Yours Truly

Who’s the hot blonde?

Dude, that’s my sister!

Dean and Renee were the ones who told me to “kill that bottle of champagne, dude!” I should really know better than to take drinking advice from people who pour Maker’s Mark by the pint.

Shit, if this gon’ be that kinda party I’mmon stick my dick in the mashed potatoes

Okay, so if I adopt Lisa, Renee, and Marsha, that means that I have six sisters. Considering that my real sisters are all half sisters, I don’t see why I can’t just pick any family that I want. Lisa has started to talk to my mom more than I do, which means that she has begun a regular importation of quality reading material into the house. She also gets sewing and gardening advice, since my mom is a master gardener and sewing-type-person. My mom’s mother is a wizard in the sewing room — to the point where she runs a one-woman cottage industry out of her basement. If you want lace curtains, elegant lampshades, or perhaps a house, she’d just roll up her sleeves and set the oompa loompas to work.

“I think I have a pattern for that in the root cellar.”

4 Responses to “Yours Truly ”

  1. hmmmm… is it just her, or is it horny outside? (you look like you are pointing)

  2. DUDE! That’s my sister! I was throwing the horns!

  3. ha ah ah aha ah ah… dude… your sister’s hot.

  4. Happy Birthday to jesse hope your pants are not.. oh never mind

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