Limited Edition Steve Zissou Impreza


I’m getting some spray paint and totally doing this. Why not? I have two.

For sale: one maroon 1996 Subaru Impreza LX. 2.2L, manual transmission. Some front end damage, includes replacement body parts and some spares. Needs engine and suspension work.



6 Responses to “Limited Edition Steve Zissou Impreza ”

  1. “Babied.” I love it. You need to take up Rally Racing again once Noah turns 16.

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

    Will you part it out?

  3. You just made my Subaru cry.

  4. It’s not the first Subaru I’ve made cry.

  5. I’m sending you an email. Your email involves swearing and money. I’ve said too much.

  6. Sold.

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