Que Sera Sera


Remind me to never write anything again unless it is as steeped in awesome as the website above. I was writing a long mopey email to a friend and took a break to read some blog action and almost immediately stopped the email forever.

It was This post: http://queserasera.org/archives/000916.html

Maybe I will stick to the ol’ photography, since the digital photography class went so awesomely, except for the not-sleeping-until-6am business last night as I put together my final project.

I did take an excellent nap this afternoon while Lisa was massaging a random woman and Stan was taking Noah to Toys-R-Us, which is closing. It was the sort of nap where I didn’t notice myself falling asleep, but I woke up with a start. Since I had no immediate need to get up I enjoyed a little cool down period where I closed my eyes and half-napped. I might be a little sore tomorrow because I didn’t stretch before my nap, but that soreness can be a real badge of honor.

Also, Sideways was excellent. I highly approve. You don’t need me to tell you that, since everyone and their mothers already loves it and are drinking wine by the bucketfull as a result. In our home we drank our usual motley bucket of spirits, from Maibock to pear cider to screwdrivers. Pear cider! That used to be the goto salve for Lisa’s moods. Now it is just something we have in the fridge.

I’m gonna go lie awake in bed for a number of hours now. There is a price to pay for a good nap, and this is it.

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  1. “Now it’s just something we have in the fridge.”
    Gee, I guess all that therapy is paying off. :]

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