What to take this fall?

It’s easy to pick your classes when you know how:

  • CSCI 2021 Machine Architecture and Organization
  • CSCI 4041 Algorithms and Data Structures
  • MATH 2243 Linear Algebra & Differential Equations
  • ARTS 1001W Concepts in Visual Art

It’s very likely that I will be taking my brain home in a baggie every day.

5 Responses to “What to take this fall? ”

  1. DON’T take that art class… it made me want to kill myself every day just for going to the class. Well… I guess it depends on if you go or not.

  2. Listen to the Rex. Change it if you can. And are you SURE that you shouldn’t take some more slacker classes in the semester? I might accidentally throw out your brain in a baggie and then you’d be hosed. Hmm. . . brain in a baggie. . . wasn’t that one of those “boil in a bag” meals that were popular when we were kids?

  3. It’s the first class that I would have to take if I wanted an art minor. Also, it’s writing intensive, so that IS a slacker class. I guess that I could switch CSci 2021 to something else since I don’t need it to declare a major. However, then I would need to replace it with something.

  4. Besides, I want to kill myself every day anyway. I’ve said too much.

  5. Check out your options if you ditch CSci 2021 and go for another slacker class. DO NOT REPEAT WHAT YOU DID LAST SEMESTER. You may not remember the horror, but WE DO.

    Don’t go one step closer to death. If you do, we’re going to have to paint your room an even BRIGHTER shade of yellow.

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