Horay for weddings

I am DRUNK. Having a great weekend already. Thought of you, but settled for wine. And champagne. And Maker’s Mark. And beer. And… uh…

I drunk dialed Paul. Everyone else can just be jealous. Okay, I drunk dialed someone else, but it was too much work ot leave a message. Jerk. Paul called me back, we had a nice chat.

I’m aonlt asheamed that noah sees nme htis way.

the other inight we did not hve [pizza luce, but tonight we weill, without any drunken aiming of you. I know that you watn me to send yhou an emial, but no. I on purpose did not correct my touch tyupeinjg.I’m totlaly going to see the fringe festival.

2 Responses to “Horay for weddings ”

  1. Yay for drunken Jesse.

  2. Where is my pizza luce? Paul, after I eat, do you want to assist me in drunkeness? You are the man! You are the man! What lsdkfhas;dkflhas;dflhasasdfkjahefreqoghwe’ga easkldhfa’fhasdfjknasd;fah’hna.wsklFJA.,SDNF.A,MSDNF.AKJSDBFGAEGBFAOIHGA/.LSDKJF.,J/.ansdfa.,smdbgfa.,msdfakjsdhf;ahifa.s,dmnbva.,smd.fa,jaq
    ’sd a s/ldkfj a;sldkl asgfq;wieyhr awshf laiushdgf,asndg;l aishoiayfhua.wsdbhf;alwieheklhf .aw lakjshd liuahklaj hsf,masd a;flkh asfvaspedfa;ilefhyu a

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