You get me so wet

At some point today it seemed like a good idea to walk home from school. According to google pedometer, that is 3.89 miles, so contrary to what some people might say, I’m not sane and normal at all. The only way that more liquid could have gotten into my shirt is if I were to dive into Noah’s wading pool while wearing it, which actually would not have been a bad idea. Instead I turned today into another two-shower day and then took the nap that had been calling me since three AM.

I was hoping to take Noah up to the park for swimming, but he has a big boo boo on his shin, so he shouldn’t swim in the communal pool. We’ll jump around in the backyard pool and maybe fire up the slip and slide. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and remember why summer is awesome.

Since “anyone and everyone” is mostly people who will be reading this from other time zones or continents, I feel reasonably confident that those people will not be getting me terribly drunk tonight, the night before my final — although waking up after blacking out in a kiddie pool is a great story to close out my twenties — especially if it was some stranger’s kiddie pool.

“Where are my pants?”

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