Summer Love

As long as I am rambling uncontrollably, this is the vague schedule for the upcoming weekends:

July 16th: Dallas Orbiter
July 23rd: Wedding (photographing and attending)
July 30th: open
August 6th: Paulapalooza (drinking)
August 13th: My 30th birthday (on the 14th) (drinking)
August 20th: NYC! (drinking)
August 27th: Rehab (drinking)
September 3rd: Labor Day (brats)


I’m trying to think of a good Grease joke, but you will just have to make your own, because when I think of Grease all I can picture is John Travolta’s creepy grin, and then Karate Kid was all burned and he was a hero, but he was just a greaser, and… wait a minute. I’m confused.

If you want to assemble the Grease joke that I had in mind, alcohol is Danny Zuko and I am Sandy Olsson. Your final product should include singing, or it doesn’t count. Go!

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