What A Short Strange Trip It Has Been

I made a new friend who reminded me of a lot of things that used to be important to me. It has been quite unsettling.

If you’re curious about school, there were three grades given to me this semester:

  • CSci 1902 - Programming II / Java : A
  • CSci 2011 - Discrete Math: B+
  • Math 1272 - Calculus II: B-

So ends a pretty rough semester, filled with terror, dread, and the Association for Computing Machinery, which is a Borg-like collective of nerdity that features low-brow humor and ethernet cables. It was kind of nice to have a home base between classes, but I don’t know if I will be budgeting time to visit the room this summer - I don’t feel the need to connect to the hive mind right now. Who knows what will happen in a month, though, when I start CSci 4011 and I have to actually think again.

In the meantime, I’m taking Digital Photography from the Rhetoric Department. Is that even a real department? Don’t answer that. In any case, we’re using flickr.com to hold our photos for the class, which is kind of interesting, considering that I already have thousands and thousands of random photos online. What was our first assignment? Take five photos of ordinary things from an unusual perspective. Considering that pictures of random ordinary things is my specialty of late, that should be no problem - except that now it seems forced. SON OF A! I’m all photo blocked and stuff.

Colcannon! That’s the name of the potato awesomeness that I forgot! Sometimes I just forget things. In addition to colcannon, there’s Haley Bonar (how could I forget a name like that?), Pumping Iron (with the inimitable and maniacal Arnold Schwarzenegger, where he gives the unforgettable speech about ), and, um, I forget.

Mother fucking Paul is half of Team Kickass. He is awesome like a mother fucker.

I haven’t written anything for like two weeks, so I needed to drain the pus out of my head all at once into just one post.

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