get away. I have floors to vacuum, dishes to wash, babies to feed and change. But no, I’m addicted to this website where people are arguing over the Doodlebops! Maybe it’s not you all…maybe it’s me. This could change history! You are a genius!

  294. momof2 wow! just wow! maybe you’re the only poster that can see this forum for what it is.Strange social experiments of human psychotic behavoir….You make Jesse seem tame,maybe you should be the moderator of this strange forum.Yes,arguing over kids Tv shows is insane,but what is the appeal of this forum? My guess would be people that have absolutely no “LIFE” at all..Damn,I need to find one myself : (…..

  295. wow i didnt know that the doodlebops were actually this cool!! i mean its kinda embarrassing cuz im in 6th grade and i
    watch the doodlebops if its on but i dont actually want to. the first time i saw the show on tv i wanted to change so badly
    but i couldnt! its just so catchy and fun to watch. i wanted to figure out who the characters were behind the scenes so i
    got the real names of them and i researched them and boy was i amazed. i mea i thought that moe was the coolest
    doodlebop and i still do but when i saw rooney w/o makeup on i was amazed at how cute he is!!! i scrolled down to
    his picture and my mouth dropped! i mean, no offense, but on the tv show he seems really gay. but he is actually in real life
    really hot. and its obvious that he isnt gay bcuz gay guys arent hot. so all of you grownups that are trying to be young, you need to shutup and get a life! cuz the only way you can tell your opinion of the show is if you watch it! so stop watching it or stop complaining!!

  296. Jennnifer, you are not old enough to be on this site. Adults ONLY!

    Also, did your parents put three ns in your name or did you somehow manage to misspell your own goddamned name?

    Hugs and kisses,


  297. Arn, I keep telling you that this isn’t a forum, but, uh…

  298. The Doodlebops are frightening. I’m a 42 year old mother of three, and the first time I saw this show, I was like…huh? What the…..! My 6 year old daughter loves this show. Needless to say, we usually only watch it out of desperation, because I control the TV. The Rooney guy is most definitely gay - not that it is a bad thing, but it is just sort of sad……I heard an interview of these three characters, and talk about REALLY sad! They are into this - I mean, it is pretty obvious that they are all rock and roll wannabe’s that never made it - I know, because I’m one myself. This is how my husband and I met in college - I auditioned for his top 40 band and, well, obviously got the gig. I’ve toured throughout the midwest with bands, made a pittance for a living doing it, and also made some pretty good money after we all wised up a bit. Anyway, these guys (especially the chick) seem to me like wanna be’s. Oh well - I guess as a parent, I think this is kind of scary. The Wiggles are kind of strange as well, but I don’t know….maybe it’s the make-up and the weirdness of it all…….Rocky Horror Picture Show was thought of as pretty drastic in its time as well…….

  299. Yes Jesse,it’s you’re website!(yep)….This might as well be a forum,due to the copious amount of responses in here! I got to hand it to you,your a genius to create a Doodleflop site….keep up the good work amigo : )

  300. Perhaps Rooney is going after Moe but Moe is going after Deedee but
    Deedee is going after Rooney but Rooney is gay so it starts the whole
    thing over again.

    That’s just gross. They are all a family. DeeDee, Rooney and Moe are all siblings

  301. This is fucking retarded!!

  302. I’m so dissapointed that Jesse has left me no comments, corrections, or a grade. I thought my comment was worth something!

  303. A+ momof2….Easy on the language Jessie,this is a kids site lol….

  304. Holy balls! We’re past 300 comments! I’m throwing a party!

  305. Actually i hate the doodle bops myself but that is my opinion…..i mean it is a kids show and my 3 year old daughter loves them…… long as she is happy i am happy

  306. Crystal,I depise the Cross-dressing freaks like you do…My son hates them as well(and no encouragement from my part,uh huh!)..Wiggles are funny(to a small degree),so my son likes them better.The Koala Brothers are funny and entertaining as well(love the aussie accents),but the Doodleflops upset my stomach so bad lol…ULCER TIME! What a load of crap for kids to watch these days geeeeeeeeeesh!

  307. Jesse,
    What is your longest comment run ever?

  308. momof2, this is the most comments a post of mine has ever gotten.

  309. Sarah,
    (Doodlebops = Doodleberries = Dingleberries) I was hoping that would go ignored. I realised my mistake the next day while talking to my cousin about this site. LOL I still think it is funny. I check back every few months and spend about 2 hours catching up on the postings. Let me know if you do find out more about the study but don’t worry about it too much.

    I agree… couldn’t agree more! Total train wreck!

    I worry about you. Have you been evaluated for any psychological problems? First you argue/debate with Jesse then, upon discovering a physical simularity, you want to be his friend? You sound like a father whose son will grow up disrespecting women, authority and those with disabilities. Let me also point out that it is more likely that science will prove that being gay is genetic before anyone will find a cure. Time to face facts, your homophobic. Your son is growing up with a homophobic man dating two women at once (wait… rule of three right? your internet gf’s dont count). If you have weight problems, he may also inherit that and the likelyhood of him becoming athletic is slim with your influence, or should I say example. Try improving yourself so that he has a good role model and doesn’t get sucked into things that you may disapprove of.

    My roommate was home from work one day and The Wiggles came on. He looked at me and said “Are they gay?” Let me just say he has never seen these shows due to being at work; so it struck me as really funny. On his next day off I plan on introducing him to the Doodlebops! By the way I pretty much told him the same thing I told everyone here in my first posts. It is a kids show, not intended for adults to relate to it. Also how do you get to add the pictures to the postings? Don’t bother fixing my grammer, it is 1am and I have a 9yr old and a 5mo old as my closest friends. LOL

  310. Arn,

    I just browsed some of Jesse’s pics and he is not obese. Where did you get that? Maybe you have more time and looked at hundreds of his pictures whereas I just went through a few.


    Noah is the cutest little boy.

  311. Lilac,sorry no Ice Cream for you……I think you have a crush on Jesse and maybe you two can hook up for a date? You would make a perfect couple…Gay is psychological mostly(caused by some sort of mental or physical trauma),and this genetic thing hasn’t been thoroughly proved…Being fat isn’t a bad thing,I just said Jesse and I are rather chunky,large folks can become great athletes(football especially)…

    That was a joke about dating two women at once lol…I couldn’t afford that anyways : (….So Lilac correspond with Jesse,you two would make a cute(hmmmmm?)couple….Send me pics if you decide to marry,and I hope your kids will be nerdy and happy….Live Long and Prosper!

  312. Arn.
    LMAO you presumptuous ass!!! I don’t need to have a crush on someone to point out that your an idiot! Being Gay is not a result of emotional/physical trauma. I have spent hours researching this very subject for my classes and you couldn’t be more wrong. Men that play football are muscular not fat!!! I would pay big bucks to see you attempt their exercise regimen. You would be huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf. That is if you manage to avoid a massive myocardial infarction (it means heart attack for the uneducated).

    I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction of seeing my picture, you can imagine whatever you want. Let me help you… I am a dog “woof woof”. LOL The difference between you and I is major. I live in reality and your in a bubble. If someone is happy believing an internet “personality” is crushing on them, so be it. Whatever floats your boat. However, it is rare to really know who you are talking to. I might be the next person you meet and tell about this website. I might even be a dude that could kick your ass. You don’t know so maybe you should watch your back.

  313. BTW, before you presume I am angry, I am not. I frankly find you amusing with your attempts to put people in their place. I had a good laugh while writing my response.

  314. The pictures next to the posts are either assigned through or me. I assigned pretty much all of the “avatars” in this thread — just to those people who had posted the most.

  315. Jesse,
    Now I have another couple of things to add to my list regarding my original post…No comments, corrections, grade, condesending remarks, or avatar. I even called Jesse a genius for beginning this post. I should have cussed, or made fun, or misspelled, or misspoke. Then, maybe then, I would have gotten something. If only…

  316. momof2,
    Sorry about leaving you in the lurch. I’ve been somewhat swamped with homework this semester. Thank you for the kind words (but I actually don’t like to have the genious word applied to me or anything that I have done). I think that at comment 10 or so I started to think to myself that this was a weird little social experiment. It’s probably worth noting that the very first comment broke the seal on the crazy jar. I applaud the occasional sane-ish person who does come around, including Arn, even if he is wrong. I assigned an icon for you, because you deserve one.

    BTW: Folks, I’m taken, so, although I highly appreciate the accusations that everyone is flirting with me, save it for when I get dumped. Thanks!

  317. Lilac please play under a traffic light,make like a tree and leave,jump head first off the Sears Tower,just do somethig and shut that smartass mouth of yours lol…Please do not make me cringe,If I saw your picture,I would go blind or into cardiac arrest..I bet you’re 300lbs or some nerdy computer geek that has way too much time on you’re hands..

    I bet in Highschool you had an infatuation with football players,but never could get they’re attention..Willam the Refrigerator Perry(Chicago Bears during the 80’s)was huge,and obese..Sumo wrestlers are obese,but good athletes none-the-less,so quit acting like a know-it-all and get back into the kitchen woman..

    Like most dizzy airheads,you have all the answers,but in most cases fall short of the runway..

    Maybe the bleach you apply is effecting ur sanity? If you were a guy,I bet you would look better than you probably do now lol…still wouldn’t touch ya though,probably your chest hair would get in the way,or gut hehehehe…

  318. Arn,
    Ouch, that hurt. NOT. Do you even have an original thought in your head. I find it funny that you think putting down someones looks, considering you have never met or even seen them, would be worth the time it takes to type it.. Who are you kidding? As I said before you can imagine whatever you like. I wish I was a computer geek, have you seen the kind of money they make? Not that I have to answer for myself but in highschool I was assigned to the football team as the school photographer. Although I no longer dable in photography, I learned that they work hard to be competitive. Sumo wrestler… give me a break! Bleach.. that is actually funny. I am getting a good picture as to the type of women you surround yourself with. Very sad.


    I found what you had to say to be one of the funniest things in the thread, if that means anything.

  319. Lilac,please be my Mail Order Bride…Of course I do not know what you look like,just being facetious(gee,you have absolutely no sense of humor),I don’t even know you,so it was more-or-less a response to you’re sarcasm..Tongue in Cheek as they say..The type of woman I hang around would surprise you(not toothless rednecks,if thats what your thinking),so the Stereotyping works both ways here I guess?If you weigh 300 lbs it’s cool,if your not attractive it’s cool,If you love Jesse thats even better lol…Whatever floats(or sinks)your boat…Sumo Wrestlers are excellent athletes(watch ESPN if you don’t believe me),lol…So if I’m fat,who cares anyways right? You are against obese people? talk to you later Martha Stewart…

  320. Arn, if you pick any more fights you’ll be cut off.

    Lilac, don’t tease the animals.

  321. Thank you Jesse. I can stop worrying now. Or thinking of something mean to say. Or cussing. I really don’t like to cuss. By the way, I love my avatar. And I do truly think that this should be a topic in some sociology class or something. Still yet, a study for the CIA. I bet that if everyone who has commented on here was to answer a brief survey about who they are, what they do, things they like and dislike (although we already know that about a lot of the people on here) it would be amazing to see all of the different walks of life. How do we all end up here, anyway? Some of the people who have commented really have no reason to be searching for the Doodlebobs of all things. I mean - it’s absolutely crazy!

    I’m glad you liked my comments. It may be the only thing that you have liked so far in this forum…I mean post. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment for me or not. just kidding

    It does mean something. Thanks for the compliment. I like being funny. And telling stories. I wish that there was someone who I could tell this story to. They would, however, think that I was a total lunatic. And they wouldn’t think that I was funny. Or ever talk to me again. So, thanks, it means alot.

    Have a Happy Easter

  322. Gee Jesse,don’t cut me off hehehehe..The site would be rather dull without my unique approach to posting on here..Lilac is cool(NOT!),so I have no gripes with her..Momof2 is the only poster that tells it like it is,without being sappy..Happy Easter folks!

  323. I’ll tell you what: A cool avatar, nice comments from others, and laughs for my jokes. What more could a momof2 ask for? (Besides something else to do other than posting comments on a Doodlebobs board.) I’ve never been the cool girl before. I’m not really sure how to react! I’m going to have to come back here more often.
    I wish I could nominate this post for some sort of award. Or, maybe I could make up my own award to give. Hmmmm…what could I call it? Any suggestions??

  324. I was caught shoplifting and the judge gave me two options: read this entire blog or slam my breasts in a car door. I chose wrong. I am now as crazy as my dog, who gets epileptic seizures from watching the doodlebops. Jesse: spellcheck THIS!!! I defy you to find an error.

  325. Turtlemom, that is why cruel and unusual punishment is prohibited in the US.

    momof2, now that you’re part of the cool crowd, are you going to stop sitting at the table with us nerds?

  326. I had a dream last night. Moe and Rooney were STRAIGHT! They stopped matching, they couldn’t sing in tune, and they just didn’t find any joy in shopping anymore. Moe didn’t want to pull anyone’s rope, no matter how cute the guy was. And poor DeeDee shuffled slowly, all pouty-lipped, off the stage. She was relegated to replacing Debra Messing on Will and Grace.

  327. Debra Messing needs to eat a sandwich or 1000.

  328. Turtlemom=funny, Will and Grace=not funny,Doodlebops=hokey as hell!

  329. I would rather set my crotch on fire than sit through a whole episode of the Doodlebops, but my kids really like them. That being said, Lisa is hot (just saw my first sans makeup pic) and I just may able to sit through it now.

  330. I think dee dee has anorexia she is to skinny. The show sucks ……booo doodlebops. and hi jesse

  331. Of course not, Jesse. I would much rather be the coolest kid at the nerd table than the nerdiest kid at the cool table. I haven’t gotten this much attention since that Pup Named Scooby Doo brew ha ha last summer. You couldn’t pay me to leave.

    Debra Messing needs a pint of blood.

    I am sad, however, that these posts are taking the direction back towards bashing the Doodlebops, and away from bashing each other. Lately we have had no girl fights, no Jesse kicking kids out because he’s carding at the door and finds out they are too young, and no Arn fighting with, well, everyone. Come on people, let’s keep this thing on track. I do not give my patronage to this site because I really want to know how people feel about the Doodlebops. I want to see the fights. Same reason why people watch races to see the wrecks. No one would be interested if the cars just went round and round for 3 hours.

  332. Momof2,which is your favorite doodleflop? DeeDee,Moe,or Rooney? which Doodleflop makes you cringe?Everytime that show comes on,I get very nauseous,from Deedees lame “knock knock jokes” to Rooneys feminine singing,to Moes “don’t pull the rope!”..So why keep spouting off about our favorite “freaks of nature”? Easy,it is so bad to watch,it’s entertaining..Like Jerry Springer,you know it’s a trash show,but the appeal to view women tearing into each other because of infidelity has some entertainment value(who would figure hehehe),so lets get this site back into gear with a few verbal jabs and sarcastic ramblings..Once again momof2,you always hit the Bullseye!

    PS Said to say,I watch Nascar,only because you know a wipe-out will soon take place : )

  333. No prob, I will not tease the animals. If I can stop sneezing long enough to type today it would be a miracle. Allergies suck!
    In response to momof2’s comment earlier… I came here while attempting to find out about Doodlebop tours. My 5mo old stops whatever she is doing when they sing. I thought it might be fun, when she is older, to take her to a show. I cannot wait to take her to see Cirque du Soleil. I took my 9yr old last year and she loved it. I don’t know if anyone here knows what I am talking about but it is an amazing human circus. I have a problem with circus’s with animals so it is a great alternative. It is expensive but worth it.

  334. Hooray for gay Doodlebops! What is it with the gay-bashing?! Do you think they’re out to get you? They’re out to get each other (so to speak)! Who are we to say who other people are allowed to love? Puleeeeze. Live and let live. Get over it. Do you think they CHOOSE to be gay? To live a life where people hate them because of who they love? Did you CHOOSE to be straight? NO! You just woke up one day when you were 11 or 12 and decided the opposite sex was attractive! The same thing happens to them, except it’s for the SAME sex. Get smart, think about it. Good for the Doodlebops–kids love them. They’re for kids, not us adults, and kids don’t know or care who’s gay or straight. It’s 2006, time to let adults live the way they want to live. They’re not hurting you. Period. Signed, a straight, educated mom of 3 little kids.

  335. Breaking out my violin and playing a crappy song for coolmomof3….

  336. Thanks, I love crappy songs. I have 3 kids, after all, and I’m almost 40. I’ve heard a lot of crap in my time. Arn, you dish out some of the best! Jesse, thanks for this entertaining blog…I’m afraid I don’t have enough hours in the day to sit and chat as I’d enjoy doing. Long live the gay, cross-dressing people of the world! There’s going to be more of them than you homophobes can even begin to imagine, coming out all over the place in the years to come…better learn to embrace them (or at least let them live in peace beside us.)


  337. hey dee dee is you haveing fun on your show doing all of the wiggles and dance moves

  338. Does that say “is you haveing fun”? Just wondering. I know, I know, Jesse, you’re supposed to do that, but I just could not let it go any longer. Sorry!

  339. momof2: good catch — I’m awfully tired as this semester reaches the end, so I’ve been just rubber stamping the comments.

  340. coolmom of 3 where are you from? long live the gay,cross-dressing people of the world? PUKEEE! I guess,like the song says:The freaks come out at night! This room gets weirder day by day…Time for another beer,laters..

  341. Im reading the posts here - for the most part you people are total dumb asses - the show is for KIDs - A good show for children - so Im sure by reading your post you are not - your far dumber and much younger than the people that were intended to watch the program ……

  342. Arn, yes, maybe the freaks DO come out at night–but I post during the day, as you can see. I’ve lived in England, Texas, Massachusetts & California; farmland to inner-city. How’s that for a cross-section of various types of people I’ve lived among? AND THE GAY ONES ARE SOME OF THE BEST FRIENDS I’VE ENCOUNTERED. So have a beer for me too, and then go ahead and pukeee on your own. I’m done listening to your immature reactions to openmindedness and acceptance of differences (what America was all about when it was founded, if you’ll remember 5th grade history…)

  343. Oh, yeah, right back on track. THIS is why I come back for more and more. To watch people make sillies of themselves not realizing that this post is really not about the Doodlebops. They are able to read 344 posts (345 if you are reading this one) and still try to make the same arguments as the people of post 12. And nothing has changed. This falls right into Jesse’s ingenious project. Jesse, is it okay if I start calling you John “Hannibal” Smith? I, too, love it when a plan comes together.

    P.S. Happy Postday! I’m 7 days late, as usual. I always buy the card early and then forget to send it. Sorry! I’ll try and do better on your 2nd Postday. I’m sure you’ll still be around!

  344. readingafterdumbasses,

    LOL That’s right, I am laughing AT you! We are dumbasses? You read 300+ posts to make that lame ass comment? Using multiple dots like yours is an indication of your complete lack of education. There is no such punctuation in the american language. The closest thing to it is an ellipsis. (I will wait while you look the word up.) It is obvious that you don’t have self-control or you would have stopped reading long ago and moved on to something else. No, you had to read the comments and add your own worthless 2 cents. As it has been said by momof2, and others in prior posts, this isn’t just about the doodlebops. That is how it started before it took on a life of it’s own. You also lack originality, look at the name your using. This is a group of adults venting, yes, we need to vent sometimes. (Grr, even Arn. lol)]

    I know I said I wouldn’t tease the animals, but you said nothing about removing the vermin!

  345. Arn, yes, maybe the freaks DO come out at night–but I post during the day, as you can see. I’ve lived in England, Texas, Massachusetts & California; farmland to inner-city. How’s that for a cross-section of various types of people I’ve lived among?

    Uh,so what! Does that really mean anything substantial? I’ve lived in Georgia,Alabama,Florida,Texas,Tennessee and California(cal has more weirdos per capita than any other state),so that dosesn’t mean diddly squat.So stererotyping areas or states is MOOT! So you have gay friends! whoopie! Should you receive a freaking medal? I get peeved when left-wing liberals label anyone that dislikes gays as “closed minded” or ignorant,you stereotype more than anyone else in here does..If you like that,then by all means,GO FOR IT! As for me,i’ll stick to normal folks with decent values..Have a good day momof3 and sorry,get your own beer~~~~! this 6- pack is mine..

  346. Arn, Who’s passing out beer? Who’s trying to steal your beer? So we’ve moved past the Doodlebop and people bashing to beer stealing? What is this post coming to anyway? And thanks for the good day - it is one!

    Lilac, Great minds think alike. At least there are a few of us that see what this is really all about - and it’s not Doodlebops. This is a WWE wrestling arena for people to try and stuff their own views down everyone else’s throats. And I, for one, am choking. Not so much because I don’t think that people have the right to express their own “Doodlebop” views, but more because people are so intolerable of the views of others. Oh, well, I guess the the few of us that understand can’t change the whole Doodlebop post world.

    Ding, ding, ding. Round 5.

  347. I have a “free beer for the gays” policy. Actually, it’s “free beer for everyone who doesn’t piss me off,” but the former is funnier.

  348. Well said, momof2. Ding, ding, Round 6! Arn, I told you where I was from because you asked. I never asked for a medal. I just wish people would not judge others based on sexual orientation. How does that make me a stereotyper? I don’t give a shit if people are gay, straight, bisexual, black, white, rich, stupid, short, fat, whatever. I give a shit about whether they’re going to treat my kids right, or not shoot me, or be a friend I can depend on to be there when life hands me crap. You hating an entire section of the population because you aren’t comfortable seeing 2 men kissing and holding hands, makes me pissed off and sad for what this country might be like for my kids. Views like yours teach hate based on nothing. That sucks. Normal folks with decent values? Like our president? (who uses terms like that all the time?) Born-again Christian recovering alcoholics who invade the WRONG country, based on lies he fabricated about weapons, unnecessarily killing thousands of young, devoted people who thought they were doing the right thing signing up for the military? Those normal folks with decent values? Gimme a break.

  349. See, Jesse, a whole ‘nother can of worms. It never ends. Told you I’d be able to wish your post a Happy 2nd! And people stll think that they can solve the problems of the
    world on a Doodlebops post. I don’t know what you’ve started, Jesse, but I still think that you need to contact some sort of institution for a study on this!
    Can everyone see how this has moved over the past year? Let’s do a comparison study….

    Lisa on April 18th, 2005: It’s not a clown! It’s a doodlebop!

    Arn on February 20th, 2006: My 2 year old despises The Doodleflops,he threw his bottle at DeeDee,and said(I swear on this),”RETARD!”..LOL…

    coolmomof3 (although that is up for debate) on April 26th, 2006: …who invade the WRONG country, based on lies he fabricated about weapons, unnecessarily
    killing thousands of young, devoted people who thought they were doing the right thing signing up for the military?

    Oh, how the times have changed.
    It’s come a long way, baby.

  350. Make “love” not war Coolmom0f3..geesh,this site has taken a dramatic turn(pardon the pun),to the “LEFT”…Good,let the gays fight the war and all the straight folks can come home..Momof2 that earlier thread about my baby throwing his bottle at the TV wasn’t true,just did that to irratate sir Jesse..I still would share a beer with momof2 anyday,but sorry momof3,get your own!

  351. If this site were any farther left it would be communist.

  352. Arn,
    First you swear your child said retard, now you say it isn’t true? Seems like you are very untrustworthy. Not that I trust online personalities but come on. As far as I can tell you like to blow hot air around here. This is the last comment I will waste on you, since there is no point in arguing with someone who cannot say what he means and mean what he say. Take a stand man and stick with it!


    I don’t give a shit if people are gay, straight, bisexual, black, white, rich, stupid, short, fat, whatever. I give a shit about whether they’re going to treat my kids right, or not shoot me, or be a friend I can depend on to be there when life hands me crap… you aren’t comfortable seeing 2 men kissing and holding hands, makes me pissed off and sad for what this country might be like for my kids. Views like yours teach hate based on nothing.

    You should give a shit if you care about your kids. You should care if gays, or straights, are announcing their sexual orientation within view of your children. I think the public displays by some gays is horrible. I don’t mind knowing someone is gay but I will be damned if my children have to see it in public. I am not even a fan of them seeing straights show public affection but at least that doesn’t offend my religious beliefs. My cousin is gay and I love him but he does not act “gay” in front of my children. My oldest knows what being gay is and believes it to be another lifestyle but again she doesn’t have to see it to understand.

    You should care about the stupid people in the world. Don’t be naive and ignorant. This is not a peaceful world singing kumbiya. You need to worry about the shady characters and some are in that list of yours. You wont know till it is too late if they treat your kids right, want to shoot you or even if they are dependable. In this world we need to trust our intuition but also be aware that we can be wrong. Don’t ignore it for the sake of “what this country might be”. Do you really think this country cares about you and your kids? Politicians care more about what is going on around the world and ignore the problems within it’s own borders. Will you care when you are face to face with violence by one of those in your list? How long after such an act before you find yourself poisened to all with similar characteristics? How long before the government protects you from furthur acts? Do they ever?

  353. Jesse,
    I think that coolmomof3 (

  354. momof2: you think what?

  355. You should give a shit if you care about your kids. You should care if gays, or straights, are announcing their sexual orientation within view of your children. I think the public displays by some gays is horrible. I don’t mind knowing someone is gay but I will be damned if my children have to see it in public. I am not even a fan of them seeing straights show public affection but at least that doesn’t offend my religious beliefs. My cousin is gay and I love him but he does not act “gay” in front of my children. My oldest knows what being gay is and believes it to be another lifestyle but again she doesn’t have to see it to understand.

    Bravo Lilac! I was starting to lose faith in you.We seldom agree on anything in here,but this thread was pretty good..Public displays by gays kissing is “horrible”! Letting your children see that gives a wrong impression that can damage them…Funny how some say they don’t mind someone being gay,but when it comes to their kids they get very protective?..If you accept homosexuality,then you have to accept all aspects of the gay culture.Lilac you cousin is gay,so you accept that good,but he dosen’t act that way in front of your kids right?

    So that means he is ashamed of being gay? why dosen’t he have to hide it in front of your kids? if your cool with him,let him kiss his bf in front on them..In this crazy PC world,it’s ok to be tolerant,but only when certain situations to be gay now,but not in front of the kids.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! interesting senario.

  356. Actually, Jesse, I have no idea. Somehow the beautiful (written while half asleep), witty (boring) and prophetic (same stuff I write every day) prose (3rd grade bookreport) that I had spent hours (minutes) on yesterday did not make it to the post of intellectual (self-serving), calm (Howard-Dean-screaming) and open-minded (coolmomof3) peers that I relish (sweet pickle) in reading every day to help challenge my mind (don’t want to do the dishes). I will try and think of what point I was trying to make yesterday and get that to you later. I’m sure everyone is on the edge of their seats.
    Until then, Momof2 (momof2)

  357. Act “gay?” Are you just talking about being a “flamer” or are you assuming that all homosexuals treat public streets like giant sex rooms? Are you saying that you wouldn’t want to see two men or two women give each other a peck on the cheek or lips? What about a hug? Would you want to see a man and a woman tongue kiss in front of your kids?

    As far as “accepting all aspects of the gay culture,” that’s a bunch of shit. I accept Arn as a human being, but I don’t accept everything that he says.

  358. A friendly(non gay)hug is acceptable,a stick your tongue down someones throat in front of kids (gay or straight) is unaccetable also..

    Would you want to see a man and a woman tongue kiss in front of your kids?

    As far as “accepting all aspects of the gay culture,” that’s a bunch of shit. I accept Arn as a human being, but I don’t accept everything that he says.

    Nope I wouldn’t want to see two gay men kissing in front of my kids…That’s how I feel..I only brought this up because of lilacs post about she loves her gay cousin,but dosen’t like him kissing another man in front of the kids…Yeeeeeeeeeeeow this room gets stranger by the min lol..Well go to a GAY PRIDE parade and tell me if their not being Flamers! they flaunt it more than spring breakers at Panama City Beach..gesssssssssssh the moral decay in this country lol..

  359. Act “gay?” Are you just talking about being a “flamer” or are you assuming that all homosexuals treat public streets like giant sex rooms? Are you saying that you wouldn’t want to see two men or two women give each other a peck on the cheek or lips? What about a hug? Would you want to see a man and a woman tongue kiss in front of your kids?

    What I am referring to is aggressive affection. ***This goes for straights and gays, I thought I made that clear.*** My cousin is very affectionate with his boyfriend. From what he tells me they can be all over each other in public. When I say act “gay” I mean making out with a MAN in public or in the same room as my children. Also refer to the fact that I said SOME gays, not all or even most, I said SOME. I, in no way, lumped all gays into the same catagory. Unfortunately my cousin is one of those that is too affectionate in my opinion. Peck on cheek and a hug is not aggressive. As I said in my post NO, I don’t want to see a straight couple french kiss in front of my children anymore than I want to see a gay couple do it. I especially have a problem when the couple is a young teen pair but that is another issue all together.

    Notice how Arn twisted my comment while agreeing with me. That is not good. Take what I say as a complete thought; don’t just pick what you want. I agree with Jesse, I don’t have to accept everything about a subject in order to be OK with it. If I want to agree with it that is another story. I accept gays as another lifestyle, I do not agree with it. I am pro-choice but I have serious problems with abortion. I believe in minority rights but I have a problem with minorities given SPECIAL treatment. (This goes for women too) I support liberals but I refuse to vote, at least till there is a worthy person regardless of political affiliation. You have to understand that life in not black and white, you have to consider the gray area as well. When I take a stand, I make specific stands based on my beliefs, opinions, and research.

  360. Not sure, nor do I care, if anyone sees me as open-minded or not but let me just say this…

    Be open-minded but don’t forget to take out the trash!

  361. Maybe one day Rooney and Moe will kiss each other on the show? Wouldn’t that be a hoot! How can you accept gays as another lifestyle but do not agree with it? So many contradictions in here it’s getting ludicrous..Thats like saying I love minorities but i’m “PRO WHITE!”..I admire your stand on issues and that also goes for others 2..If someone says something objectionable,you have a right to criticize any issue,good,bad,or indifferent..You have objections to some forms of “public displays” of attention,I can buy that..Good thread Lilac lol…well done : )

  362. Arn, this is not a “room.”

  363. I wonder where Sarah and Cari went? I so enjoyed their cat-fights with each other. Let’s have a moment of silence for their absence. They really were using their noggins to tear each other apart. I think that their competition was to see you could use the biggest words. I’m not 100% sure , but I bet that they were just using thier computer’s thesarus. I would love to see their outlook on Arn & Lilac. Maybe they could join evil forces to try and defeat them. It’s funny that Arn and Sarah are kind of making the same arguments, but still fighting with each other. I think that they are really brother and sister. Or maybe Arn is both and is just fighting with himself. lol. He is a fighter, that’s for sure. And something else I didn’t know about Arn is this new love that he has. I wonder why he hasn’t told us this before? Just kidding, Arn. Now go have a beer and teach your child a new mean word. Have a great day!

  364. Defeat me? Ha Ha

    Not possible. I declare myself undefeated! Someone can object but I called it first.

    I barely noticed the cat fight, guess it wasn’t as entertaining as the biggest contridicter of all, especially in regards to his/her own comments!

  365. Lilac,
    Your forces are greater than I thought. Note that I said Cari and Sarah could “try”! I did not say that they would prevail. You and Arn are definately forces to be reckoned with. You really should, however, go back and read Cari and Sarah’s arguments. The fur was flying. Quite entertaining!

    Now - on with the show!

  366. Arn is fighting with himself? Is that a euphemism for something, like “punching the clown”?

  367. Jesse
    Well, I never heard that one. Let me look it up tomorrow and get back to you.

    I am in the middle of three major papers. I will reread those posts when I have more time. Thanks, but I am done fighting that force. It is like trying to contain the wind. Except the wind has a purpose.

  368. No need to fight anyone..Besides you would Recieve a TKO 123 down for the count…Jesse your Avatar is cute,but I love that certain womanly area that all straight men enjoy…Shame of you Jesse hehehehe that was just plain uncalled for,now go to your room and read some Richie Rich comic books…No need to punch a clown,however if you feel like it,I can punch you if ya like hehehehe!Lilac leave Sarah alone,she is ok,besides Cari deserved it anyways..And Happy May Day Jesse(for the uninformed thats the Communist Day celebration),i’m sure you’ll be marching along with the rest..

  369. You are all a bunch of fucktards.

  370. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I said nothing about Sarah or Cari. Go back to school and learn how to read!

  371. ok, in an attempt to avoid work, I skimmed the ‘arguement’ between those ladies. I didn’t find it that entertaining. I kinda feel that there was too much nit picking going on. That is probably why I didn’t recall reading it. I think women can be brutal to one another. Don’t men trip us up enough without our fellow women kicking us while we are down? I think that all women should stop harrassing each other and try to figure out why men are better at getting along with each other. ***I am not speaking in a homosexual sense.*** I am referring to the fact that a group of men get together and watch sports without having to resort to hair pulling and name calling. We are suppose to be better at communication and empathetic and yet women treat other women like crap! The only time women come together in groups is when they have been knocked down a notch by fate. (example being women affected by breast cancer) I move a lot and I find that my friends tend to be men because it takes too long to get past the wall women put up. It hasn’t helped that these days you don’t know the difference between a woman that is interested in making a new friend and one that is hitting on you! I thought it would be obvious but, LOL, it isn’t!

  372. Jesse I guess in you can suck your own cock(because i’m sure no woman will)…..Ask Rooney,I think he would Oblige ya..
    I am truly sorry for all of the stupid things that I have been saying here.

  373. Lilac,

    It was tongue in cheeck. In the future, I’ll make sure I tell you ahead of time. I hope your three papers are not graded on their comedic value.

  374. You cup you’re own balls you perv lol…I bet you suffer from “limp wrist!” from all that effort you put into when you’re alone with a Playboy Mag.BTW has anyone told you have a resemblance to Ted Bundy? Kinda freaked me out a little! I hope you are not hiding anyone in the freezer ~~~~~~~!
    I wish that I could make friends of my own.

  375. momof2,
    No need to be rude just because I don’t agree with you. But thank you for proving my point!

    May Day is much more than a communist day celebration. The following is from wikipedia,

    May Day is a name for various holidays celebrated on May 1 (or in the beginning of May generally.) Today, May Day is best known as an international holiday celebrating labor and workers, and is often associated with socialism and Communism. May Day is an official government labor holiday in many countries. As an international celebration of labor, May Day is an especially important holiday in Communist countries such as the People’s Republic of China. May 1st was a traditional pagan holiday in much of pre-Christian Europe, including the celebrations of Beltane in Celtic countries and Walpurgis Night in Germanic countries. These holidays were springtime seasonal holidays and not related to labor or work. Traditional celebration of these holidays faded as Europe became Christianized, but some local traditions, such as the Maypole, remain common to this day (though now usually divested of any explicit references to paganry). Many neopagans today celebrate May 1st as a holiday. International Workers’ Day (a name used interchangeably with May Day) is the commemoration of the Haymarket Riot of 1886 in Chicago, and a celebration of the social and economic achievements of the international labor movement. The 1 May date is used because in 2000 the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions, inspired by labor’s 1872 success in Canada, demanded an eight-hour workday in the United States to come in effect as of May 1, 1886. This resulted in a general strike and the riot in Chicago of 1886, but eventually also in the official sanction of the eight-hour workday. The May Day Riots of 1894 and May Day Riots of 1919 occurred subsequently. In 2001, the first congress of the Second International called for international demonstrations on the 1890 anniversary of the Chicago riot. These were so successful that May Day was formally recognized as an annual event at the International’s second congress in 1891.

    As I said, do your research! I knew it was international labor day but rather than argue I looked it up. Good thing too because I didn’t believe Arn’s comment, make note it was only partially correct.

    I also realize, momof2, that his comment was not a passing of knowledge so much as an insult to someone. That doesn’t mean we can’t know the facts.

  376. Lilac,did you really have to go into a long diatribe about May Day? It is an insignificant day in the states,so that wasn’t necessary to go into deep details..Jessie go blow the neighbors dog and spare me the details,what you do in private is you’re own business,leave out the disturbing details please..Lilac are you from Minnesota? seems to be a liberal hot bed? I guess any state that would elect an ex-professional wrestler to Gov can’t be all the bad ahem!!!!!!!
    If only I were the least bit intelligent.

  377. Lilac, thanks for the May Day summary!

  378. Hmmm, Lilac, I’m not quite sure where I was rude. All I was saying is that it was meant to be funny, you turned it serious, I was again funny, and again you went serious. Me=funny You=serious. That’s all. Gee, I’m not sure what happened, but it seems like I remember us bantering back and forth in the past.

    Maybe I’m just tired and have had a long day, but I really have no idea why this comment “I also realize, momof2, that his comment was not a passing of knowledge so much as an insult to someone. That doesn’t mean we can’t know the facts.” is directed toward me. If it’s Arn’s joke that you don’t like, well, I really have no control over the content of his material. He must have a bad agent. Was the entire May Day thing done on my behalf? My name starts it, and then my name is in the last sentence, but I’m really not sure about the whole middle section.

    I do apologize if I have offended you. I hope that this will not put a damper on our Doodlebops post relationship. I meant no harm. Only laughs.


  379. Jesse no offense man,you are getting a little weird.Please find a woman if practical.Being a computer nerd has warped you’re sensabilities,please get a life before all hope is lost.Watching Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and the movie Brokeback Mountain has apparently had a profound impact on you’re sexuality,maybe Lilac can accomdate you’re needs!
    I am starting to think that maybe I would be a better person if I didn’t expend so much energy hating everyone.

  380. momof2,

    I perceived this comment as rude and insulting…

    It was tongue in [cheek]. In the future, I’ll make sure I tell you ahead of time. I hope your three papers are not graded on their comedic value.

    Maybe you didn’t intend it to be, but I felt insulted. I am usually a serious person, not from Minnesota, but I can joke with the best of them. I simply didn’t PERCEIVE your comment as funny especially since it didn’t contain any evidence of being funny. Example being LOL, HaHa, or even just kidding.

    Sorry I didn’t put Arn’s name with the May Day, because I want to only refer to him indirectly, so no it wasn’t directed at you. The last comment was for you because I was again serious, and you had already pointed out my apparent lack of humor.

    Let’s just forget the whole thing but it is a good idea to indicate when trying to be funny rather than insulting. Especially since others here enjoy insulting each other. It is hard to get others to perceive things the way they are meant to be perceived at times.

    Hey Jesse,
    I was always taught that people of intelligence don’t have to resort to the type of comments that you and Arn have been making. To be honest your getting a little too graphic and coming across as a perv. I have always thought of you as a relatively smart person, dont let me down.

    Grow up! You’re an idiot that doesn’t have the brain power to argue with anyone. Your comments range from unintelligent to unreliable and most are fictitious. I think it is time for you to stop projecting your issues on others. I recommend you see a good therapist.

  381. Lilac, thanks for the compliment, but let me disabuse you of any illusions that you might have: I AM a total perv.

  382. Lilac,
    I would have been able to “forget the whole thing” if the apology had been accepted, and well enough had been left alone. However, I am insulted that you would not only continue to chastise me for a past post, but also try and dictate my future ones. Please do not treat me as some unintelligent moron with no manners who needs some life coaching on the proper etiquette of posting comments. I feel as though you think you are smarter than me, and perhaps you are. I’m dissapointed that you still felt it necessary to put me down, even after an apology was offered. You stated earlier that you tend to have more friendships with men. If this is how you treat people in real life, I know that I would feel inadequate to have a friendship with you. I feel as though the “others here” that “enjoy insulting each other” would include you as well. This is my perception of your response.

    A question that I have is what being serious, from Minnesota, and able to joke have in common? I didn’t understand that sentence.

    To clarify how this comment is meant to be perceived, I would like to make note that my intentions are in no way meant to brutal, harassing, a kick while you are down, or a way to treat you like crap. I also have no intentions of hair pulling or name calling. My statements are meant to be neither funny nor insulting, but simply a rebuttal statement to your response. Please take it as that.

  383. Lilac two words for you FUCK YOU! You are without a doubt an arrogant prude.I don’t mind a put-down or sarcastic rambling from time to time,but you’re totally obnoxious and downright mean..I can laugh and not take Jesse too seriously,he isn’t a bad guy and I really have nothing personal against him,he is a guy and eventhough we have no mutual respect for each other,I know where he is coming from..Momof2 I can respect as well,she seems like a hoot! She calls them as she sees them,so nothing wrong with that..Don’t worry Lilac I have the brain power(never assume anyhing until you actually meet the person face to face),also have physical power as well..To me you’re just an uptight bitch that had difficulty meeting guys growing up and feels resentful when others succeed while you flounder.You can insult anyone in a website,but can you do it face to face? I doubt it seriously,to me you should keep that keghole shut and stay in the kitchen,providing that you can even cook?(Microwave dosen’t count lol).Jesse being a perv is making too many enemies,so you better stop before Lilac calls out NOW and any feminist organization that would cut you’re testies off in a Minnesota min yeeeeeeeow!Once again Jesse if you are gay ok,fine! just don’t flaunt it hehehehe : ).Lilac remember,if you cannot say anything nice,don’t say it at all,if you want to be a bitch,then go somewhere else..
    I feel so much better about life now that I am learning to accept other people.

  384. Jesse,

    Wow, what strong words, NOT. I will not apologize for being mean to you. You make a point of including me in every post you write TO SOMEONE ELSE. Your the one who continue’s to say rude things to me FIRST as well as other people here. I just respond with things you apparently can’t handle hearing. If you leave me out of your future comments, I will leave you alone as well. How about that?

    I thought I was answering your question, like the May Day thing. I wasn’t chastising you. I was explaining myself. I am sorry if you feel I treated you as less than intelligent. I feel that everyone, including me, would be best in adding something that indicates a light hearted joke. I am done explaining myself and if you had read all the posts you would have understood the Minnesota addition to my comment. Again thank you for illustrating my earlier points.

  385. No, no, Lilac, I want to thank you. Thank you for proving once again your superior intelligence. I get it. You win, if that makes you feel better. If you feel as though you need to continue berating me in order to get it all out of your system, feel free. You have my complete attention. Unfortunately, however, I may not have the brains to understand what you are saying, but I can always hire a tutor.

  386. That’s it, all of you shut the fuck up. I’m closing comments on this until at least after finals. You will all have to suffer not having the last word.

    Arn, for your own safety please consider using a dental dam when rimming your boyfriend. I know that you complain about not being able to “feel the road,” but risk-taking behavior isn’t as “cool” as you seem to think.

  387. I’m off to my last final of the week, so I’m opening comments back up. Have fun, but the old rule is back in effect: if you aren’t funny, I will yell at you until you cry.

    Except for Arn, whose sexual awakening is not funny at all.

  388. Jesse,I hope you get arrested and thrown into a Thai jail.If you find yourself in a precarious position,say the magic words:Gao pen tua mia khorng chan! or Yet Mang tood-muek and i’m sure you’ll never turn back to heterosexuality again(if you ever did in the 1st place!)..Glad your back,now watch your back hehehehehe..PEACE!
    And by peace I mean that sense of peace and well being that I live in now.

  389. this is really sad. first off, if chad mcnamara IS gay, who cares? he has every right to be on any show he wants to be. being gay isn’t something contagious or “learned”, it’s something built into a person’s genetic make-up…so, having a character who may act effeminate or gay on a children’s show isn’t bad, it’s progressive. there are homosexuals in the world and children need to learn this and accept these people for who they are…so let’s broaden their horizons before they’re old enough to learn a prejudice. it’s not like he’s going to make out with someone on a children’s show…and if your child does see two gay people making out, smply explain to them, like every other rational person, that they are two responsible adults with a different lifestyle choice. not so hard, is it?

    it is really horrible that, when discussing a children’s show, you turn the conversation into a gay-bashing bonanza. GROW UP. it is people with your immaturity level (and bad grasp of basic spelling and grammar) that teach the children of our country to be hateful towards people who are different than them. if someone is gay, deal with it. you’d want the same respect if you were as well. to all the people who are defending homosexuals on this site, bravo for being open-minded. for the rest of you, learn to behave like rational adults.

    i came on this website accidentally while searching on the internet with the four year old girl i nanny for to look for information on the doodlebops because she wanted to know more about them…i found this pitiful excuse for a discussion on the show at the top of my search results. what happened to actually discussing the show? as a person who has many friends who are gay, i find this quite disheartening, because many of you are parents who obviously teach your kids behaviors like this. kind of makes me not want to have kids if the positive behaviors i teach them will be counteracted by the hatred you teach yours.

    i am a heavily-tattooed bisexual woman who has just obtained a degree in social sciences and is leaving this present job for a new one next week. if the people i nanny for or the workplace i’m going to were as close-minded as some of you, i might not have a job. so, thanks for making me feel more jaded about the future of our country and what behaviors kids are learning.

    p.s.-if you “don’t agree with a lifestyle” but don’t act against it, that’s not acceptance. that’s purely tolerance, and it’s unethical to merely tolerate something purely because you find it offensive, rather than it actually being harmful. just a little lesson in ethics.

  390. Arn, your fantasies are getting kind of explicit. Think of the children!

  391. Jesse,don’t drop the Soap! Think of your Virginity!
    I wish you only the best, Jesse. You’ve taught me a lot.

  392. Woosh! Boy did I miss alot! I don’t even know where to start. momof2, I was glad when you started popping in, it definitely freshened things up a bit. Not sure how my posts ended up sounding like the same argument Arn was making. Although, I am not sure what argument Arn is making at all really. So maybe we ARE making the same point and I just THOUGHT he sounded like a pig a lot of the time… Anyway, I was bummed that you and Lilac started out happy shiny and ended up sounding (not to be insulting, honestly) alot like Cari and I! Funny how it happens like that! Lilac, I was surprised since you had that whole paragraph about women not picking each other apart. Which is true sometimes. Although most men will say they don’t have walls built up because they’re not worried about having their feelings hurt if the person ends up being a dick. Whereas we are supposedly more sensitive, and by our twenties, we’ve already befriended too many that ended up being jerks and hurting our feelings. Up go the walls. But Cari really is just a balls to the wall snot.

    Thanks for the moment of silence. That was heartwarming :-)

    Now, my official apology to you all for taking so long to come back. It took me forever to put my bubble brained booby bird costume together for my rendevous with Mike. But it’s absolutely perfect now, since I am five and a half months pregnant. Mike! Where are you, Mike!?

  393. THIS SHOW IS HORRIBLE! I can’t stand it! It has got to be one of the worst kids shows ever. AND I LOVE KIDS SHOWS! My 5 year old can’t even sit through an episode! I don’t know what is more lame, the show, the fact that there is a message board about it, or that I am writing a message on it about it. And you people only think ROONEY is gay? I’m a mother of two and I think even I could give Moe a good beating, and enjoy doing so! That dude is COMPLETLEY gay. (not that there is anything wrong with that) ;-)

  394. KIDATHEART, you want to beat off Moe?

  395. KIDATHEART bravo! Finally a rational person with a rational reply..Doodles are totally lame and Rooney is as fruity as a Fruitcake.The singing is terrible,the costumes grotesque.Even the Wiggles aren’t as hokey as the Doodleberries! Gee,what has TV come to?KIDATHEART I wish you would beat Moe with a BAT lol j/k.
    If only there were some way that someone could go back and change every thing that I have written to reflect love instead of hate. Love love love.

  396. Jesse: Sure I’d love to give Moe a BEATING, not beat him off. He is the ugliest of all three by far. BTW, what’s my grade? How was my punctuation and spelling?
    That is what I laughed at most on this board. I can’t stand people who don’t spell correctly, even though I am usually one of them. Some of these people can’t even spell the abbreviations to the words right.
    I really didn’t know this post was so old until after I posted on it. Perhaps you gave up and are just dumbfounded that people are still posting…LOL

    Arn: Despite your disgusting “loves the cock” pic, I am glad you liked my post.

    I wish I had something funny to say, but Arn’s pic makes me uncomfortable and well, I got kids for cryin out loud! Enjoy hating this show everyone, I know I do!

  397. BTW Jesse, I meant to spell the word crying “cryin”. I wanted to sound as Hillbilly as possible…

  398. Sorry KIDATHEART.But the moderator sir Jesse put that disgusting pic on here,not me..He is a major weirdo/perv,so please blame him,not me lol..Moe is probably bi? but Rooney is a flamer all the way,no doubt about it.I like your style on posting kid,usually I get bashed by the gay lovers in here,and all I do is voice my opinion,nothing more,nothing less..
    Every day I grow as a person, and I learn to love one more soul on this earth.

  399. Arn: your unasked-for opinion, which we have heard thoroughly and completely. You are banned.

  400. To Arn: Dude, I am sorry to dissapoint you, but I am not that hung up on disliking homosexuals. It is such a dead issue in today’s society. I did my fare share of
    stereotyping and I am already done.
    Not every opinion has to be screemed from a pulpit. I think you were banned because in expressing your views, you went too far and spouted hatred.
    I would NEVER really beat any Doodlebops up, gay or not. If I did it would be due to their annoying fake smiles and horribly ugly color choices for costumes. Which brings me
    back to Moe…HELLO, red and yellow do not go together!

    To Jesse: Ok, I will probably be banned too, since I didn’t make with the funny. I just don’t want Arn to lump me into his category of persons. I certainly wouldn’t let someone force me to change my views. On the other hand, I don’t feel the need to try to force others to view things my way. Hatred is the main source of evil in humans, and I will not
    take part in hatred. I hope my comments were not too offensive.

  401. KIDATHEART: Arn was banned only because he annoyed me. He can believe and say what he wants, but if he is going to post every day he had better amuse me. which he doesn’t. Not at all.

  402. Arn, drop me a line sometime at

  403. Wow, it has been so very quiet without Arn bothering me. I’m so glad to see that he’s changed his ways, though. Congratulations on your new outlook on life, Arn. Kudos!

  404. Man,you one wierd guy,creating a Doodlebops site,don’t diss my friend,he is very cool.Find a life bro~~!

    I think you’ve taught all of us a lot, really. Thank you. Thank you more than I can say.

  405. Arn, when I say banned, I mean banned. I didn’t mention you just so you’d come back from the dead.

  406. This Doesn’t even show what they look like without their make-up.

  407. Yesterday I watched this show for the first time, due to this damn summer insomnia. Nevertheless, um my friend and I actually watched the entire episode and I watched it again today. lol i need a life. i wish i had kids to blame this on but im 17… not only am i watching the show, im actually posting on a message board about them. am i crazy lol? aw well. its an awesome show with some cool songs lol. “tweet tweet, polly wanna quack quack. hoot hoot, cock-a-doodle doo doo, bock bock coo-coo. bird is the word.” lol….

  408. I think that anyone who is that worried about a an actor being gay needs to look in the mirror. One would think that by now we would all be over it. As for Deedee i would love t see her out of makeup. she looks really hot.
    The show is for kids Just get over it and let the kids enjoy some entertaining shows that make them laugh and sing at thier level.
    I watched the show for the first time with my niece she really enjoys it and thats all that matters

  409. Well “Jesse”, I think that the funniest part about this blog site is that you are a spelling NAZI! My girl loves to dance to the music during the shows and the things that make her happy make me happy. I like the Doddle Bops and would be proud if I had been given the opportunity to become a figure in so many childrens lives across two Countries. I also love the costums and how they refelct each charatcers unique abilities, DeDe singing, Rooney guitar, and Moe drums. This show teaches children that people have differences and are all unique and individual. SEXUALITY plays no part in the overall message of this show, especially to the kids that watch it, we forget that our kids give a new and fresh perspetive to the world that surrounds them. They are innocent and not perverted or biased as we adults have learned to be. Let thenm enjoy the fun and innocent times before reality changes their perspectives. Oh! Chad McNamara is TOTALLY FINE! And that comment is regardless of his own personal sexual preferences, what ever they may be!

  410. Why are you guys arguing over if a childs character is gay? Thats pathetic! If someone would pay
    me the money like the doodlebops, wiggles, or etc I would act gay as they wanted me to. Just because
    they are on a kids show does not mean they are gay. I guess you people would rather your kids learn
    how to do drugs, or learn how to be an excaped convict or something. Rather than them sitting and watching
    the doodlebops sing and dance and learn. Just like gidgamom said sexuality should not be a part of a kids tv show anyways. If one of the doodlebops is gay that is in his private life not in the tv show!

  411. I don’t care what anyone says about Chad but he is soooo hot and I love him. I would do him anytime, even if i am just a teenager. You are all big fat retarded losers that only care about who’s gay and who’s not. The only reason you all care about Rooney being gay is because you want to know if he’d like you back, you gay person, you. Why does gayness matter? If he’s gay, I’d still go out with him because he’s hot and Chad would love for me to be his. Anyway, you wish you could shake your butt as well as Chad and sing like that. I’m wasting my time writing to all you losers when I could be watching The Doodlebops just because I love Chad and his costume that makes his butt look huge. Everyone who read any of this is wasting their time when you should *get on the bus* and stare at Chad be hott on the show. CHAD McNAMARA IS HOT AND YOU’RE NOT AND YOU STINK IF YOU DON’T THINK THAT HE’S HOT! Okay, I’m done. Wait! I forgot to say that Chad is so freakin sexy one more time just to annoy the crap out of you some more. Okay, now I’m done. BYE!!!! P.S. I love you, Chad!!! P.P.S. Chad is so talented and cute. P.P.P.S. Chad is the true meaning of sexy. P.P.P.P.S. Did I mention I hate anyone who hates Chad? No? Well, now you all know. Oh, and I love Chad. Uhh, yeah, I’m done now. Au Revoir!

  412. I think if the kids are happy and getting education then it doesn’t matter! why are people even talking about it on the internet! leave that person alone! no one cares! that gay person isn’t trying to make us gay with him! they are just minding their own business… its personal! leave their life alone! if they are willing to do a show just for kids to help them learn then what is the problem? atleast they arn’t the people on the side of road that sell our children drugs! they are trying to help them! and some people that are gay can be some of the nicest people! if they arn’t hurting any body then what is the problem? more gay people less kids! we have too many kids in foster homes and adopting services then anything rightnow! leave those people alone! its all about the kids now! if they are happy that is what we want right? and they will grow up happy if the doodlebops keep going.. i watch it cause i baby sit and you wouldn’t believe how happy he gets when he watches them. And i get happy just watching him be happy! the last thing we need in this world is unhappy children. So who cares if one is gay atleast they are making a difference.I never used to watch them when i was really little but i can relate i an’t that old.. i am only 15 years old, and i think it is pretty stupid to put the gay people down when all they are doing is making the kids in this world happy.. i would be thinking them right now if i were you.

  413. ok… i guess you people don’t know why they wear the funny costumes and the knee pads. its not really cause they want to! its cause they have to! they are not gonna go and dress like gangsta on a freakin kids show! god! you people need to learn alot more.. im mean…i am 15! you guys should know why they wear those things too! i guess you people want your kids to grow up on a show like America’s most wanted or something… and then your kids will end up like that… on that show!

  414. I think the idea that two gay men are in Doodlebops is an amazing thing. I know one of the men personally(Chad McNamara) and he is a talented and very funny person. The fact that he is very gay and loves men, shouldn’t come into the picture. Chad created this character mostly from his gay experiences. He is an artist. And most artist are gay. Van Gogh, Davinci, Picasso, Warhol, Burton Morris. All very gay men who love to make love to men. So what—–I love the Doodlebops and can’t wait to see Chad again!!!! He is super hot!! what an ass!!!!! Go Doodlebops…bop me!!

    :) T

  415. I love the doodlebops and i am 16 years old they dont sound like a preschool band i love them i recorded some of their songs on my cell phone so i can listen to them all the time…I hop etheir tickets arent to much cause id love to go to one of their concerts…I might be to old but i dont care

  416. wow this is a really weird site are you all from america and if you are it expains alot. The only reason i found this site is because my sister has a crush on chad and we wanted to find a pic of him with out makeup and we found this and we only had to read a couple of these comments to know two things none of you guys have lives and are you all determined to make little kids hate them. my sis being 6 and homophobic once i expained to her what gay meant she hates him and will never watch it again. i dont know what makes the wiggles so cool. the doodlebops are still freakin scary but so are the wiggles. i rather my little sister watch young gay people then 50 year gay people. and this jesse you are fucked for putting this site up to find humor in bashing a kid show i think you re just mad because it is legal to get married to a guy here but any way hope you find your funny post and you need a girlfriend anyway i have a life and im going to hang wit my friends right now see ya


  418. Well, this has been a terrifying rollercoaster ride through a website, it really has. I found this site while looking for tour information about the Doodlebops. It has been horribly fascinating, and I fear for many of you. The Doodlebops is a children’s television programme, nothing more. it is not about to tell any of us the meaning of life, solve our problems or bring about world peace. And as for the all encompassing gay thing, it seems to me that many of you need to get yourselves some sort of hobby, or a life or something. I also found it sad that much of the argument here consists of either personal abuse towards those with whom you disagree or the irritating pastime of commenting on typographical errors or spelling mistakes. And as for this requirement to “Bring the funny!” Not a single one of you has done that. There’s nothing funny about abusing people who cannot defend themselves. In Scotland we call that bullying. What a waste of time, this has been! Time, I think, for me to return to the adult world.

  419. scottish lady: Your grade is an F, for being Scottish. Also, there is no “me” on the end of the word “program.” I understand that British subjugation forces you to use “the Queen’s english,” but maybe now is the time for Scotland to try for freedom. Start by spelling things the right way. Nothing gets the Queen’s undies in a bunch like American spelling.
    Larry: A+
    chelan: D, unless your comment is a satire on the quality of comments that I normally get, in which case you get an A+
    Kate: This site is 18+, so you do not get a grade. Secretly, that means that you fail.
    Timothy Swankler: See me after class and we’ll try to work something in. I mean out. Okay, both, in succession, perhaps over and over.
    ashley: No grade until you turn 18.
    *I Love Chad*: If you are a teenager who is 18 or 19, more power to you. If not, go away.
    Temera: Okay, I don’t read these comments anymore besides making sure that they don’t annoy me too terribly. C
    gidgamom: What kind of name is that? C
    mike: bla bla bla C
    brad: your myspace says that you are 18 now, so welcome aboard. As the kids say these days: “Come on run a train, and run it, toot toot!” C
    um…: Right. If you want to see the Doodlebops without their makeup on, please go to another site.



  422. I love the Doodlebops too - their bus song is brilliant - in fact I find myself singing it all day.

  423. I am so shocked that this has been going on for so long! Some of the comments are funny, some are not. If you are too serious, don’t reply.
    No one wants to read it. Well, not me anyway. The Doodlebops are great fun and I love their songs. I belt them out with my little girl and it is a
    great stress release. Some of you should really try it. Go to their website and you can play their most popular songs. Hope the
    Doodlebops are around a while.

  424. My 5 and 2-year old play during Doodlebops, but are glued to Little Einsteins, which comes on right before the DB’s. Personally, I prefer that they be playing rather than watching television anyway, but rainy days and sick days are often spent watching television. As far as the gay/not gay issue is concerned, my personal preference is that my children not be exposed to homosexual influences that promote homosexual activity. Homosexual individuals playing characters that are neither gay or not gay do not bother me as far as my children watching them is concerned. On a personal note, I do find Roonie annoying, as does my 5-year-old. She has asked me why he acts like a girl. I answer with, “I don’t know.” and change the subject. Thankfully I can shelter her from the topic of homosexuality a bit longer. Innocence is so precious and the world robs them of it at such an early age these days.


  425. i dont think the doodlebops promote homosexuality. the last thing a child is thinking about is, “wow, he must be gay.” the doodlebops is just another show that is trying to help children learn something. no whether or not a character is gay.

    • A few things:
      1. This is just a kids show.
      2. Religion Is A Fraud.
      3. This is just a kids show.
      4. There is NOTHINg wrong with “homosexuality” or “being gay”.
      5. This is just a kids show.
      6. I personally find the female character quite “the sex” [bite me].
    • It was said best: “the last thing a child is thinking about is, “wow, he must be gay.” the doodlebops is just another show that is trying to help children learn something. no [sic] whether or not a character is gay.”
    • And the fact that your children are learning something [a trait SORELY LOST in the world, ESPECIALLY the U.S.], especially POSITIVE LESSONS about life should be ALL THAT MATTERS - END OF F-ING STORY.
    • Concentrating on things such as a “character being gay” or “acting weird” shows that YOU have got the problem, not the shows producers, or the actors - Especially when you read into something as banal and HARMLESS as a goofy kids show…
    • CONCLUSION: GROW.UP. [And concentrate on things that matter - Like racial injustice or sexism perhaps? Maybe even said topic of EDUCATION?!]
  426. LDC: It seemed like you were trying to use some bullet points, so I fixed your post. I don’t have the time to fix your horrible writing, so that will have to speak for itself.

  427. :-)

    I was here but now I’m gone.
    I left my name to carry on.
    Those who know me, know me well.
    Those who don’t can go to HELL.

    HaHa. Remember how corny we were when we were young?

    Hi Jesse, just stopped by for a chuckle. Take care.

  428. Whats up with all the complaning? Who cares if Rooney is gay or not. I can admit that the show Doodlebops are annoying but it keeps my 2 and 5 year olds occupied for 30 minutes. If my kids are happy watching it then I am happy.

  429. hey YOU KNOW WHAT I LOVE THE DOODLEBOPS!!!!!!! im 13 years old. ok and i love them my sister is 12 and she thinks im crazy . but im not i not i love the doodlebops. and espeacially their music. i love them!!!!!!!!! if anyone has something different to say about that. then just dont watch them no one is forcing you to watch them!!! they are fricken awesome! and you talk to me if you think different!!!!! I LOVE YOU DOODLEBOPS~!!!!!!

  430. Sierra: NO KIDS ALLOWED!!!!!!111!!1!!!! !! !

  431. hey, i dont really like the doodlebops all that much but i am sticking up for them bcuz ma best friend likes them alot. n whoeva is sayin mean things about them can deal with me bcuz they gone get cussed out
    and moe if so fine, not rooney, but their all very good singers

  432. hey guys wuts uup????????????

  433. Im really shocked about what ive read on this site!! its a kids program for gods sake, my daughter and i love watching it together. I would love to know why and how people wanted to write something on here if they hate the doodlebops so much? and half the stuff on here isnt even about them, JESSIE WHY HAVE YOU GRADED PEOPLE ON THEIR SPELLING, WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT???? Most of the comments on here are dirty and disturbing and i really dont know how you have all got away with it?!?!?!?!

  434. oh my god!!! there has been a 13 yr old writing a comment, this really isnt a site for perverts like yourself JESSIE!! go add comments on a porn site!! you all disgust me, I would love to see where it says “” no kids allowed”"!!!!!!!!!

  435. Jax244, if that is your real name, no matter how upset you are, one exclamation point is plenty. My first name does not have an “i” in it. If you are using double quote marks you need only use one set of double quotes on either side of a word or phrase.

    “No kids allowed!”
    instead of what you put:
    “” no kids allowed””!!!!!!!!!

    I have the right to grade people on whatever basis I like BECAUSE THIS IS MY WEB SITE.

    So. With that cleared up, please allow me to point out that it says “no kids allowed” many times amongst the comments. I added “TV MA” in the top left corner of the page. I added meta tags to the header so that net filters would be able to determine that strong adult language is used on this page (if the filter couldn’t determine that already based on the strong adult language on the page). Just now I added another “not for kids” warning at the top. So. There you go. NO FUCKING KIDS ALLOWED.

    Happy now?


  437. Jax244: That’s okay, I like tits.


  439. Of course.

    You are banned.

  440. you are all Fing Losers for wasting you time making fun of three people who are doing somthing with there lives….you are all probable poor fing loser who have no jobs and stay at home doing nothing all day……if the kid likes the show then thats great. your kids are watching a great show that will help them learn…

    you all need to get a life

  441. Rooney Doodle may be a little queer, but he’s not nearly as flaming as the Wiggles! How can you take the Wiggles any day if you have a problem w/ Rooney?
    Whatever, the Doodlebops are awesome, gay or straight!

  442. Came to this website to see what everyone else was saying about the Doodlebops.
    I’m an old man, 49 , compared to you kids and I wondered what you were thinking
    about the DBops. Well, I’ve thought mostly the same things, but after reading the
    official Doodlebops website (DeeDee, Rooney, Moe are brothers and sisters)
    I get a different perspective on whats going on there. Probably the kids know
    whats up and down anyway. As far as the Bible goes, I love the books of the Bible
    but I haven’t found any comments about the Doodlebops in there. It really amazes me
    how many good songs the writers come up with, good sounds, good lyrics, good message.
    I’d like to be able to write that good. The other thing is the catchiness of the songs.
    If I’m channel surfing, I always stop at the Doodlebops, because of the music.
    Anyhow, I wouldn’t mind if my daughter was a Doodlebopper too.

  443. All i want to no is if they are gay?

  444. I think the Doodlebops are hobos trying to live off children’s minds or something and trying to be on some show to warp their minds and — *shot*

    Yeah. I’ll shut up now.

  445. you all have some god damn issues. There is nothing wrong with the doodlebops. nothing at all my 2 year old is in love with them and the shit about cross dressing grow up asshole…..

  446. You kiss your 2 year old with that mouth?

  447. Jess: Why don’t YOU grow up? NYEAH NYEAH NYEAH!

    Jasu: Um, wow? Good effort, good ideas, but your comment is a little scrambled. Try making an outline first, then fill in the outline with detail.

    Doodlebops are mind-eating hobos
    Using show to gain access to minds of children
    Soon the world will be destroyed by a mindless rampaging army of zombie children

    So, now we fill that in.
    I think that the Doodlebops are some sort of evil, demon-possessed hobos who feed on the minds and souls of children. This television show is only part of their attempt at world domination. Every child that watches loses a little bit of their mind and soul every day that they watch. Soon they will issue a secret command and legions of their enslaved children will rise up to pull down civilization itself.

    “Pull the rope, children. PULL! THE! ROPE!”

    chad: I don’t no [sic] if they are, but like I have said many times, I don’t care. Not one bit.

    Cuake: Your comment gives me hope that the world is not just full of idiots. You get an A+, even though your comment was not particularly funny.

  448. Zach: You get an A!

  449. They’re awesome shut the hell up!

  450. I personally love the doodlebops and Jesse!

  451. Look! I’m 17 years old and I would give my life for The Doodlebops! They are the most talented, kindest people in the whole world!!!!!! I love the fact that they are blue, pink, and orange!!!!! That’s what makes them so freakin’ popular!!!! Think about it! They wouldn’t be this big, if they were dressed in normal clothes!!!! DUH! I mean they would still be great! But the audience then, would be directed more towards adults and if you don’t know manners and friendship by now, then you’re screwed! Anyhow! I’ve been to 17 Doodlebop concerts, I’ve met them out of make-up three times, and I’m not done!!!!!!! Chad McNamara/Rooney IS NOT GAY!!! He’s one of the coolest guys EVER! He’s a total sweetheart, and I can’t wait to see him in March! Lisa Lennox/DeeDee is so precious! She’s very goal-oriented and she has an amazing future!!!!! Jonathan Wexler/Moe is the so sweet! he’s really funny too! He’s an outstanding breakdancer and he has a lot that he still wants to do in his life, and buddy, he is going to succeed!!!!!! So if you don’t have anything good to say about The Doodlebops, then DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!

  452. What the hell is wrong with everybody who says Rooney/Chad is gay? I don’t think he is and Moe isn’t either.All three of them are beautiful people and everyone should know that.All you guys are crazy who think Rooney is gay. Even he is,who cares? I don’t care so get a life!

  453. ononamos: they ARE awesome! YEAH!

    Shelby: Awww! I’m taken, but I’ll keep your resume on file!

    Fay: Congratulations on being 17! Hooray!

    Michelle: You get a life! YEAH!

  454. Ok as for the doodlebops they are quite catchy. I took my daughter to their concert last month and she loved it. My mom got her started because she said that the wiggles are gay, but she does believe that Rooney is gay, so I dont get it. I am a 22-year-old mother and I must say that the doodlebops are not bad and their music is way better than the wiggles. So their. As for anything else Jumping Judy was very scantily clad and my fiance said he didnt know whether to sing along or start throwing dollars. I did notice the same kids in the audience. But the main reason I’m here is because I want to know what happened to Mazz. Cause Jazzmine looks like she ate her!!! Is that what happened? Is that why Mazz disappeared?

  455. oh my god how old are u people thought this was a site wit the doodlebops on it not a bunch of idiots trying to decide if a kiddies character is gay
    who cares my daughter loves them and they sing cool songs bldy grow up

  456. Actually, Mazz ate Jazzmine and took on Jazzmin’s form. It’s all very sci-fi.

    kaye: you grow up first.

  457. Everyone shut the hell up about Rooney being homosexual because he isn’t! He,Moe and Deedee are amazing people so shut up right now!

  458. How could you be talking like this on a website that little kids might see… You are all imature to be talking like that. The doodlebops are a fun and educational way to learn to sing,dance,learn,and have fun being a kid. I am 13 and I still watch the doodlebobs. The sexual orientation of Rooney,Moe,and Dede is not important. What really matters is what they bring to their parts. You need to stop leaving mean messages like this because they really don’t matter. It depends on what the kids think, and sence the doodlebops aren’t hurting you or them just be quiet and don’t watch the show if you don’t like it. You should really listen to the messages of the doodlebops every weekday morning on playhouse disney at 10:00 am. I have their songs on my ipod and they cheer me up when I am down. Even though some of you are sticking up for the doodlebops you are not acting any better that the people trashing them….. thank you in advance for stopping this insanity!

  459. Katie: no.

  460. Jesse,
    You entertain me. My husband and I are quite entertained by the doodlebops. If nothing else, at least there are new episodes. If I have to sit through the sloppy jalopy episode of Sesame Street one more time I am going to stick pins in my eyes. Question for the group–what is the origin of the doodles? Are they from outer space?

  461. to deedee you are so giggly

  462. i think the doodlebopsare cool my 19 month old son loves them he as to watch them every day. they teach kids about sharing and things like that. i think in lees you watch them you should not say any thing at all.

  463. Beth: Thank you for the kind words. Flattery will get you everywhere.

    sofea: If deedee ever visits this site I will be astounded. In the meantime, thanks for visiting!

    mary: In “lees” I watch them? What does that even mean? “Unless?”

  464. im 15 and a doodlebop fan,i was wondering why do thank that rooney is guy? And how oLd is jonhathan(moe)?

  465. Katie: yes! listen to me! be nice to the doodlebops!

  466. Katie: are you addressing yourself? I’m confused.

  467. It amazes me how a childrens programme can bring out nasty meanminded behaviour from adults. I used to watch programmes like puffinstuff the banana bunch and the monkeys whenI was a child and I donot recall such hatred. The human race is looking down the barrel of its own extinction and we are worried at whether this is okay andare they gay . My children love it I think the tunes are catchy. When the human race is finaly gone and the planet is visited by another alien race and they see messages like this they will come to only one conclusion about the demise of human kind “no wonder” . So come on adults lets enjoy a few simple pleasures that are left to us all. The pure innocence of young children enjoying bright quirky entertainment. Perhaps this was lacking in Saddams childhood.

  468. I have read half of the comments posted about the doodlebops. At first I was a little offended that such nasty things were being written about such a wonderful childrens program. Then I realized thatit was just a pathetic attempt at being funny. So, if you want funny, here goes nothing. I am a 28 year old mom of a 2 year old and a 3 year old and they love doodlebops. Now, here is the funny part, I love the doodlebops too. So imagine a 28 year old dancing and singing along with them and have fun laughing.

  469. I cannot believe that some people find the Doodlebops educational!?! What are they talking about. This is a silly show of characters with makeup that would have given me nightmares as a child. What is happening to society that we find this JUNK educational? Here is a thought - why don’t you read your child a book, or take them to the library once in a while. Too may parents use TV as a babysitter and teacher for their children!

    Now why is anyone taking a bunch of cross dressing clowns seriously? Rooney looks like he is auditioning for the gay cabaret, I am freaked out by Moe’s smile (wow he has a huge mouth), and does anyone else find DeeDee’s laugh as grating as fingernails on a chalkboard?

    Finally - BRAVO! - to the original poster for calling people on their spelling and grammatical errors. I can’t stand the complete lack of attention most people pay to using the English language properly. I guess they used the DOODLEBOPS as their main source of education :)

  470. Get a life… here I’ll even throw in the quarter for you to go buy one!

  471. New Katie: your two comments in a row confuse me. Whom are you telling to get a life?

  472. here are some pictures of Moe Doode, Jonathan Wexler….

    he is amazingly very good looking and I now have a new favorite DoodleBop :D

  473. …Also to Katie….Who are you to judge these actors for what they do? What do you do? Obviously you have enough time to surf the web to find a ‘doodlebops’ forum just to sit there and bash the characters these people play on t.v. THEN you criticize and assume how other people are raising their children. Personally I believe that how people raise their children is their own business. How can you sit there and assume that these parents use the television as a babysitter. Why bash something if your child is enjoying him/herself and learning things along the way?

    By the way, if you take a look at my previous post (if it worked), you can see that “Moe” is by far freakish with is gorgeous smile.

  474. personally i have a 2year old and thinks they’re great firstly she can now count to ten, she sits and watches in utter silence which gives me 10 minutes of peace and quite. sexuality shouldn’t be an issue and if you thinks that kids have any idea if some acts camp your truley wrong. i don’t use the telly as a baby sitter in any way but from studing child care practices and child psycology prior to haveing my daughter i don’t see what harm it does to let them watch something if they enjoy it, one of the most important things i have learn’t as a partent is that time with your children is most importants but 1/2 an hour watching telly won’t hurt them. i can’t belive that people have such strong views especially about sexuallity in the 21st century some of the comments are spiteful and just plain nasty. finally to end my little rant and went back and looked at some of the things i watched as i child e.g button moon and magic round about and how anyone can say the doodelbops are uneducational needs to do the same, oh and thats now a clut classic.

  475. Katie - Lidsville would have given you nightmares as a child. I needed therapy until I was 12.

  476. Poindexter? lmao Love the picture of Jerome & Arn ;)

  477. I think you are all being rediculous. I mean I used to think the same way you did before I had children of my own. I have a 2 year old son that loves to watch these guys and you would not beleive how his vocabulary had expanded. It gives young children a good start on learning and I don’t see where you have a problem with this. Honestly I think the doodlebops are a great thing ( annoying after watching them so many times a day ) but they only have good intentions. Besides all of you that are calling them “gay” and “retarded” I don’t see you growing a set of balls and doing what these people do. Oh and one more thing. Someone mentioned something about the wiggles in an earlier post and I just wanted to let you know that they are kindergarten teachers. Every one of them are married to a WOMAN and they deserve a little respect too. Get over yourselfs and start thinking about the children that these shows make a impact on and if you don’t have children of your own than you shouldn’t even be posting on here. You have no idea what it’s all about. Thanks and have a nice day

  478. To LJS Kitten I do care and worry about how other people raise their children because inevitably they end up as part of the society that I have to live in. I also worry about people who watch too much television - it rots your mind. I was not allowed to watch much TV as a child and my children will also have limited time in front of the screen.

  479. I personally think all this doodlebop crap is stupid. You all are going to sit here and fight about whether or not a childs show star is gay? Honestly, c’mon. Who cares if he is. It’s not like the 3 year old are gonna start a “Rooney from Doodlebops is gay” club. They dont even know what gay is! So do everybody a favor and just shut this site down….it’s a definite waste of time

  480. doodlebops creep me out and i wish my son wouldnt watch them. i dont know why, but they make me feel ill, and me and my husband find them very disturbing. they are weird and CREEPY! i dont like them AT ALL.

  481. I was just surfing around looking for a Doodlebops website that sold their dvds…found this one instead. I’ve gotta say it’s funny, funny stuff. “Rooney is gay, Moe is a transvestite…Deedee is, what was she called? Oh yeah…frigid.” Two years, this cyber battle has been being waged. My kid loves them, but they truly do look like clowns…on crack. Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be funny if VH1 did a “Behind the Music, the Doodlebops.” You see them coming backstage after a show, Rooney’s hitting it with doodle-groupies, Deedee’s getting high, Moe…I don’t know what he’d be doing…probably jerking off. “Don’t pull the rope!” I actually took my kiddo to see them live about a week ago. I enjoyed myself, not just for my daughter, but I actually enjoyed the show…God, now I have to question my own sexuality, along with theirs.

  482. I love the DoodleBops!!!!!!!!!!!These three kids are working, traveling the country and having fun. They obviously love their work. How many of you can say that?

  483. I LOVE THE DOODLEBOPS! You can’t help it! You watch 5 minutes of it and you are hooked! The only reason I started watching it was because of Moe. He looks FINE, even in the orande costume!

  484. I call them the doodlegays, because both Moe and Rooney are gay. No big deal and no big revelation….Duh!! I have to say, though, that they all sing very well together. They do have very nice harmony, and as many people have noted, their songs are quite catchy. My 3-year-old daughter loves them, and to me that is all that matters.

    One final comment: I don’t care what anybody says - DeeDee has a truly ass-kicking voice. She probably at some time will be a major Broadway performer. People have been dissing these three as though being in the doodlebops is a sub-standard gig, career suicide, or some other silly crap like that. Hell, I am sure that they make well well into six figures for essentially goofing around together. Most of you who diss them probably make a small fraction of their salaries and have a helluva lot less fun doing so… So maybe you ought to suck on that one a while.

  485. i love the doodlebops n mo n roony r soooo fine ild love to meet them

  486. My 2 year old loves them, Seen them at the Rosemont in Chicago…. I think they rock…. unless you listen to them as much as I do and sing the songs at work… People look at you funny.

  487. wow. I mean WOW. you guys r SO retarted. I’m only 12 and I’m more mature than you faggots. you guys r fighting about the DOODLEBOPS! just think about it. u guys r so fuckin stupid its hilarious. Jonathan Wexler and Chad McNamara ARE hunksicles, but u guys- haha! Theres nothing left to say. Thats it!

  488. franelshnitzel: no one under 18 allowed. You are banned.

  489. Cross dressing clowns eh? I can see that, although they’re only really semi-cross dressers in my opinion, because their costumes are not as intricately designed as those awesome clothes at the Mardi Gras. Moe looks like he’s trying to be a 70’s rockstar. And I don’t know why… but Rooney always reminds me of this novelty pencil I once got at a craft stall. It was long and blue with fuzz at the top.

  490. This topic was started two years ago. It seems I am extremely slow. It’s because I’m Australian.

  491. Please excuse my many idiotic comments… but I’ve just figured it out; Rooney = novelty pencil, Moe = colourful caveman.

  492. Maddy, Slow or not, you get an A.

  493. Oh my gosh. This comment string has gone on for 2 years.


    Let me refer to your original post.

    Wait a minute. I’m scrolling.

    Okay. I’m back.

    I love the Doodlebops and I agree. I think the fact that you described them as crossdressing clowns is hilarious! I think it’s terrible that people were actually offended by this comment! The unique look (no matter how ambiguously (ran spell check on that one) clown-like it might be, is part of the characters’ charm. And I think “crossdressing clown” is spot on. Nothing wrong with that. Kids are many times represented as ambiguous–especially in preschool shows. Kids that young don’t think about gender.

    The Doodlebops were created by a cartoonist. So they look like cartoons, which look like clowns, which look ambiguous. Crossdressing clowns. Genius! Not hilarious though the fact that your friend Lisa was scared by them is understandable…and hilarious.

    Just some factoids about the show:
    They’re supposed to be siblings. Though, if you watch the show, you’ll actually see a larger connection between Rooney and Deedee (the actoress is called Lisa and so that’s who I thought you were talking to at first). This is incredibly ironic considering everyone here (okay, I only read half the comments…1/4…1/6…) assumes Chad is gay. He very well might be, but Rooney is obviously hot on his sister which–would you blame him? Have you seen Lisa Lennox out of costume?

    They got rid of the ears second season. They also improved the makeup. They also got rid of Deedee’s bell-like dress.

    Moe/Jon is a breaker. This comment isn’t necessary, but I wrote it anyway.

    Deedee/Lisa wants to continue being a children’s performer, thus no desire for broadway diva.

    Chad said in an interview that one of Rooney’s favorite and most influential performer was Jimmy Hendrix. Again, this comment isn’t necessary but pretty cool. Granted Chad doesn’t play the guitar nor Jon the drums nor Lisa the…key-tar…but they don’t lipsync! See? Already better than whatshername on SNL!

    It does seem curious that I know this much about the Doodlebops while not having any kids and being over the age of 5–but I’ll leave that as a much too easy insult to make.

    Oh, and Jesse, your comment about Rooney looking like a character in Priscilla inspired a chuckle. I can just see him in Hugo Weaving’s place. Yeah, it’s funny.

    Despite all of this, I think Doodlebops are a great show for the little ones. I mean, hell, how many other preschool performers can say they draw their song stylings from 60’s/70’s rock bands like the Beatles and have acid trippy graphics and a bboy on their show? They even did a Monkeys move in one of their episodes. It’s keeping kids off drugs because you don’t need drugs to get a trip off a rapping busdriver wearing tyedye in a bus that would put The Mystery Machine to shame.

    …I need chapter titles on this thing.

    Stay cool. Laught lots. Love lots. Live lots.

  494. E.M.: You get an A++.

    Double plus good.

  495. I think the Doodlebops is a good show for kids. It teaches some good lessons, but besides that, it ’s a fun show for kids. I have three kids and they all love it. I have to admit, I like it too. Moe and Rooney are a little goofy and have some feminie characteristics but DeeDee is very sexy! I was thinking that I’d like to meet her and see if she’s as cute without the makeup. Well, I did see a few photos of her unmasked and she is HOT. Id marry her right away and my kids could have DeeDee Doodle all the time. Makes me want to “Doodlebop” myself. Seriously, she is beautiful and talented.

  496. WTF!! Is this STUPID BITCH talking about!! the doodlebops are fucking retarded like you!

  497. Arn: you will never stop being banned.

  498. You are a GEEK! Doodlebops and Jesse,a marriage made in heaven,or hell!

  499. WOW. After reading this debate, Frankly I think its pathetic! The ‘’Doodlebops'’ clearly entertain the younger audience, And i do not think it is for adults to complain about a clean, entertaining, and educational programme which is not intended to amuse anyone other than children. Just take a look at this debate! Ridiculous! Also, Moe is not african-american he was born in London. Just to get that straightened out. If you people have nothing better to argue over I think you need to take a serious look at your life! Or if i were you i would be heading for suicide! Im glad I came across this website it gave me a very good laugh at your expense! Thankyou!

  500. JESSE U R MEAN!!!!!!!!!

  501. SARA: Get an “H” for your name.

    Jennie: the laugh you had at my expense cost me very little and I am glad to provide it.

    James: ugh, enough about weddings!

    assclown: what the hell are you talking about?

    You all get Cs. Boo.

  502. The Doodlebops and Jesse’s Website gets a big F!

  503. Ha-ha, silly children. I regret to inform you all that the point has been far bypassed; in fact, I can see it burrowing itself into the ground about yay miles away from the stadium. Random ramblings of such as Doodlebops perhaps, are to engage amusement by the master puppeteer, Sir Jesse. You all find yourselves second guessing your intelligence typing your responses in Word and then cutting and pasting as to not disappoint your leader whom you often scoff in the process. Yet you all continue to fail miserably by responding with the same tired, diluted rhetoric criticizing one another for “wasting time? on petty sites or defending Doodlebops to the death. Your patriotism is valiant indeed but don’t misunderstand the intelligent man whom you have all inadvertently deemed deity. It is only to get a rise, a humorous pastime watching lemming after lemming fall prey to anger and disgust. Simple minds produce simple retorts. You fail to see the irony in your repetitive answers, little darlings. Expand your minds; don’t be so quick to appoint your fellow chatters dense when you yourselves are so anxious to inflict judgment. I am aware that the whole of this comment will prove fruitless and otherwise irrelevant but it is fun to observe human nature in its most primitive state. P.S. Doodlebops rock so fuck you guys! hehe

  504. Jessie: Apparently there is naught to do in Kentucky but write wordy comments to my blog. Kudos on your B, which is a B+ by warrant of you having an awesome name.

  505. Quite so, boring jobs will prompt one to do so, entertaining all the same

  506. hi doodlebops don’t listern to the other people because they are just beening stupid but i recken you guy are great and amazing and you guys and sing on tv and concents for everyone becsause you are the ya

  507. Doodlebops are a menace to society! they should be eradicated from TV.

  508. moe turns me on

  509. Moe and Ronney are so hott.

  510. I love the Doodlebops. Deedee is my number one favorite. Deedee is my Role Model and my Girl. Deedee has a very beautiful and angelic voice when she sings. I love hearing her sing.

  511. hey if you think the doodlebops are stupid the why are you watching them!!!!!

  512. I just found this site by accident. I stopped reading around the late ‘05 comments. I had no idea that the Doodle Bops have been around that long. This is one crazy site. I do think it’s funny and Jessie you have a great personality. You are funny!!



  515. Amber, I could actually edit your comment and fix it — but I’ll leave you to look like an ass on your own.

  516. One more and you’re banned, Amber.

  517. Amber is cool with me….I hate the format of your site..Can you change it please? Your site has lost all it’s cleverness..

  518. x, what are you talking about? The pirate theme will stay until I decide otherwise. As to cleverness, if you mean “Gosh, Jesse, why don’t you make careful fun of the commentators of this one lone single post anymore,” well, you might consider that this is but one post out of thousands now.

    Also, I don’t care if Amber is cool with you. Get your own site and be friends with Amber there.



  521. Look whoever u r.. if you rnt stopping with the stupid stuff about the doodlebops.. then be stupid. i personaly think that the doodlebops rule.. everyone is entitled to thier own opinion. so do whatever

  522. and by the way… jessie who ever u r……….. you sound like a retard.. your web site is gay.. youre gay…your wasting my time….. the doodle bops rule… im hate you really badlyishishish………. and screw you

  523. Harley — and by Harley I mean Samie — thank you for your kind words and understanding.

  524. Gee whiz! and I thought this website has bitten the perverbial dust! There is a god after all ahahahahhaha good job Harley.I hope this site picks up,it;s getting rather dull.

  525. hey i want to know if moe is gay becayse he is really cute!

  526. i want to know if moe is gay cuz he is really cute

  527. Yes, he is GAY!

  528. you all are retareted

  529. do you have any thoher thing other to do

  530. Doodlebops are retarded :)

  531. wooooooow, um weird post i read. im not trying to piss anyone off and im not here to hear what everyone thinks about the doodlesbops cause i dont care what you think. i like the bops alot, chad is not gay cause he is dating lisa and jon….well i think he is single but i anit sure xP anyways i donno why everyone is hating on the bops… that weird Hannah Montana and those Jonas brothers are whats gay not the bops…..btw jesse ur funny :] even tho im a HUGH fan of the bops, your replays are intresting to read :]

  532. Doodlebops+Hannah Montana+Jonas Brothers=ALL GAY!

  533. Rooney is gayer than a very gay thing. if he was in the navy he’d like his fellow men to sail up and dock in Gravy Bay. End of.

  534. Truthsayer, you get an A for gravy bay. That said, you get an F because I am tired of everyone focusing on the “are they-aren’t they” question. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter one bit.

  535. Jesse - great point. It shouldn’t matter in this day and age. I won’t be so immature again. I’m fairly new to Doodlebops as my 20 month old son has just started watching here in the UK. He calls it “Bop-bops” and just loves it for what it is - entertainment !

  536. There’s lots of “BOPPING” going on with Rooney,if you know what I mean :)

  537. XXXX, do you just watch this post for updates? You are one useless post from getting banned.

  538. Kinda reminds me of the wiggles, only more creepy.


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