Don’t worry, I’m fine

Despite a rambling and agitated email, I really am fine. I’m not at work any more, so table your requests to Radio K, or just send them directly to me. Okay, no one has any requests, and my rambling and agitated email probably just pissed off the recipient, so now the friendship that I had been trying to brew when it got interrupted by non-dateness is probably ruined too. Of course all my friends are like “she’s fucking crazy!”

Like I can point any fingers on that account.

Yours truly,

One Response to “Don’t worry, I’m fine ”

  1. Ted: I think you just need a beer. Or maybe a case of beers… yes, that’s it. But seriously… only those who are in fact, themselves, crazy, know when other people are crazy. So I think that I win… “She’s fuckin crazy.”

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