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Those of you who haven’t been able to read this blog because you use some AOL business may find it more amenable to your presence. I had nothing against you before, but Wordpress didn’t install an option during an upgrade, so it wasn’t specifying a complete Content-Type. Who knew? Well, I did, eventually. That’s neither here nor there.

Gallery Party in NYC! The weekend of August 20th! YES!

I will try very hard not to steal the Gallery party in favor of a week-belated celebration of me turning 30. 30! I have a stock joke about reaching the untrustable age: at 20 you die inside, and at 30 you join the undead. Fortunately for me, I am in school with 18 and 19 year old freshmen who will provide plenty of fresh (as in unused) brain matter for my feasting.

Speaking of school, I started CSci 4011 yesterday: Formal Languages and Automata Theory. It could be a real doozy, but it’s the only class that I’m taking over the summer, which means that I am off campus by like five or six every day! This is totally screwing up my schedule - especially since I have been taking an unofficial mini-vacation - sort of a busman’s holiday where I have been only working, going to “class” and tipping back a few on the weekends. It has been really strange, but I have managed to not worry about much for like two weeks.

Anyway, all that will shortly come to a close as I get my schedule figured out and get back on the Gallery horse. I still have a task list around here somewhere. I’m hoping that my experience at work of late will help me to push back the stuff that has been terrifying me: namely having to send every single line of code I write through the bharat and mindless filters. The new kids come around and are impressed by the migration module, but they apparently don’t know (or want to know) how that was like removing my own gallbladder on national television. I know about the spreader that I left in the incision - they miss that part. The real reason that I haven’t been working is because finals last semester broke my brain right as the distractions started piling on, and then the crew that usually hung out on irc just wasn’t there. I get some of my motivation from interaction (even the yourmom stuff), but… uh…

Maybe I’m just lazy. I dunno. I have my ticket though, and a ticket to Walt Mink on Friday, and maybe Paul will agree to another Team Kickass evening of debauchery, and maybe I will get another cake, and maybe Stan and I will finally start that techno goth band and maybe everything will be awesome all the time and as I walk down the street the band will play my theme song.

That was certainly an awesome ramble. I enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoyed it. I’m gonna go to sleep now.

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