Waiting is hard

Despite the bombastic nature of my blog, I’m a quiet, relaxed person. I’m actually shy, which I overcome by putting on my comedy face and promoting laughter. I can share words with a confident swagger, but sometimes when I am picking those words for just one person they become much harder to put in order. In a conversation I can just pick up on the tone and topic and run with it. What do you do when contacting a person with unknown expectations? Anyway, I’m doing my best to be relaxed about the whole thing. I hope she’s at least flattered. I’m going to go do something fun in a temperature controlled environment now so I can figure out if I am sweating because of the campfire I have going in my bedroom or if I’m just nervous. At least I get marshmallows. Delicious.

Of course, as I started to write this post a problem developed with Samba on my linux box so I was cut off from music just as I figured out which Mountain Goats song Dallas Orbiter played last night: Back in Black — the Palmcorder Yajna mix. Now there is a singalong song. Everything is fine again, but restarting cost me two hours of music logging that would have put the Mountain Goats up pretty high in my stats. Well, audioscrobbler got it.

No booze jokes today. Sorry it took so long to send that email yesterday.

3 Responses to “Waiting is hard ”

  1. Hey, your birthday is my half birthday!

  2. and hey, no need to be swaggery or nervous (though I know that wsn’t written for my benefit, really). just be you. if you’re interested, be interested. If not, make it interesting…

    haven’t undertaken any more 3 am IM conversations. hm, now that has a ring- 3 am IM.

    stay cool, pray for rain.

  3. When it rains the DSL goes out. Hooray for a fifteen degree drop in temperature! Boo to my internet dying!

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