I got a new “job”, and I’d like to sing a song about it.

Dolly Parton sang in the classic song “9 to 3″:

Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen,

Pour myself a cup of ambition,

yawn and stretch and try to come alive.

Jump in the shower, blood starts pumpin

Out in the streets traffic starts jumpin

With folks like me on the job from 9 to 3

Workin 9 to 3 what a way to make a living,

Barely gettin by, It's all talkin and no givin

They just use your mind and they never give you credit

It's enough to drive you crazy if you let it

etc. etc. more yammering etc.

I would have rhymed “jumpin'”, “pumpin'” and “humpin'“, or perhaps “funkin'“.

Matt said:

Did you really score some work? Do tell.
And, if you did, just make sure you don't get all tied up like the dude in the movie.

Mike Anson said:

Unless you're getting paid for that sort of thing.

To which I respond:

Yep, I'm a temp again. Of course, my first day was last Wednesday and I proceeded to injure my back that evening while babysitting. Thursday I spent on the floor. When I had to pee bad enough I forced myself to crawl into the bathroom and pulled myself up onto the toilet. It was a real “Drama in Real Life” moment. By that evening I was sort of able to walk, but I required frequent visits to the floor to lie down. Friday I started to turn into a normal person again: I could stagger around in a semblance of normalcy by the afternoon. By Friday evening I could sit in a chair for an hour or so. Over the weekend a team of engineers made me better, faster, stronger. Now it just occasionally feels like something has been bolted to my kidneys.

My job is scheduling appointments for an Executive Vice President and supporting her employees and coworkers. Next door is the company travel agent who is constantly saying things like “it might be easier if you have a stop in Seattle on your way back from Japan“, and “I have you scheduled for a flight to London on the 10th”. I want to fly overseas, instead of wincing in my office because I can't quite get comfortable in my chair.

I don't think that I could get into getting tied up, unless it was by asian and redhead chicks. Um, nevermind. I'm a little tired and loopy from Ibuprofen.

One Response to “I got a new “job”, and I’d like to sing a song about it. ”

  1. isnt it “9 to 5″?? or maybe three if you take a long lunch.


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