You don’t want to see my mug, but I bought a shirt, so you gotta see me in it.

Maybe if you are all really nice to me I will relate the fucking orgasmic time I had at the Triple Rock. Hint: I could have jumped and touched John Kimbrough, and my leprosy would have been CURED. Just like that.

I gotta figure out what I can put my Walt Mink sticker on. What will I have for a long enough time that is of enough value to be graced with that sticker?

Note to self: what the hell is going on with Valley Lodge? This is plainly NOT Walt Mink. Sigh. I will just have to go out and buy additional copies of Colossus and possibly El Producto, as well as my first copy of Bareback Ride.

I think that the ROCK high is starting to wear off, so maybe I will be able to sleep. Will I take off the t-shirt? Ever?

2 Responses to “Walt Mink: BEST SHOW EVER ”

  1. fucking orgasmic, indeed.
    i actally like Valley Lodge - sheer dumb power pop.
    i thought it was John singing with a new vocal style, but it’s not him.
    i’m putting my WM sticket on my laptop, i think.

  2. Valley Lodge might grow on me, especially since I read some of the stuff from their myspace site:

    It’s all about the context. I was probably just bitter because what I wanted was more Walt Mink.

    I’m pretty amazed that I have found very few mentions of the show online. :(

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