I was hoping to write a post about something tonight:

  1. Mix CDs that I have recently made or considered making
  2. The fiery hellmouth of the writing machine to which I feed my emotions in the hopes that it will excrete something entertaining for bharat
  3. More thoughts on having Renee in from Hawaii and Marsha married off, along with some context that explains why this is elevated (or lowered) beyond a simple wedding and reunion
  4. My heavily revised five-year-plan-to-get-a-date
  5. How knowing how someone else feels makes it a lot easier to know how I should respond, because otherwise I have a tendency to say really stupid things, but even then I have been known to crash around blindly in their china shop

This CSci 4011 homework is hammering away at my brain. I may never sleep again. That might be the Death From Above 1979 talking. WOW. I’m doing this last problem tomorrow.

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