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Rock! Dallas Orbiter

What a great night of rock. Stan was salivating over the Wrens concert, but I went to the Dallas Orbiter show, which was the second D O night in a row. All I said about the Friday show was that Orchestra Hall doesn’t have any bass, but that spacy feeling that was washing over me wasn’t just the Nut Brown Ale. Apparently the monitors were lacking and the plexiglass in front of Greg was keeping anyone from hearing him. That spacy feeling was the band all kind of doing their own thing simultaneously. Tonight was tight and loopy.

Here’s the set list:
Sweet Home Alabama (cover)
Sweet Home Alabama (cover)
Sweet Home Alabama (original)
Back in Black (cover)
et cetera

There was a Mountain Goats cover in there, a Wire cover, that other song that they do that I love that I can’t remember the name of (although it was very likely the first Sweet Home Alabama). When I left I was two CDs heavier. I had been so thoroughly rocked out that there was no rocking left in me.

Greg still hasn’t posted the pictures that I took at the Kitty Cat Klub. Everyone was raving, and I haven’t even gotten to see them.

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