If I were any more naked I’d be impossible

Anyone who is confused by my life raise your hand now.

In Minnesota the saying is to dress in layers. Well, I made a phone call and then took off some layers. I took off some more layers. I took off layers that I wasn’t even wearing, but still heat pressed down on me with a giant monkey hand, pressing me into a sleep full of very strange dreams, almost like hallucinations. According to my window thermometer it is 78 degrees outside and 86 in my room. Ugh.

Depending on your imagination, I may or may not be wearing any pants right now. I suggest that you decide which state is more appealing and only imagine that one. If that state is the state of pantslessness, maybe we should talk.

4 Responses to “If I were any more naked I’d be impossible ”

  1. Don’t you hate pants?

  2. YES!

  3. As long as you’re running around in boxers vs. those frilly pink lace panties you like to wear, I’m cool.

  4. But they’re SILK!

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