Sitting in a classroom on a sunny afternoon

With infinite apologies to Walt Mink.

Avoiding people’s eyes
Noticing how many different kind of shoes there are
Watching them go by

Full lyrics here

My class starts in five or ten minutes, but I will be splitting my attention between the minutiae of Turing Machines and the #gallery irc channel, where at least one of the students that I am mentoring for Google Summer of Code is currently trying to spit out his plan. I think that he has a reasonable handle on things, but like most programmers he needs to learn how to give status updates. I am included in that lot.

Can I split my attention three ways? Can I blog while paying attention to the irc channel while taking notes on the unsolveability of PCP? Probably not, so you, my loyal readership, will have to wait until after class and work for me to lay the shag carpet of language in this rec room of a website. I imagine that I will be doing something while babysitting Noah tonight, but that something might be playing at the park or watching Beauty and the Beast. In “Morgan’s Passing” by Anne Tyler, the puppeteers do “Beauty and the Beast,” but the beast does not change into a prince at the end.

Oh yeah, I printed out the Four Negations cover art (which still makes me laugh) and showed it to Andy. He told me that I have too much time on my hands. I don’t believe him, but I will consider it while dragging the kiddie pool up to my bedroom and soaking in it tonight. I think that the hose will reach through my window.

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