Random Notes

  • The P is for POWER
  • Why are the flags at half mast today at the U?
  • I do not want to do my CSci 4011 homework
  • Tonight is National Night Out, so I should go home
  • Tonight is happy hour for a departed coworker, so I should go out
  • Friday Dallas Orbiter plays at the Varsity
  • Saturday I go do the College Drunk Fest thing at Paul’s parent’s house in Saint Cloud
  • I steal all my humor from Penny Arcade wholesale

Argh. Okay, so I go home, change, go out, don’t drink too much, then go home and stay up all night to do this homework. OR I stay here in the nerd room and swear a lot because this is the most tedious homework ever.

Plan A it is! See you later, G!

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