Best Night Ever

Maybe not the best, but Lisa, Renee, Dean, Cake Woman, and I all went out and crawled around the downtown area, ending with Pizza Luce. Somehow we closed Pizza Luce, which kind of sucked because I wanted just one more booze. I played pool in an awful fashion at Brits, and there was movieoke at the Local. This all followed an afternoon of Futurama with cheesecake from Muddy Paws. Before that was Sawatdee, and before that was the Electric Fetus, where I did not buy what I expected at all.

  1. Tom Waits - Bone Machine (replenishing lost tunes)
  2. Spoon - Kill the Moonlight (filling a hole)
  3. Descendents - Cool To Be You (Cake Woman said: “I didn’t know that you liked the Descendents.” Well duh, it was only like my favorite band when I was 14!)
  4. Various Artists - Hopelessly Devoted to You (It was two bucks two buck two bucks)

I’m starting to think that I am totally irresponsible and will not be able to buy a pony after all.

Nonetheless, I was surprised that everything worked out for as much fun as it did. This summer has seemed like a long futile attempt to recapture all the youth that I should have wasted instead of working and sleeping. Waste it while you have it. Anyway, being out with Lisa again, especially in the old side of Pizza Luce, was like coming home. Dear Beck show on my birthday: I miss you.

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